1 Mar 2018

Shabbatai Zvi : A False Jewish Messiah And The Founder Of The Donmeh Sect

Dr Jaafar Hadi Hassan: Shabbatai Zvi is the most famous false messiah in modern Jewish history.  He was born in 1626 in Smyrna (modern Izmir) in Turkey and was one of three brothers.  He was described as handsome and clever.  His father, who was a merchant, wanted him to become a rabbi and when he was old enough he began to study religion with some rabbis in his home town.  While he was studying the normal prescribed books, he was also attracted to the Kabbalah (Jewish esoteric knowledge).  He delved into this subject until he became well versed in it.  When he was about twenty years old he graduated as a rabbi, after which he began to teach some students who subsequently became his disciples and admirers.  Shabbatai would tell them sometimes about his sadness and anger over the Chmielniky massacre against the Jews in the Ukraine which had happened in 1648 and would also tell them about his determination to revenge it.
After a while Shabbatai began to hint to his disciples that he might be the saviour of the Jews and their redeemer (Shabbatai was born on 9th of Ab, in the Jewish calendar which was the same day on which the Jewish messiah was supposed to be born).  Later he began to tell them secretly that he would be the Jewish messiah and would save the Jews.

Ahmad Nasser Jarrar + Jewish State Israel Uses Attack Dogs And Strip Searches Women To Terrorize Palestinians

If Americans Knew:
 Another Palestinian death the media ignored, this one an extrajudicial execution. Please share this 3-minute video so Ahmad's death won't be forgotten.

Epic Putin: If Attacked, Russia Will Respond With New "Unstoppable" Nukes

"You didn’t listen to our country then,
...Listen to us now."
By Tyler Durden: A day after his foreign minister accused the US of violating the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, Russian President Vladimir Putin shocked his audience during his annual state of the union address to his country's political elite by claiming Russia had developed new nuclear weapons that cannot be shot down by US anti-ballistic missile defenses, according to the Sun.
The missiles, Putin said, are capable of striking almost any point on Earth.
Russia is testing the new line of strategic, nuclear-capable weapons, the president said, as he showed video and animation of Russian ICBMs, cruise missiles and other weapons that he said have been developed by Russia as a result of the US pulling out of the 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty, the Guardian reported.
In what sounded like an implicit threat, Putin said Russia has repeatedly warned Washington not to go ahead with anti-missile systems that Moscow fears could erode its nuclear deterrent. However "nobody listened to us. Listen now," he said, to a loud ovation from the crowd of legislators, officials and dignitaries.

Men Are Refusing To Hire Women After #MeToo Witch Hunt

"I know men who say
they won't hire women now."

Why Is Google/YouTube Taking Down These Videos And Threatening The Sites That Post Them?

'I am again witnessing the shutdown of
honest inquiry.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: Scroll down this URL to the last video of the blond female student at Parkland, Alexa Miednik. She says she walked out of the building with the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, while shots were still occuring in other parts of the building. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-25/infowars-receives-youtube-termination-warning-over-crisis-actor-video
This Parkland teacher, Stacy Lippel, describes the shooter as police in full armor. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-26/questions-emerge-over-florida-shooters-full-metal-garb Notice that Lippel also says the shooting was occuring after the fire alarm went off. Isn’t the official story that Cruz pulled the fire alarm after his rampage was over so that he could escape by walking out with the other students?
How did Cruz get rid of his full armor in time to walk out of the building with Alexa Miednik?
Why is David Hogg, the suspected crisis actor, the witness of choice of the presstitutes and not Alexa Miednik and Stacy Lippel? Hogg can’t seem to remember his lines: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-25/infowars-receives-youtube-termination-warning-over-crisis-actor-video
Who do we believe, the eyewitness students and teachers, or the authorities and presstitutes, who never tell the truth.

Western Racism And Hypocrisy Foaming At The Mouth Over China’s Constitutional Changes

'Whatever most Western countries had in the way of constitutions, bills of rights, etc., they are now reduced to hollow straw men.'
By Jeff J. Brown: Above, entitled Be Just – Even to John Chinaman, this is one of thousands of racist political cartoons against the Chinese in the United States, especially with the passage of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. It legalized the extermination of tens of thousands of Chinese, who were hunted down like dogs, shot, hung and scalped for state bounty

“Men's Rights Movement v Feminism - It’s About Adulthood”

"The thing I hate most about feminism is that it's childish. It's a movement based on the absolutely ludicrous idea that women are born into oppression, that their victim hood is fixed and congenital and by its very nature feminism requires women to eschew adulthood in order to belong. ...It gives you a bogeyman, or should I say bogeymen to blame for your failings." Said Paul Elam.

Jewish Apartheid State Arrests Child With One-Third Of His Skull Missing Thanks To Its Death Forces Then Lies About It

If Americans Knew: Jewish Israeli Death Forces abducted a boy they had shot in the face in December and who requires still more surgery. While they had the injured and traumatized boy in their custody, Israeli Death Forces then coerced him into agreeing that he had simply “fallen off his bike.” Analysts throughout the world, including inside the Jewish state Israel, have written about Israel’s grotesque behavior and absurd claims. Below are three articles that give the details, two from the Electronic Intifada and one from the Washington Post.
Israel arrests child with one-third of his skull missing
By Ali Abunimah: Israeli occupation forces raided the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh in the predawn hours of Monday in the latest episode of Israel’s premeditated revenge campaign against the Tamimi family.
They detained Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, the 15-year-old boy shot in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet at close range and seriously injured by Israeli forces in December. Bassem Tamimi, the father of detained teenager Ahed Tamimi, wrote on Facebook Monday morning that a large force of Israeli soldiers armed with weaponized bulldozers and skunk water raided homes in the village during the night and detained 10 people.

What’s Going Down In China Is Very Dangerous

By Michael Krieger: I’m sure all of you are aware of the dramatic power play pulled off over the weekend by China’s Communist Party to eliminate term limits for both the president and vice president. Prior to the move, Chinese leaders have stuck to two five-year terms since the presidency of Jiang Zemin (1993-2003), but that’s about to change as wannabe emperor Xi Jinping positions himself as indefinite ruler of the increasingly totalitarian superstate.
While the weekend announcement was illuminating enough, I found the panicked reactions by Chinese authorities in the immediate aftermath far more telling. The country’s propagandists took censorship to such an embarrassing level in attempts to portray the decision as widely popular amongst the masses, it merely served to betray that opposite might be true.
China Digital Times compiled a fascinating list of words and terms banned from being posted or searched on Weibo. Here’s just a sample of some I found particularly interesting.