18 Feb 2018

Mangina Of The Year Awards 2017: We Have A Winner!

Raging Golden Eagle: History has been made folks, we finally have our first 2-time Mangina of the Year! Though now that this has happened, I need your help deciding what to do next!

Russian Christians Have The Wokest Take On Feminism

"The god damned wokest thing you've ever seen in your life" 
Said Sargon of Akkad.

How Europe Had Enough Of "Enrichment" + #MeToo No Red Lips High Heels Or Make Up

Angelo: Send the migrants to the Jewish state the proponents of which are pushing them on us whilst they ethnically cleans the locals [Palestinians] on top of whom they dumped their chosen-ness supremacist state. ...The Jew Soros found to be financing massive networks in the south to smooth the passage of African and other migrants into Europe. ...The Jew Gates funding the ritual genital mutilation of over 600,000 African males in an attempt to normalise Jewish barbarism. ...The Jew Seinfeld the TV personality advertising kill a Palestinian safaris in their worse than apartheid state. Send those slimy Zionist con artists the migrants. After all it's the wars that the Jewish state lobbies for that are creating most of the migrants in the first place.

“You Make Me Want To Be A Better Man”

ABSTRACT: The title, “You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man”, is an unforgettable quotation from As Good As It Gets, the Jack Nicholson–Helen Hunt masterpiece (with Greg Kinnear). It occurs at about the midpoint in the 1997 film and Carol (played by Hunt) responds to Melvin (Nicholson) that it’s the best compliment she’s ever had in her life. As Roger Ebert quips: “It becomes clear that Melvin has been destined by the filmmakers to become a better man: First he accepts dogs, then children, then women, and finally even his gay neighbor.” Nevertheless, Melvin does change his ways and, under the influence of love, completely redirects his behavior.
Below I explore courtly love values in several contemporary movies, for example, Casablanca (1942), Roxanne (1987), Pretty Woman (1990), Beauty and the Beast (Disney 1991), Hercules (Disney 1997) Slumdog Millionaire (2008), and Tangled (2010). The hero or heroine saved through love and/or self-sacrifice constitute a guiding thread of the article; another focus is the “major personality shift” of the hero/heroine under the influence of love; and a third theme is the “quest and rescue” of the beloved.

Book Review: Tom Golden - The Way Men Heal

Today I discuss Tom Golden's book and you should go read it.

Why Are We [USA] In Afghanistan?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: It is long past time for someone in the shithole known as Washington to tell us why Americans have been killing and dying in Afghanistan for 17 years. Is it to steal the country’s minerals? Is it to control the location of pipelines? Is it to keep American taxpayers money flowing to the US military/security complex? Is it to finance the CIA’s black operations with drug profits? Or is it to prove that the neoconservatives’ dream of US world hegemony is a chimera?
Here are some questions for you from a voice you never have heard:
Letter of the Islamic Emirate to the American people!
The American people, officials of independent non-governmental organizations and the peace loving Congressmen!
With the hope that you will read this letter prudently and will evaluate the future of American forces and your profit and loss inside Afghanistan in light of the prevailing realities alluded to in the following lines!
The American people!
You realize that your political leadership launched a military invasion of our country 17 years ago. This invasion was not only contrary to the legal and national norms of our own sovereign country but also a violation of all international rules and regulations, but still the following three main points were put forward by your authorities to justify this illegitimate invasion:
Establishing security by eliminating the so called terrorists inside Afghanistan.
Restoring law and order by establishing a legal government.
Eradicating narcotics.

However let us analyze how successful your war-monger leaders were in achieving the above three slogans in this illegitimate war?

A Sample Of Female Power

"I stand with women, please let me keep my job..." Said johntheother.

Escalation In Syria - How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed?

By The Saker: Events in Syria have recently clearly taken a turn for the worse and there is an increasing amount of evidence that the Russian task force in Syria is being targeted by a systematic campaign of “harassing attacks”.
First, there was the (relatively successful) drone and mortar attack on the Russian Aerospace base in Khmeimin. Then there was the shooting down of a Russian SU-25 over the city of Maasran in the Idlib province. Now we hear of Russian casualties in the US raid on a Syrian column (along with widely exaggerated claims of “hundreds” of killed Russians). In the first case, Russian officials did openly voice their strong suspicion that the attack was if not planned and executed by the USA, then at least coordinated with the US forces in the vicinity. In the case of the downing of the SU-25, no overt accusations have been made, but many experts have stated that the altitude at which the SU-25 was hit strongly suggests a rather modern MANPAD of a type not typically seen in Syria (the not so subtle hint being here that these were US Stingers sent to the Kurds by the USA). As for the latest attack on the Syrian column, what is under discussion is not who did it but rather what kind of Russian personnel was involved, Russian military or private contractors (the latter is a much more likely explanation since the Syrian column had no air-cover whatsoever). Taken separately, none of these incidents mean very much but taken together they might be indicative of a new US strategy in Syria: to punish the Russians as much as possible short of an overt US attack on Russian forces.