8 Feb 2018

Male Managers Now Less Likely To Mentor Women

Shock! The Pay Gap Is Uber Bullshit!

By MRA-UK: OK, OK, so you already knew the gender pay gap was bullshit.
Perhaps you’re with Jordan Peterson and go the multivariate analysis route.
Or perhaps like Warren Farrell you prefer to dissect in detail the specific factors which show just how an apparent gender pay gap arises.
Or perhaps you just know that the gender hourly pay rate gap for people under 40 working full time in the UK is essentially zero.
Or perhaps you prefer to observe that, in the UK, the full time hourly pay rate gap after tax is zero.
Take your pick.
But here is a very neat study that, I think I can say, bangs the very last nail into the coffin lid.
It’s a study based on Uber drivers in the USA.
The great thing about this study is that the Uber algorithm is totally and indisputably gender blind. The computer just records time of journey, length of journey, time of day, etc. What the driver gets paid cannot depend on sex.
You’re ahead of me aren’t you?
Yup, men get paid 7% more per hour.
The study was able to identify the reasons. It’s made up of three parts.
20% of the pay gap is due to what trips or routes the driver opts for. Some tend to be more lucrative than others. For example, trips to an airport are good payers. Men tend to optimise on more lucrative routes.
30% of the pay gap is experience. Uber drivers have a high turnover, but higher for women.

Women Who Should Be In Prison

Jordan at The Screen: In today's episode I something something something else and another thing to add here. The full list: https://thescreen.me/2017/08/22/women...

The Terrorism We Support In Syria: A First-hand Account Of The Use Of Mortars Against Civilians

By Eva Bartlett: In stark contrast to the sparse coverage of the brutality of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria over the past few years, there has recently been substantial coverage of the emergence of ISIS in Iraq and the terrorist acts that this US-backed and funded group has been committing. This surge of media focus on ISIS’ brutality in Iraq and particularly on the recent alleged be-headings of two American journalists is extensively considered, amongst independent political analysts, to be setting the stage for NATO and the Axis-of-Imperialists to “fight terrorism” in Iraq and Syria, aka destroy both countries (note: there are valid doubts as to the legitimacy of the Foley video itself).
Glaringly absent from corporate media accounts of the proxy-war being waged on Syria is the fact that the very same terrorist group, as well as other Western-backed, al-Qaeda aligned terrorist organizations (like al-Nusra and the so-called “Free Syrian Army”), have been terrorizing Syrians for years—beheading them, flogging, crucifying, amputating hands—to name but a few of their crimes against thousands of Syrians.
In a recent interview, scholar and author Zafar Bangash noted Western-complicity in supporting ISIS and other mercenary groups, as well as NATO’s complicity in the destruction of Syria thus far:

One Yellow Star - A Glimpse Into Jewish Tribal Psychosis

"The surrender to a regime of correctness is
a surrender to Jerusalem. It is a strict divergence from Athens and its spirit."
Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: Elias Davidsson wasn’t  happy with my recent expose of his tribal sabotage attempt of  the 9/11 truth movement and so  he took revenge: a one star Amazon book review. His review collects  Being in Time’s  most spectacular gems presumably with the hope that this pile of quotes will finish me off once and for all. Here is the bad news for Davidsson and his operators -- I take  pride in each of these cherry picked quotes.  I plan to circulate them one by one in the coming weeks and monitor how they affect my Amazon ranking.  I will let others decide whether these quotes are “post-factual,” “presumptuous” or “deceptive” as Davidsson describes them. For the time being, I would like to thank the son of David for, once again, providing us with a window into the depths of tribal morbidity and delusional detachment.
By Elias Davidssonon: Atzmon's book belongs to the modern strand of post-factual literature, namely one where empirical facts don't count. The author juggles throughout with abstract concepts, a truly artistic accomplishment that is the hallmark of good political salesmen. When we examine the author’s discourse with a cool head rather than remain fascinated by his style, we discover a man not seeking the truth, as he wishes us to believe, but one who is obsessed with his Jewish background and tries desperately to explain the world’s ills by the existence of an elusive Jewish essence, culture or way of thinking.

