22 Feb 2018

Iceland Is Right To Ban Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Soft Name 'Circumcision' - Boys Need Protecting From It

Assumptions that men circumcised in childhood are satisfied with or suffer no adverse effects from circumcision have no scientific foundation
By Ian Dunt: Any debate which touches on religion or gender quickly gets dragged into the culture war. So when the news broke on Sunday that Iceland was considering banning male circumcision, you could already sense the identity-politics battlelines forming. Islamophobes would love to weaponise the issue, as they do Halal food, to exploit crude religious divisions and present Islam as fundamentally barbarbaric. Men’s rights activists, whose strange combination of aggression and theatrical vulnerability leads them to claim every offence against women as somehow akin to one against men, could use it to pretend that male and female circumcision were comparable, which they most manifestly are not. On the other side, Jewish and Muslim groups are genuinely outraged by the idea this tradition could ever be banned. Skirting the issue It’s likely that if it were, they would just travel abroad to have it done. And the procedure itself seems basically harmless. Men rarely complain about it. It doesn’t prevent or hinder sexual pleasure, as female genital mutilation does. It may even have some health benefits, by making it harder to transmit sexually transmitted diseases.

Cloudflare May Have Doomed Internet Freedom

Raging Golden Eagle: Or at least sped up the slaughter. Their virtue signaling late last year with the removal of The Daily Stormer has rightfully lead anyone pursuing a court case against them to argue that their excuses for why they can't remove services from sites are bullshit. And now we have a court order demanding search engines and ISPs block access to websites. This is the first step towards our own Great Firewall. When Trump said build the wall, he (hopefully) didn't mean it like this!

Feminist Senator Wants Mixed Gender Teams In Elite Sports

"Most people who reside in reality are already laughing at this. ...Just to put this into context, The Australian women's soccer team, our national team, the best of the best female soccer players in this country routinely gets beaten and not just beaten thrashed by club under 15 boys teams." Said Independent Man.

Venezuela: Revenge Of The Mad-Dog Empire

“It wasn’t until the administration of Barack Obama that the deadly gaze of the United States began to really re-focus on Latin America, with Venezuela as its main target.”
By Ajamu Baraka: Only in the world of comic-book fantasies is the United States a friend to the oppressed in Africa or anywhere else on the planet. In the real world, the U.S. is a predator, colonial/capitalist nation. But like the imagined nation of Wakanda, in the latest cultural assault on critical mass consciousness, “American exceptionalism” and “make America great again” — two slogans representing both sides of the imperialist coin—ruling class interests are obscured and the people are reduced to working against their objective interests and being accomplices to imperial lawlessness.
In every part of the world, the United States is engaged in maniacal, criminal assaults on democracy, basic human decency and common sense. From its support for armed jihadists groups in Syria and its illegal occupation of that nation, transferring heavy military equipment to its puppet regime in Ukraine, supporting unending war in Afghanistan, to the military invasion of African, the commitment to maintaining U.S. global dominance has moved war and militarism to the center of U.S. strategy.
But nowhere is U.S. criminality more apparent and unrelenting than right here in the Americas where the Pan-European project was born in 1492. That was the year “Europe” was born, emerging from its relative cultural backwardness using with terrifying efficiency the only advantage it had over the more civilized people of the region—armor protection and steel weapons—to slaughter the people, take the land and begin the 500-hundred-year nightmare the people of the world have suffered ever since.

No Fable: Thais Showed Men’s Propensity To Believe Women

The courtesan Thais regularly had sex with Alexander the Great’s leading general Ptolemy. Moreover, when it came to decisive action, Thais led Alexander the Great like slave girls ruled all-powerful caliphs in the ancient Islamic world. Thais became renowned for inducing Alexander to burn the Persian capital city of Persepolis in 330 BGC.
About two millennia ago, the Latin writer Phaedrus described how women like Thais dominate men despite men’s understanding of their deceptions. Phaedrus put forward this astonishing effect in the form of a fable:

A prostitute and a young man
With enticements a dishonest prostitute baited a young man,
and he gave himself to her frequently with much injury to himself.
Just as many easy women have presented themselves,
so this insidious being said: “Although all men with gifts
contend for my consent, I do you before everyone else.”
Recalling how often she had deceived him,
he said, “Gladly so, shining light. I hear your voice,
not that I believe it, but it makes me happy.”

The Coming Wars To End All Wars

'Trump and Netanyahu have a problem: How to start a Middle-Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one.'
By Edward Curtin: “The compulsive hatred of Putin by many who have almost zero idea about Putin or Russian history is disproportionate to any rational analysis, but not surprising. Trump and Putin are like weird doppelgangers in the liberal imagination.” – John Steppling, “Trump, Putin, and Nikolas Cruz Walk into a Bar”
The Trump and Netanyahu governments have a problem: How to start a greatly expanded Middle-Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one.  No doubt they are working hard to solve this urgent problem.  If they can’t find a “justification” (which they can’t), they will have to create one (which they will).  Or perhaps they will find what they have already created.  Whatever the solution, we should feel confident that they are not sitting on their hands. History teaches those who care to learn that when aggressors place a gun on the wall in the first act of their play, it must go off in the final act.
These sinister players have signaled us quite clearly what they have in store.  All signs point toward an upcoming large-scale Israeli/U.S. attack on Lebanon and Syria, and all the sycophantic mainstream media are in the kitchen prepping for the feast. Russia and Iran are the main course, with Lebanon and Syria, who will be devoured first, as the hors d’oeuvres.

South Africa’s Feminist President To Take Back The Land From White Farmers And Positively Discriminate Against Men

By Simon Black: If you’ve been following much international news, you’ve probably heard that, after literally years of scandal, abuse, and incompetence, South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was finally forced to resign last week.
This is a big deal for South Africa.
The country has been suffering for nearly a decade under Zuma’s corruption.
And people are certainly hoping that the new President, Cyril Ramaphosa, will represent a positive, new chapter for South Africa.
Yesterday Ramaphosa addressed the nation’s parliament in Cape Town and made clear that his priority is to heal the divisions and injustice of the past, going all the way back to the original European colonists in the 1600s taking land from the indigenous tribes.
Ramaphosa called this “original sin”, and stated that he wants to see “the return of the land to the people from whom it was taken… to heal the divisions of the past.”
How does he plan on doing that?
Confiscation. Specifically– confiscation without compensation.
The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans.

Big Trouble In Little Europe: Italy & Illegal Immigration

Barbara4u2c: The situation over there [thanks to NGOs and networks sponsored by Jewish Dark Lord Soros] is going out of control!"

Doping In Curling? What Just Happened In Korea?

The Saker: Okay, a quick summary first: one of the Russian athletes participating in the Winter Olympics has tested positive for Meldonium.  On two different probes.  There is no way to explain that away, Alexander Krushelnitsky did have Meldonium in his body.  But he was also tested for the same substance just before leaving Russia for Japan (where the athletes were training) and he was clean then.  So he must have ingested that during the past two weeks while already abroad.  Wait, it gets better!  The dosage detected is the equivalent of one dose only.  Not only that, but Meldonium increases blood-flow and helps athletes who engage is extremely high intensity sports.  Have you ever seen a curling match?  Finally, to be effective Meldonium needs to be taken regularly, not just once.
Now let’s sum it up. A Russian athlete takes one singe dose of Meldonium even though he knows with absolute certainty that 1) this will detected (Meldonium is THE drug Russians athletes, including Maria Sharapova, have been accused of taking in the past) 2) that this will not help him at all 3) that no amount of Meldonium could help, even in theory, an athlete competing in curling (in fact, if anything, it could be harmful).
Needless to say, anybody and everybody involved in this issue in Russia understands: this is self-evidently a “provocation”.  Even British newspapers realize the enormity of the nonsense the US press is now feeding its zombified readers and listeners (you know, the kind of folks who believe that magic bullets can zigzag or that 2 aircraft can bring about the collapse of 3 buildings).