17 Feb 2018

50 Female Privileges

Dr Shaym:
If you don't think female privilege exists, you are wrong.

Insanity Fatigue

Oligarchs, though they speak of deconstructing the administrative state, actually increase deficits and the size and power of law enforcement and the military to protect their global business interests and ensure domestic social control. The parts of the state that serve the common good wither in the name of deregulation and austerity. The parts that promote the oligarchs’ power expand in the name of national security, economic growth and law and order. – Chris Hedges, The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs
By Michael Krieger: If you’ve been checking in with this site in recent days, you may have wondered if I was on vacation. I’m not. Rather, I’ve been suffering from a bit of sluggishness and writers block, and it wasn’t until I took some time to think about why earlier this morning that I was able to determine the cause of my affliction. The best way to describe what I’ve been dealing with in recent days is insanity fatigue.
It’s not as if there’s been a lack of news or things to talk about. There’s plenty. The problem is I’ve once again become exhausted and overwhelmed by the superficial stupidity and narcissism of our national political dialogue. I first expressed this sentiment about a year ago in the piece, Lost in the Political Wilderness, and the feeling came back in spades in recent days.
It’s been a year since I wrote that post and not much has changed.

JP Morgan’s ‘Bitcoin Bible’ - A Plea For Help?

Max and Stacy discuss JP Morgan’s ‘Bitcoin Bible’ as a plea for help from central banksters to protect their fractional reserve bankstering monopoly model. In the second half, Max interviews Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management to discuss demographics, alternative energy and the transfer of wealth from the developed to the developing world and what that means for the future of capital markets. They also discuss bitcoin and where that fits into the new financial paradigm.

Currency Rapist Soros To EU: Fight Populism, Regulate Social Media And Free Speech, Mwahahaha!

By Tyler Durden: Echoing a sentiment that was one of the defining points of his hour-long speech to the world's financial and political elite at Davos, billionaire hedge funder currency rapist (and supporter of far-left causes from Eastern Europe to the US) George Soros is taking his rhetoric a step further and calling for supranational governments to intervene and regulate Facebook, Google and other large social media websites. 
Per Breitbart, Soros is demanding that the European Union regulate social media because voters’ minds are being controlled and "manipulated".
Soros is claiming the reach of social media firms made them a "public menace" while arguing they had led people to vote against globalist causes, including electing President Trump (all his ramblings about "open societies" aside)... 
"They deceive their users by manipulating their attention, targeting them to their own economic interests and (...) depending on their services (...)
The platforms are similar to gambling companies (...) and force people to renounce their freedom (...). ...), to renounce what John Stuart Mill called the freedom of thought"

America: A Military Nation

"Americans Like To Think Of Their Country As
Different From Those Run By Military Regimes.
They Are Only Fooling Themselves..."
Authored by Jacob Hornberger: Americans like to think of their country as different from those run by military regimes. They are only fooling themselves. Ever since the federal government was converted into a national-security state after World War II (without a constitutional amendment authorizing the conversion), it has been the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA that have run the government, just like in countries governed by military dictatorships.
Oh sure, the façade is maintained - the façade that is ingrained in all of us in civics or government classes in high school and college: that the federal government is composed of three co-equal, independent branches that are in charge of the government.
But just a façade. It’s fake. It’s a lie.
It’s true that the federal government used to consist of three branches. But that quaint notion disintegrated when the federal government was converted to what is known as a "national-security state" after World War II. Even though it was done without a constitutional amendment, that conversion effectively added a fourth branch of government to the federal government — the national-security branch, which consists of the NSA, the CIA, and the Pentagon.

How To Destroy A Man Now (DAMN): A Handbook

By : Our thanks to Dick for pointing us to this book, published 10 days ago. Would Amazon sell a book titled How to Destroy a Woman Now? Of course not. The description on Amazon:
A wave of sexual misconduct allegations about powerful men have exploded recently in the media (e.g., the news, Twitter #MeToo, etc.).
A bold social movement has begun with brave women coming forward and being applauded for speaking out and sharing their stories of abuse, discrimination, and harassment. As a result, accused men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and dozens more have been removed from power and are suffering the consequences.
In How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN), Dr. Angela Confidential (a business psychologist, consultant, and human resource professional) empowers women with a step-by-step guide for destroying a man’s reputation and removing him from power.
In easy to understand terms, the handbook reveals and explains the fundamental dynamics between allegations, the media, and authority as they relate to male misconduct in today’s society. It also unveils and details practical real-world methods for leveraging allegations, media, and authorities to dethrone a man from power.

The #MeToo Movement Will Produce Victims Of Its Own

'Men have been set up. They have been forced by civil rights laws to bring women into their midst, and the women are now being empowered with a tool to push aside the men with the Identity Politics charge that heterosexual men are sexual predators.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: From the standpoint of the #MeToo movement, the wrong country was banned from the Olympics. It should have been the US, not Russia. According to MeToo women, the US Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics covered up Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of US athletes for years. https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/02/14/ban-united-states-from-olympics.html
In contrast, the Russian doping scandal appears to be an orchestration by Washington as part of its ongoing policy to isolate Russia.
The entire story of systematic government-sponsored doping of Russian athletes rests essentially on the unconfirmed story of one person—the person running the alleged doping program. Curiously, this person fled Russia to the US and “confessed.” He is hidden somewhere under US protection. Why would the person running a doping program do this? Perhaps because it wasn’t a state-sponsored program, and authorities were hot on his heels. Did he confess to Americans so as not to be handed over to the Russians for prosecution?

Falsehoods And Lies: Inciting War Is A War Crime

The Strategic Culture Foundation: The torrent of reckless false accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO allies is hitting warp speed.
This week saw more baseless allegations of Russian cyber attacks on American elections and British industries.
There were also crass claims by US officials that Russia was behind so-called sonic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba.
Then a Dutch foreign minister was forced to resign after he finally admitted telling lies for the past two years over alleged Russian plans for regional aggression.
Elsewhere, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed this week during a tour of the Middle East that “the primary goal” of his nation’s involvement in Syria is “to defeat” Islamic State (Daesh) terrorism.
This is patently false given that the US forces illegally occupying parts of Syria are launching lethal attacks on Syrian armed forces who are actually fighting Islamic State and their myriad terrorist affiliates.
Meanwhile, feminist US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Russia of blocking peace efforts in Syria – another audacious falsehood to add to her thick compendium of calumny.

The Truth About Inflation...It’s The US Fed’s Fault

If the creation of new money affected everyone evenly, there would be no point in government granting monopoly privileges to a central bank. It's precisely because some benefit at the expense of others, that monetary inflation is so intoxicating. The Federal Reserve is the beating heart of big government, military empire, and the welfare state. Ron Paul talks about the tough times that lie ahead.

MeToo Hurts Women And Children

"There's no group that's more anti-women than the feminists."
Turd Flinging Monkey: Won't someone stand up to this hateful movement that's hurting innocent women and children?