Jewish State: Can A minority Rule A Majority In Perpetuity?

By Rod Such: “With the two-state solution fading into obsolescence, a secular, democratic state in all of historic Palestine re-presents itself as the only realistic alternative short of interminable bloodshed and unacceptable ethnic cleansing.”
So writes Josh Ruebner – policy director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights – in his latest book, Israel: Democracy or Apartheid State?
The book’s January 2018 publication coincides with Trump administration shocks that are possibly driving the last nails into the coffin of the two-state solution. US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is foremost among those developments as no Palestinian state is viable without a capital in East Jerusalem.
The fact that Ruebner raises either a single, secular democratic state or a binational state akin to Belgium as the only realistic alternative is thus more than appropriate as the Palestinian national movement and its allies consider their next steps.
His argument is in part demographic. Without the prospect of a two-state solution, he maintains, Israel will continue to be a state belonging to a Jewish minority ruling over a Palestinian majority, a situation that Ruebner says has existed since 2010. A US State Department report indirectly pointed at the demographic reality in 2005.
This imbalance further exposes Israel as an apartheid state and is guaranteed to increase its isolation from the international community.

9/11 Was The Excuse For An Already Planned Invasion Of Iraq

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: 9/11 was the Neo-Con-Artists [aka neoconservatives] “New Pearl Harbor,” the excuse the Neo-Con-Artists said they needed to launch Washington’s invasions of the Middle East. As General Wesley Clark told us, the plan was seven countries in five years. The plan had nothing to do with “weapons of mass destruction,” Osama bin Laden, “bringing democracy to dictatorships,” “liberating women,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” “Iranian nukes,” or any of the blatant lies concocted by the neoconservatives and fed to an obedient presstitute media and accepted by a gullible public.
Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill Reminds Us That the Invasion of Iraq Was on the Menu 8 Months Prior to 9/11, the Alleged Excuse for the Invasion.

In Words And Deeds: The Genesis Of Israeli Violence

Jewish Israeli Journalist, Ben Caspit, Says That Ahed And Orher Little Girls Like Her Should Be Raped In Jail
By Ramzy Baroud: Not a day passes without a prominent Israeli politician or intellectual making an outrageous statement against Palestinians. Many of these statements tend to garner little attention or evoke rightly deserved outrage.
Just recently, Israel’s Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel, called for more death and injuries on Palestinians in Gaza.
“What is this special weapon we have that we fire and see pillars of smoke and fire, but nobody gets hurt? It is time for there to be injuries and deaths as well,” he said.
Ariel’s calling for the killing of more Palestinians came on the heels of other repugnant statements concerning a 16-year-old teenager girl, Ahed Tamimi. Ahed was arrested in a violent Israeli army raid at her home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.
A video recording showed her slapping an Israeli soldier a day after the Israeli army shot her cousin in the head, placing him in a coma.
Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, known for his extremist political views, demanded that Ahed and other Palestinian girls should “spend the rest of their days in prison”.
A prominent Israeli journalist, Ben Caspit, sought yet more punishment. He suggested that Ahed and girls like her should be raped in jail.
“In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, he wrote in Hebrew.

“Create A Minister For Men That Operates Separately From The Minister For Women”

Why democracy requires a Minister for Men
By Jordon Holbrook: Boys and young men have many male-specific problems and issues which are hardly ever publicised in the media, deliberately neglected in schools and universities and certainly not addressed anywhere in the political system:
Male suicide – four times greater than female suicide
Homelessness – 9 out of 10 people living rough are men
Men die 5 years earlier than women
There is no national screening programme for male cancers and far less funding is available for male cancers than female, even though testicular & prostate cancer both have similar incidence rates as breast & uterus cancer
Attention to male health is secondary at every level of the health service
Boys have been seriously failing in education, in real terms and compared with girls, since the 1990s
For every 3 victims of partner abuse, 2 will be female and 1 will be male
Approximately 150 divorced fathers are denied contact with their children EVERY DAY – this represents around 300 paternal grandparents losing contact with their own grandchildren
Divorced men are obliged to pay maintenance to their ex-wives for the rest of her life, even if the divorce was not his fault and he did not want it
Fewer men attend university than women