3 Mar 2018

Salt Porn

DoctorRandomercam: These always look impossible at first. By the end, I can't believe how easy it was. Sometimes you beat the same drum because that drum has a millions skins.

How Long Can Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu Survive?

Gilad Atzmon: In this week's The Sun Will Rise, Roshan Muhammed Salih, Jafar Hassan and myself looked into Benjamin 'The Baby Butcher Of Gaza' Netanyahu's political fate and the criminality within Israeli political elite.  Very interesting discussion (starting at 3min 29sec). I was very happy to meet Mr. Hassan. I am getting familiar with his work.

Will Russia’s Stunning Response To US Aggression Have Any Effect On The DC Madhouse?

By : Back in 2007, Vladimir Putin made what was probably the most important international speech of the 21st Century so far at the 43rd Munich Security Conference. His main theme was that attempts to create a unipolar world with one country dominating and policing the globe were not only morally wrong, but also doomed to failure:

“However, what is a unipolar world? However one might embellish this term, at the end of the day it refers to one type of situation, namely one centre of authority, one centre of force, one centre of decision-making. It is a world in which there is one master, one sovereign. And at the end of the day this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within.”
In the Q&A session after the speech, he warned that the decision of the United States to pull out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty in 2002, which had been the fundamental basis for international security for 30 years, and their subsequent attempts to create a global missile defence shield, was not only a threat to Russia, which would inevitably have to respond, but by implication to the whole world:

Gynocentrism: Wife Murdered Husband Bludgeoning Him Over 20 Times With Hammer Wins Right Challenge Conviction

By Mike Buchanan: In today’s Times, a piece by Fiona Hamilton, Crime Editor:

A woman who bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer won the right to challenge her conviction yesterday in a “coercive control” case.
Georgina Challen, known as Sally, had been trying to settle her relationship with her estranged husband, Richard, 61, when she hit him more than 20 times with a hammer in August 2010.
The following year she was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years for murder after a jury at Guildford crown court rejected her defence of diminished responsibility.

Wall St. Scams The Same, Just Repackaged + Fake Deflation

Max and Stacy discuss JP Morgan stacking silver in response to Max Keiser and also about the whistleblower claiming the VIX index is manipulated. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com about manipulation of the volatility index and the collapse of some of its associated derivative products.

Toxic Masculinity: The Feminist Feedback Loop

"Let's say you got a little puppy..."




The Burden Of Being Male

karen straughan: What does it mean to be a man? Not what it once did. The burdens and demands placed on men remain the same as they always were: Be a provider. Be a protector. Be competent. Be a leader. Be useful and self-sufficient. Be of service. Do that, and you used to be considered a good man. But these days, when men do not comply with these expectations, they’re vilified as man-babies, deadbeats and losers. And when they do comply, they’re castigated as chauvinists, troglodytes and tyrants. How are men supposed to construct a positive self-identity when they can’t win for losing?