11 Feb 2018

Husbands, Believe Your Eyes If You See Yourself Being Cuckolded

Many husbands deeply believe that their wives are immaculate goddesses. Many husbands also credit all their success to their wives. In such circumstances, husbands can relatively easily be induced to disbelieve that they saw their wives cuckolding them. A thirteenth-century handbook for preachers sets out an example of the problem.
This medieval example shows that men are easily led to listen and believe women in the most outrageous situations. Consistent with the anti-men bias in criminal punishment, punishment for adultery throughout history has been biased toward punishing men. In this case, a man having sex with a married woman was culpably labeled an adulterer. Her husband plotted to harm him, but not her:
Several times I heard about a certain wife. She had with her an adulterer, and her husband saw them in bed. He went out to ambush the adulterer at a spot where he must pass in leaving the house.
{ De quadam iterum muliere audivi quod, cum haberet secum quemdam adulterum, et maritus vidisset eum in lecto, exiens insidiabatur ei in tali loco quod per alium non poterat transire. }
The story presumes that the wife had no responsibility for engaging in adultery. The wife, however, acted shrewdly out of concern about impending harm to her lover, the young man called an adulterer:

Why Does Virgin Find “Palestinian Couscous” Offensive?

By Gawan Mac Greigair: Virgin Atlantic has removed the wordPalestinianfrom the description of a dish on its in-flight menu, following complaints from Jewish apartheid state Israel supporters.
The airline acknowledged that the dish was a Palestinian recipe, but simultaneously apologized for “offense caused” by its use of the word.
The dish was offered on the airline’s menu for economy class passengers in late 2017 and was described as “Palestinian couscous salad.”
One customer giving the name Dani Williams took to social media to accuse the company of being “terrorist sympathizers” for using the descriptor. In a tweet, Williams posted a photograph of the menu and wrote: “last time you get my money.”
Other pro-Israel social media users responded to the in-flight meal by claiming couscous was not Palestinian.
One tweet suggested that the dish should be called “Jewish salad.”
A photograph of the menu was also posted on the Facebook page of a group called the Israel Advocacy Movement. An accompanying comment read: “I thought this was an Israeli salad.”
David Garnelas, the man who made the comment, also accused Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic’s founder, of “showing his true colors,”

Hitchens: “Jordan Peterson Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough...

...The Canadian Psychologist May Speak To Millions
But Not To Me.”
Via Mike Buchanan, J4MB: A thought-provoking piece in the current edition of The Spectator. Extracts:
Let me say first of all that Dr Peterson’s recent stand against the Thought Police of his native Canada was noble and brave. He refused to be bullied into using gender-neutral pronouns. And by resolutely resisting this pressure, he overcame it — at least for now.
But as a prophet of doom I need to add that I am not sure he has won any really significant victory in the long war against radical speech codes and sexual revolution. I am ceaselessly amazed, as I look at our media, political parties, schools and universities, how formerly conservative people and institutions have adapted themselves to ideas, expressions and formulations which they once rejected and confidently mocked. Almost everything that was once derided as the work of the ‘loony left’ or ‘political correctness gone mad’ is observed daily in grand, expensive private schools and is the official policy of the Conservative and Unionist party, or soon will be.

On The Syria Occupation And The New Face Of Imperialism

'Corporations and banks are not limited by national borders, and neither are the oligarchs who own them. Nations and governments don’t exist anymore.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: US forces have attacked the Syrian military, reporting over a hundred deaths.The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling the air strike a massacre, a war crime, and a crime against humanity.
The US is an invading, occupying force that is in Syria without the permission of its government, yet it is claiming that the air strike was an act of “self-defense” against an “unprovoked attack” upon the US-backed SDF, a mostly Kurdish militia which had occupied an area of Syrian land. No Americans suffered any injuries or deaths in the attack. The SDF suffered a single reported injury.
It’s a bit like saying you broke into someone’s house and strangled them from behind with a garotte in self-defense.
Believe it or not, it appears very likely that the US military’s latest act of butchery waged upon Middle Easterners on their own land was not about self-defense at all, but about oil.

