1 Apr 2018

In Celibate Hell: Resentful Dis Threatens Civil War & Abducts Girl

With the rise of smartphone-based intimate solicitation, many societies are experiencing dramatically increasing sexual inequality. The biggest losers are ordinary men. They receive almost no solicitations and nearly an unbounded number of rejections. As Claudian’s fourth-century epic The Abduction of Proserpina {De raptu Proserpinae} makes clear, societies that fail to provide ordinary men with adequate sexual welfare are heading toward horrible violence.
Living in Hell, Dis deeply resented disrespect for his sexuality. He was experiencing involuntary celibacy. Like many ignorant men, he idealized marriage and yearned to be married. The more he thought about his godly sexual potential, the angrier he became:

{Dis} blazed forth into swelling anger,
intending to stir up war against the gods above because he alone
was unmarried and had long been wasting away barren years,
unable to bear his ignorance of the marriage-bed and knowing not a bridegroom’s
allurements nor the sweet name of father.

The Week That Was + “Grossly Offensive" Count Dankula Verdict

TheBritisher: A special 'The Week that was' edition regarding the Count Dankula verdict in the context of the wider free speech issue.

Videos From Gaza Show Jews Shooting Unarmed Women, Boys Running Away And Men Praying, Why?

Gaza fact sheet to disseminate about
why Palestinians are marching
IAK: Below are two flyers for people to print out and distribute at vigils, demonstrations, and other events. (A section has been left blank in the first one so that individuals can add the name of their group, an email address, additional information, or their own statement if they wish.) 
Since U.S. and UK lame stream media coverage of Gaza is sparse and/or flawed, we feel it is important to provide people with essential facts. 
Below is the text of the flyer with clickable citations, and below that is the flyer to download and print out.
Why are the Palestinians of Gaza Marching?
In that year, 75% of all Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland and forced into exile. The UN declared in 1948 that “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date” (UNGA Resolution 194).

Palestinians To Lead Their Own liberation

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: At last Palestinians are taking care of their fate and their Right of Return.  Israeli leadership  and the IDF are clearly confused by the March of Return. It is  possible that the paralysis inflicted on Palestinian liberation by Jewish solidarity groups may come to an end.
I briefly spoke with  Alimuddin Usmani, www.lapravda.ch   in Prague (31.3.2018)

"Blockchain Democracy" Jason Liosatos Interviews Gerald Celente

Jason Liosatos talks with Gerald Celente about Russia phobia, the provocations and accusations towards Putin, and the serious doubts about the sanity and stability of UK Government with Theresa May and Boris Johnson. We also talk about the markets, money, of hope and a better world and system for humanity.

Should Men's Sheds be Male Only?

Independent Man: Some Men's sheds have opened their doors to Women. Should Men's sheds be male only?

Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats To Suppress 'Novichok' Discussions

By Moon of Alabama: While the last act of the 'Novichok' drama, the seasonally appropriate resurrection of the Skripals, proceeds, some additional details of the history of 'Novichok' nerve agents come to light.
Details on 'Novichok' nerve agents were published in a 2007 book by Vil Mirzayanaov, a Soviet scientist offered asylum in the United States.
After the publication the U.S. and the UK actively suppressed international discussions about the book and the 'Novichok' chemical weapon agents. Documents from the U.S. State Department published by Wikileaks show that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directed her diplomats to not talk about Novichok and to play down the matter should it arise in chemical weapon control talks.
The so called 'Novichok' group of nerve agents were developed in the 1970s and 80s by Pyotr Kirpichev and Vladimir Uglev under a Soviet program codenamed 'Foilant'.

Battle For Paradise In Puerto Rico + Spiking Dept

Max and Stacy discuss the battle for paradise and tax dollars in Puerto Rico as Naomi Klein takes on the crypto billionaires moving to the U.S. territory. In the second half, Max interviews cryptocurrency lawyer, Adella Toulon-Foerster, about the latest in SEC and FinCen statements and actions regarding cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. They also discuss the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank blockchain experiment and what it could mean for the region.

MASSACRE IN GAZA - Caution: Highly Disturbing Footage Of Jewish Atrocities

IAK: Over 17 dead and 1,400 wounded Take action now and tell your Congressperson or MP to stop Israel from shooting unarmed protesters.