31 Mar 2018

Cathy Newman's Journalistic Career Likely Over: "That Was Her Mistake Fundamentally"

"Really, this is where we're at?"

Is This The BBC Or An Israeli Hasbara [Propaganda] Unit?

In 1948, when he was working at the BBC, George Orwell identified the British inclination toward authoritarianism. And in his masterpiece 1984,  Orwell had Immanuel Goldstein lead the controlled opposition. This was written almost seven decades before Jewish Voice for Labour and Momentum were formed to define the boundaries of 'freedom of speech on Israel' and dissent in general...
Gilad Atzmon: There’s not a lot left of the BBC's 'impartiality.' In fact, this type of discussion is what one would expect from USSR state TV in the 1970s.
But we shouldn’t be surprised.

Are Universities About Truth Or The Protection Of Approved Ideas?

StudioBrule: Most respectable academics today if asked the question of my title would say that of course the university is about the pursuit of truth and that there are no approved ideologies—that this is a paranoid right-wing fantasy. But if pressed on the matter of free speech, they would say that the university is a community based on the values of inclusion and diversity, and that one must balance freedom of expression with maintaining an environment where students can learn without discrimination and harassment. It sounds okay—but it means that considerations other than truth are now paramount at the university and in society at large.

Little Toddler Arrested By Zio-Jews For Being Palestinian

Jewish Israeli death forces [IDF] detained a Palestinian toddler in the city of Hebron in the West Bank. Footage shows the soldiers as they hold the crying toddler with the boy's father desperately attempting to get his son back. Reportedly, border Jewish death squads claim that the three-year-old was going to attack them, which they deemed to be provocation.

Red Pill Comedy: Don't Pay For Dates

Murder In Gaza

Watch Israeli occupation forces shoot and kill unarmed Palestinian protesters.

The Employers Guide To The Men’s Rights Movement

By : A few months ago I was in Los Angeles meeting with a partner and he was telling me how the day before they had undergone sexual harassment training. He mentioned that it made the men uncomfortable, and I asked why. He explained that it was because only men commit rape.
I found that interesting, not only because it is not actually true, but because if the falsely accused group were not men, I doubt the demographics of the perpetrator would have even been mentioned.
According to the US Center for Disease Control, the crime of Made to Penetrate (the rape of a male by a female) is reported as often as rape, and that doesn’t even include men raped by gay men.
Now, had the person giving the presentation been talking about another crime, say murder, would it be acceptable to say that people with black skin commit more murder than people with white skin? I would hope not, and if it did, I would walk out of the room, and hope that everybody else followed me.
So why is it unacceptable to mention true statistics about race and murder, and acceptable to mention false statistics about rape and gender? Well, probably because most men just don’t know the real statistics.
But what if they did? How would the other people in the room respond to the initial objection?

FOSTA Has Passed - What's In Store For The Internet?

Raging Golden Eagle: While everyone was distracted by the UK going full fascist, the US decided to take another shot at dismantling the internet, and using the victims of sex trafficking as their pawns to do so.

King Herod And The True Meaning Of Christmas

'Christmas was more than a celebration; it was
God’s trumpet, announcing to Herod the beginning of the end. It was a banner of war, unfurled to declare
that a divine revolution had begun.'
Having observed the annual round of Christmas festivities in my culture for all of my sixty-three odd years, I have come to the conclusion that my culture knows absolutely nothing about the true meaning of Christmas. And this is not just because they have completely forgotten about Christ apart from the two times of the year when they publish articles in their newspapers and magazines waging war against Him (i.e. debunking the Christian Faith in the Christmas and Easter editions), so that all would be well if we could but “keep Christ in Christmas”. The rot goes deeper than mere forgetfulness and secular commercialism, and we need more than dear old Linus reading the relevant lines from St. Luke’s Gospel to know “what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown”.   We are misled not so much by the crass cold commercialism, but by the warm-hearted sentimentalism. We see with dewy eyes pictures of a beautiful young mother, and a beautiful new-born baby, and sweet shepherd boys (sometimes oddly outfitted with a drum) and lambs and sheep, and of philosopher kings kneeling, offering gifts to the Child with all the solemnity of humbled power, and we conclude that Christmas is a celebration.