19 Feb 2018

100 Feminist Chicago Professors "Propose To Exclude Viewpoints They Find Objectionable"

By Tyler Durden: Even The Wall Street Journal's op-ed pages have realized that American Universities, and their tenured ivory-tower-protagonists' "free speech" arguments, have sent the Spinal Tap hypocrisy amplifier to 11..
Snow carpets the ground at the University of Chicago, and footfalls everywhere are soft, giving the place a hushed serenity. Serene, too, is Robert Zimmer, the university’s 70-year-old president, as he talks about a speaking invitation that could turn his campus turbulent. 
Steve Bannon is scheduled to talk at the school early next month - there’s no confirmed date - and Mr. Zimmer is taking criticism for the imminent appearance of Donald Trump’s former right-hand man, a paladin of alt-robust conservatives. Mr. Bannon is precisely the sort of figure who is anathema on American campuses, yet Mr. Zimmer is unfazed by the prospect of his visit, confident that it will pass with no great fuss.
It’s been quite interesting to watch this because, as you can imagine, there are many people who are opposed to Steve Bannon and wish that he hadn’t been invited,” Mr. Zimmer says.

Documentary: Forgotten Fathers

Angelo: Forgotten fathers = fucked up kids, pure and simple. Agenda 21 is in full effect with the complicity of US and certainly in the UK secret kangaroo family courts. Why do you think we founded F4J [father's for Justice] in the UK nearly two decades ago before anyone had ever heard of men's rights? C4J [children for justice] have been around for over a decade in the UK. The kids grew up and they're asking why the courts colluded in fucking up their lives. ...Yesterday was F4J and today it's MGTOW men going their own way, ...were looking forward to making women obsolete with the artificial womb and sex dolls are replacing prostitutes in brothels... Let's see what the next decade brings in our gynocentric, misandric Duluth model brain-rinsed feminist and mangina run Anglo-sphere.

Then They Came For Tony Greenstein

By Gilad Atzmon: Following the outrageous expulsion of AZZ extraordinaire Tony Greenstein from the Labour Party, the equally vindictive Labour Against The Witchhunt (LAW) published this embarrassing tweet:
According to LAW’s logic, Greenstein should have been vindicated due to the fact that he is:
1.       a Jew
2.       a Rabbi’s son
3.       an offshoot of holocaust survivors
The above tweet is no doubt a glimpse into the morbid universe of Jewish privilege. If Greenstein’s line of defence is built upon him being Jewish, a Rabbi’s son and blood relation to Holocaust survivors where does it leave the rest of the British working class. How many John Smiths can hide behind the blood of their Jewish mother, their rabbi papa or their holocaust  credentials?
As if the situation isn’t funny enough, the banal minds at LAW  decided to quote Martin Niemoller’s “First they came for....”

The US Neo-Con-Artists Are Executing A Global War Plan

Brazenly acting like a rogue regime
without the slightest hint of shame.
By Finian Cunningham: Washington is moving inevitably on a global war plan. That’s the grim conclusion one has to draw from three unfolding war scenarios.
Ultimately, it’s about American imperialism trying to assert hegemony over the international order for the benefit of US capitalism. Russia and China are prime targets for this global assault.
The three unfolding war scenarios are seen in Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. These are not disparate, disassociated conflicts. They are inter-related expressions of the American war plans. War plans which involve the moving of strategic military power into position.
Last week’s massacre of over 100 Syrian government forces by American warplanes near Deir ez-Zor was an audacious overt assault by the US on the Syrian state. The US, along with other NATO allies, have been up to now waging a seven-year proxy war for regime change against Russia’s ally, President Assad.

“Some Women Will Shag Anything To Get Anywhere”: Lisa Stansfield, Fame, Weinstein And The Problem With Corbyn

“I’m sorry. But if I was an 18-year-old girl in Hollywood, and nothing was really working out for me, and Mr Harvey Weinstein asked me to come and watch him have a shower, I’d fucking watch him have a shower!” she says. “I’d watch him do anything as long as he didn’t touch me! There’s a lot of women who would do that. When they complain about things like that, they’re trivialising everything that those women who seriously have been abused have been through.”
By Kate Mossman: Lisa Stansfield likes to do an impression of Lisa Stansfield. Head down and shoulders hunched, she draws her arms in front of her and swings them in a simian manner, her entire body and baker boy cap vibrating as if she is caught in a chill wind. This is what she looked like, apparently, on the Pete Waterman ITV show Motown Mania in 2000, which she didn’t want to take part in because it was so “fucking naff”. And this is what she looked like at 14, singing in the working men’s clubs of Rochdale. Only, she had a huge perm then, which stuck out like this – her arms arc round her head – and made her look “like Kevin Keegan. No. Like a microphone”.