Ecbasis Captivi: No Escape From Gynocentric Yearnings

Tell these things to one who has deaf ears,
For the loins of an ass will be joined to the tail of the calf;
Thus Mother Nature has bidden us to pass our days.
{ Hec illi narres, qui surdas possidet aures,
Nam caude vituli iungetur lumbus aselli;
Sic natura parens iussit discurrere soles. } [1]
feast of Ecbasis captiviThe eleventh-century Latin beast epic Ecbasis captivi subtly critiques men’s gynocentric yearnings. The narrator-monk figured himself as a calf. That calf chafed under his father’s discipline and yearned to suck at his mother’s breasts. His insufficient respect for father and excessive attachment to mother propelled the calf into grave risk of being raped, killed, and eaten. Ecbasis captivi superficially dramatizes paschal redemption while depicting men’s failure to transcend gynocentrism.
Ecbasis captivi begins with the narrator-monk looking back and lamenting his childish error. He doesn’t describe specifically what that error was:

Feminist Cristina Garcia, #MeToo Anti-Harassment Activist, Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Two Men

RT: Christina Garcia, a prominent face of the anti-harassment MeToo movement, has found herself at the centre of a sexual misconduct storm. She's been accused by at least two men of inappropriate behaviour.

Like A Safari: Jewish State Troops In Jeeps Hunt A Palestinian Teen And Shoot Him In The Head

A boy who threw stones at IDF jeeps suffered the punishment of execution by a soldier; it was the third time in recent weeks that soldiers aimed at stone-throwers' heads

By Gideon Levy and Alex Levac: The killing field of young Laith Abu Naim is an empty lot in the remote village of Al-Mughayyir, north of Ramallah. Someone once planned to build a house here, but got no further than iron rods and a retaining wall. The boy ran for his life between the rods, pursued by two armored Israel Defense Forces jeeps. The chase ended when the door of one of the vehicles opened and a soldier aimed his rifle straight at Laith’s forehead from a range of 20 meters. He fired one bullet, killing the teen – the same way an animal is hunted down and bagged on a safari.

A 16-year-old boy who dreamed of becoming a soccer goalie threw stones at a jeep and suffered the punishment of execution at the hands of a soldier, perhaps to teach him a lesson, perhaps as revenge. The rubber-coated steel bullet struck the exact spot it was aimed at – the boy’s forehead, above his left eye – and had the anticipated result: Laith fell to the ground and died shortly afterward. The outstanding IDF sniper could have aimed at his legs, used tear gas, or tried to stop him in other ways. But he chose, in what seems to be an almost standard pattern in recent weeks in this area, to fire a round directly at the head.

The Chris Crabtree Case

By MRA-UK: I’m still working on “Rape – Part 3”, which will now most probably be extended to several further Parts, addressing politicians and celebrities, and, if I can face it, the impossible question of the percentage of rape allegations which are false. While you’re waiting, here is one of the 146 cases from Part 2. This one is extraordinary by any standards. 
In 2012, Chris Crabtree, 43, then in a parachute regiment, rather regretted taking Emily Checksfield, 41, as his partner. He was ultimately to discover that she had previously been known as Nadine Milroy-Sloan, but only after he had become her victim. They had met on a dating website and had a relationship lasting 9 months. But then Mr Crabtree found out that she had been defrauding two military charities for which Checksfield had assisted him in raising funds. He told her the relationship was over and that she had to pay back the money or he would tell the police.
Emily Checksfield
She was never tried on that charge. Immediately she realised her game was up, she contacted the police and claimed that Mr Crabtree had threatened to kill her with a samurai sword. She fooled the police into believing that Crabtree was mentally unstable, had PTSD from his time in combat, that he had access to weapons and was likely to resist arrest. As a result Mr Crabtree was arrested at gunpoint by armed officers, denied bail and spent the next three months in prison on remand, with his 25-year military career in jeopardy. He was completely innocent of any wrongdoing. He was entirely her victim.
To those who caution against exaggerating the dangers of false accusations, do internalise this lesson in the power that women have to get a man incarcerated with no evidence at all.

Syria Downs Israeli F-16 Attacking Its Homs Airbase

By : After over 100 attacks on its soil over the years the Syrian armed forces have finally shot down one IAF aggressor. Israel has confirmed the loss. The two pilots ejected over northern Israel, one of them is severely wounded, CNN:
Both pilots aboard the Israeli jet are safe, the Israeli army said, although one pilot was severely injured as a result of an emergency evacuation from the plane.
The downing of the F-16 may have resulted from a well-laid trap.
Earlier in the day an Iranian-made drone crossed over into Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel shot down the drone, but also predictably launched attacks against targets just to the west of Damascus, deep in Syrian territory. Once the Israeli bomber group reached their target "deep inside Syrian territory" they were met with "massive anti-aircraft fire" and one of the F-16s consequently didn't make it home. The Jerusalem Post:
Early on Saturday morning an Iranian drone, which was launched from a Syrian base in the Homs desert, was identified approaching Israeli airspace by the IDF around 4 am, setting off alarms across the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley.