9 Feb 2018

Nice Guys™ Finish Last

Shoe0nHead: My take on nice guy™ syndrome, how to "escape" the friend zone & some other general advice. what is your take?

Living In An Orwellian Tyranny

By Gilad Atzmon: Yesterday Nick Timothy, Theresa May's former aide, was accused of using an antisemitic slur in his article on Brexit. He co-authored a  Telegraph report titled,  George Soros, the man who 'broke the Bank of England', backing secret plot to thwart Brexit.
Not only did Timothy not criticise Soros as a Jew, he didn’t even refer to him as a Jew. But it seems the fact that Soros is a Jew was enough to censure Timothy as an ‘antisemite.’ It took no more.
Stephen Bush wrote in The New Statesman , “The reason that many find the Telegraph's treatment so disturbing is that Soros, who is Jewish, has been at the centre of a series of anti-Semitic conspiracies by the increasingly authoritarian governments in Poland, Hungary and Turkey.” It is mildly amusing that  the banal Stephen Bush can’t see that he himself employs an authoritarian manner of thought. Unless guilt by association has become Britain’s press’ MO, the fact that some regimes not approved of by Bush or The New Statesman decided to cleanse themselves of Soros’ infiltration has  little relevance to Timothy or his argument. 
Bush adds that “Timothy was the author of that ‘citizens of nowhere’ speech only adds to feeling among many that the original speech was a coded way of talking about “rootless cosmopolitans”; aka the Jewish people.” This passage describes a  kosherly coded minefield that we can not possibly navigate unless Bush and The New Statesman provide us with the complete  newspeak lexicon.

Steve Moxon: “Only Male Genital Modification Is ‘Control’; The Female Form Is Competition By Women”

Russian GP2016 cropped.jpgBy : Steve Moxon was the author of a groundbreaking book, the snappily-titled The Woman Racket: The new science explaining how the sexes relate at work, at play and in society. Published in 2008, it opened my eyes when I read it in 2009 to much that had previously eluded me (and continues to elude 99+% of people to this day). Once you grasp the differences between the male and female dominance hierarchies, so much makes sense, including 5’2” billionaire Bernie Ecclestone….
… and his second wife, former international fashion model, 6’2” Slavica Radic:
Slavica Ecclestone2.jpg
They met while she was working on a Formula One promotional event for Armani at the 1982 Italian Grand Prix in Monza, maybe she was a high-end ‘grid girl’. Who knows? The important point is that their daughters Tamara and Petra took after their mother, not their father, a fact for which they’re presumably grateful.

Greek Finance Expert Varoufakis Warns UK 'STOP' EU Negotiations NOW For This Brutal Reason

BN UK: FORMER GREEK finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has told Theresa May what he believes she should do to ensure that Brexit is a success. Mr Varoufakis told the Prime Minister to “stop” the Brexit negotiations right now, as neither side wants a “mutually advantageous” deal. The former finance minister also claimed that the negotiations were “designed to fail”, as he said the UK should seek a Norway-style agreement. When asked whether the Prime Minister should seek to leave the European Union without a deal, Mr Varoufakis said that would be the "worst option”. He said: “At the same time these negotiations are designed to fail.

Bill Burr's Thoughts On #MeToo Movement

aNewKingdom: Bill Burr appears on Your Mom's House Podcast and give his opinions on the current sexual assault allegations climate in the media.

Not Rich Enough - New Attack On Males In The Netherlands

Max and Stacy discuss ‘human Ubers’ for the busy executives and young men who ‘look too poor’ to dress well getting ‘undressed’ by cops in the Netherlands. They also look at headlines warning the savings rate is collapsing again - perhaps because of the civil asset forfeiture shakedowns?! In the second half, Max interviews JP Baric of MiningStore.co about the world of cryptocurrency mining. How does one decide which currencies to mine? What are the costs?

The War Party - BBC Panorama On The Neo-Con-Artists

"It's like a gang, it's like a Mafia."

Palestinian Refugee Crisis Is Absurd - The Jewish State

The Injustice of the Palestinian Refugee Crisis.
Headlines From Palestine produced by Chris Smiley.

Hitler's Consultation Of The Doomed

"It was US ambassador to Britain
Joseph Kennedy who related to defence secretary James Forrestal that Neville Chamberlain told him that world Jewry forced Britain into WAR." Said Ex-Jew Nathanael.