Feminist Worship The Mighty Vagina Everyday Project: Highland Games Across Scotland Are Sexist

HIGHLAND Games across Scotland are guilty of sexism and "treating women athletes as irrelevant",
according to a leading feminist website.
By The Everyday Sexism Project was founded in 2012 by English nanny Laura Bates to record examples of sexist behaviour from around the world.
Among the 80,000 entries is now a scathing complaint about last year's Dufftown Highland Games in Morayshire, one of the oldest in Scotland.
The complainant - who gave her name as "Hilary" - accused the organisers of glorifying men in the heavy events such as throwing the hammer and tossing the caber and ignoring the women dancers.
She wrote: "Just been to Dufftown Highland Games - record number of Highland dancers there (about 150 women and about 2 small boys) and the usual less than 10 men competing in the heavy events (throwing the hammer, tossing the caber etc).

The Final Stage Of Jewish Chosen Narcissism

By Gilad Atzmon: On Saturday Polish PM did it again, he told the truth. He suggested that there were also Jewish perpetrators of the Holocaust. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the Munich Security Conference that it won't be punishable to say there were Polish perpetrators of the Holocaust “as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian; not only German perpetrators.”
In PM Morawiecki’s eyes the Poles were also victims of the WWII, "Many of you,” Morawiecki said,  “have probably heard about the Lidice village in the Czech Republic. In Poland we had 800 Lidice — 800 villages completely annihilated, exterminated by German Nazis [German national socialist worker's party].”

Wikipedia Editor ‘Grayfell’ Removed Link To International Men's Conference Website Minutes After It Was Posted

By : We’ve had very good reasons to expose the hostility of Wikipedia ‘editors’ in relation to men’s issues, men’s rights organisations, and individual MRAs, but this story takes the biscuit. I was pleased to be emailed by a supporter who’d been checking out the Wikipedia page on AVfM, and was pleased to see a line linking to the July conference website, and alerted me to it. I was pleased to hear the news, but here’s the thing. When I checked out the AVfM website, the text was nowhere to be seen. So I checked out the history, and learned the following had been posted at 23:49:
He [Mike Buchanan] announced on his party’s website on 1st December 2017, that a contract had been signed with a new venue in London, for a conference over July 20-22, 2018. 
The line was followed by a reference, clicking on which would take readers to the conference website.
At 00:07 – just 18 minutes after the addition had been posted – ‘Grayfell’, a Wikipedia ‘editor’, removed it. His (or her?) justification was as follows:
Find a reliable, independent source, please. 
The history of the edit is here. So a website posted by an established political party campaigning on men’s issues, giving details of a forthcoming International Conference on Men’s Issues, is not “reliable”.

Jewish Israeli Death Force Soldiers Breaking The Silence

Palestine Is Still the Issue. John Pilger returned to the West Bank of Jordan and Gaza, and to Israel, to ask why the Palestinians, whose right of return was affirmed by the United Nations more than half a century ago, are still caught in a terrible limbo - refugees in their own land, controlled by Israel in the longest military occupation in modern times.

'We Need To Wake Up To Who He Is!' Farage v Dark Lord Soros' Attempt To STOP Brexit + £40Billion? EU Can Fuck Off!

NIGEL Farage is calling for an investigation into George Soros after the billionaire donated £100,000 to pro-EU group Best for Britain in addition to his original contribution of £400,000 to the Europhile campaign organisation, "The tip of the iceberg". Ukip former leader Nigel Farage has called for a formal enquiry into billionaire George Soros after he donated a total of £500,000 to anti-Brexit group Best for Britain. Speaking on Fox News, Mr Farage claimed the media should concentrate on Mr Soros’ Foundation Open Society rather than Russian alleged collusion in western world politics.