23 Feb 2018

Senator Calls For Mixed-Gender AFL, NRL & Rugby Union

 LOL. Regards, Bearing.

YouTube Doesn't Want You To Know The Truth

"All the constant changes they are making that are hurting creators, small ones, big ones, everybody. ...People deserve to know the truth, people deserve to know what's going on out there." Said Barbara4u2c

Men Are In Danger - They Need To Be A Protected Species

By Ann Widdecombe: I DID not think there were any new depths left to plumb in the endless saga of false allegations and the ruin of innocent men but I was wrong. A book entitled How To Destroy A Man Now is available on Amazon and apparently features on the website of the MeToo campaign.
I have read the first few pages of that book and am shaking with outrage.
Self-published unsurprisingly anonymously and advertised as a “step by step guide for destroying a man’s reputation and removing him from power” it has chapters with such titles as Crafting Allegations.
It lauds the fact that allegations require no proof just to be made and has the gall to advise that “these methods have been chosen for their utility and results rather than legal or ethical merit”.
Brazen, cruel and immoral, this book should be given a wide berth by MeToo if that organisation wants to retain any of its already fragile credibility. On amazon 95 per cent of its reviews are one star.
It is shocking that its publication is even legal. What next? How To Rob A Bank? How To Burgle A House?
Meanwhile Alison Saunders, the head of the CPS, continues in her staggering complacency.

Making Ends Meet In An Apartheid Gulag - The Jewish State

'Gaza stands on the brink of full-blown humanitarian disaster'
By Amjad Ayman Yaghi: One morning in late January, Nabil al-Duhadar, 45, got up before 6 for dawn prayers and then immediately set to work.
Al-Duhadar is a street vendor who sells turmos – a lupin bean snack often sold in market stalls. The snack takes preparation: the beans are soaked over 24 hours before being cooked for a couple of hours and then seasoned with salt and cumin and drizzled with lemon. It’s cheap, healthy and portable and an ideal product for street vendors for whom mobility is important.
A Palestinian boy sells lupin beans in the Jewish State open air prison known as Gaza.
Mobility allows al-Duhadar the luxury of chasing his custom. And on this particular January morning, the custom was there to be chased. A demonstration had been called to protest the US decision to cut funding for the UN’s Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, that caters to the needs for Palestinian refugees.
The decision will have disastrous results for the Gaza Strip where 1.3 out of 2 million Palestinians are registered refugees and some one million people rely on UNRWA for food aid and other basic necessities.
But for street vendors like al-Duhadar, the many demonstrations in Gaza that have been called in protest have at least provided them with the kind of large gatherings that are good for business.

AVfM's Elam Responds To The Southern Poverty Law Center

Paul Elam

Feminism Is Female Amplification

huMAN: Feminism isn’t to blame... It’s just increased female volume.

Judge Halts The Latest CPS/Police Show Trial Of A Man For FGM, After Photos Show Child To Be Unharmed

By , J4MB: Published online by The Times, emphases ours:

The trial of a father accused of allowing his daughter to undergo genital mutilation collapsed today after the prosecution’s medical expert could not confirm that the procedure had been carried out.
The case against the 29-year-old Somali taxi driver, who has three young daughters, was thrown out on the fourth day at Bristol crown court. Judge Julian Lambert directed the jury to find the father not guilty of child cruelty and described the decision to prosecute him as “deeply troubling”.
The judge said that medical evidence on whether the girl, aged seven, had undergone FGM was “wholly inconclusive at its highest” and that she had always denied being harmed.
The collapse means that no case of FGM has been successfully prosecuted in the 30 years the practice has been illegal.
The judge also described the evidence of the key witness who reported the offence after a conversation in the defendant’s taxi as “inconsistent”. Sami Ullah, who is a trustee of the anti-FGM campaign group Integrate UK, told the jury the driver had condemned the practice as “ignorant” before saying that he had had it done to his own daughter.

Illiterate Syrian In Germany Has 3 Wives, Wants 20 Kids, No Plans To Work - German TV Interview

: This culture-enricher loves Germany!, and doesn't hide the fact that he realizes that he has really lucked out.
He has three wives so far, two in Germany (one is 13), and the other in Syria. He hopes to marry a German next, to round it up to 4, and figures he can eventually increase his current 6 children to 20.
He's a big fan of "Mama Merkel", and Germans in general for showering him with this generosity.
Free West Media: Ahmad, an illiterate, and his wives are also satisfied with the apartment financed by the German taxpayer. In a single bedroom – so we learn – the three do not sleep together, but in succession. Being a second wife is obviously a shift worker job.

Attack On Free Speech: Youtube Deleted Richie Allen Show

'This is fascism, this is tyranny, this is terrifying and
we knew that this was coming didn't we?'
Gilad Atzmon: Earlier this evening, Youtube deleted The Richie Allen Show channel, one of the best internet program on the net. You may want to ask yourself what is left of our elementary freedom. With Youtube and Google around, the idea of an open society feels like a remote nostalgia... 
By Richie Allen: YouTube operates a three strikes and you are out policy. Content creators are told that if they violate community standards three times, their channel and all its content will be deleted. Two weeks ago The Richie Allen Show received a strike. Incredibly, I was informed that I had violated the bullying and harassment guidelines. The video in question was of an interview I conducted with Wolfgang Halbig over two years ago about The Sandy Hook school shooting. There was nothing harassing about it, there was certainly no bullying. I repeatedly challenged Wolfgang in the interview and pressed him for evidence to support his theory. Nevertheless that was strike one. YouTube said that as punishment, I couldn't live stream for three months. I don't live stream anyway. But of course I was worried. I had been warned repeatedly, by commercial presenters and producers and former colleagues of mine, that the show would be targeted.