5 Apr 2018

Feminism's War On Boys In The Education System

Ewan Jones talks to William Collins about his work focusing on the impact of feminism on the education system. William asserts that women are dominating the teaching posts in primary, secondary and higher education. They are using teaching methods that work with girls but not with boys. They are also marking boys down for failing to behave like girls. The upshot of this that there are far more females going to university than males. And yet the feminists are still unhappy there are more males than females in a small and ever dwindling number of subjects.

Russian News Show Airs April 5 Call With Julia Skripal - She And Dad Are Fine!

By : The hosts said they couldn't verify the authenticity of the call, but this is 1 of the 2 most authoritative news shows in the country, and they seem to be taking it quite seriously.
The show is called "60 Minutes", hosted by Evgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva.
Vika is Julia's cousin who lives in Russia. She was a guest on the show last night, and this morning she gets the call, and shortly after, Julia releases a statement from the hospital saying she is OK.
Here is a BBC write up of the conversation.
Viktoria: Hello?
Alleged Yulia: Hello. Do you hear me?
Viktoria: Yes, I hear you.
Alleged Yulia: It is Yulia Skripal.

Getting What You Wished For

'An image of individual women as weak – serves the interests of the Greater Power – the power of the Identity Group. This is why they get so very cross with you if you refuse to be assimilated into the Borg'
By MRA-UK: The pseudo-progressive-feminists are making propaganda hay while the sun shines on their gender pay gap narrative. Companies with more than 250 staff are now obliged to make a gender-based pay return, a exercise in public confession which the feminist lobby within government (i.e., all of it) forced through.
Stella Creasy, MP (#PayMeToo)
I’m getting a little irked. And not only by the great unwashed who believe the pay gap nonsense. There are too many who recognise that the pay gap narrative is nonsense but fail to progress further in their analysis of the politics. Let me spell it out.
There are broadly three groups of people,

  1. Those who know the pay gap narrative is propaganda;
  2. Those who promulgate the pay gap narrative;
  3. Those who are being conned by the pay gap narrative.
Group 1 comprises both men and women, but mostly men.

Global Monetary Power

Max and Stacy discuss the launch of China’s yuan-denominated oil futures and what it means, if anything, for the future of the US dollar. In the second half, Max interviews David Morgan of TheMorganReport.com about his latest silver market analysis. As the gold/silver ratio hits a record high, is silver finally set to soar?

The Insane Socialised State We’re In

By Laura Perrins: Recently it has been brought it home to me how much of a socialised State the UK is. It was only about 150 years ago that any payment to a private individual to cover a private expense would be viewed – rightly – as socialist. Not only that, it was seen as immoral.
The pooled resources of the State were to run things for the benefit of the people (whose resources were being spent) on very basic services that could only be communally provided. However, to use public funds for private benefit, for a purpose that did not benefit the public at large, especially as those public funds were collected through the coercive power of the State, was not only socialism plain and simple, but grossly immoral.
Between the State and the individual was civil society, the little platoons, the collectives, the associations and the many church institutions that provided what they believed was in the common good, education and health being the most obvious.
But we are a long, long way from this now.
Really, the UK State is so socialised it is difficult to see it – but if people such as Adam Smith and John Stewart Mill looked at what we have now I don’t think they could even compute it. They would just blink in complete and utter disbelief at the current state of play.
The NHS and education are obvious examples of our socialised State, but the transfer payments (such as tax credits) alone are incredible.

When Even The Left Mock The ‘Gender Pay Gap’, It’s Time For The FT And Maria Miller To See Sense

By Kathy Gyngell: For the BBC last Friday proved a distinctly good one. The Corp was able to report more ‘proof’ of the evil patriarchal gender pay gap. The government’s year-long mandatory reporting exercise into gender pay differentials had found, surprise, surprise, that more than three out of four UK companies pay their male staff more than their female staff. It was top of the news.
Then there was the authoritarian conclusion drawn by the influential but distinctly illiberal Financial Times from this bogus exercise. The BBC Today programme’s early morning newspaper review led with it: The exercise must spur genuine, long-term efforts to reduce disparities, not just a superficial improvement in the statistics. The FT editor’s homily was a direct call for State intervention and enforcement as the pay gap cannot be closed without  ‘corporate policies and statutory underpinning to allow and actively encourage more equal sharing of family responsibilities’.
If the FT has its way fathers who want or plan to be their family’s main breadwinner can forget it. This is what it boils down to. As to mothers who want to be mothers, too bad. Fathers who want to work will have no choice but to take on 50 per cent of childcare duties regardless of what they or the mothers of their children want, let alone of what their babies and children might need. Their work patterns will have to mirror their wives’ or partners’. To iron out the gender pay gap their priorities and their practice will have to be the same. This will be the terms of their employment contract.

Jeremy Jesus-Christ Corbyn

'My advice to the nagging Zionist lobby. If you decide to destroy a Jesus type figure for attending a Passover dinner, don’t be surprised if he is resurrected by the following Sunday.'
By Gilad Atzmon: Yesterday we learned that Jeremy Corbyn has yet again upset ‘the Jews,’ and by 'the Jews' I mean a few loud obnoxious voices who claim to ‘represent the Jews.’  Since he is a well meaning guy, Corbyn accepted an invitation to celebrate the Jewish Passover dinner with Jewdas, who are apparently the ‘wrong’ Jews according to the Zionist lobby.
The Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) and Campaign against Antismitsm are beside themselves. During a phone - in to LBC Radio BOD’s president Jonathan Arkush stated that Jeremy Corbyn has “reached the tipping point.” The BOD had made it clear to Corbyn that he should stop giving any credence to Jewish “ultra-fringe” groups.
One would expect the BOD that claims to ‘represent British Jewry’ would also represent Jewdas and maybe even some other independent Jewish voices. I guess we can deduce from this that rival Jews cannot tolerate each other, based not on having no points of agreement, but on the way in which they put each other down.

Steve Keen: Banksters Create Debt By Loaning Money They Don't Have...

...In Order To Take Our Real Assets!

Jews Are Very Smart!

"Growing up Jewish was like living in an incubator in order to maintain the hiiigh temperature of this popular perception, for instance if I ever said something stupid I was pounced on by other Jews as having a 'Goyishe kop', that is thinking like a Goy."
Said Ex-Jew Nathanael.

America's 'War Of Terror' Has Cost $5.6 TRILLION! With A 'T' And Counting...

By : When it comes to America’s wars, more than 16 years later our generals are victorious. Not, of course, in the distant lands where those conflicts grind on unendingly, but in the one place that matters: Washington, D.C.
Could there be a more striking sign of that than the elevation of three of those generals to key positions in the Trump administration?
If any of them are going down any time soon, the wars this country has been conducting abroad won’t be responsible, though one retired commander, John Kelly, now White House chief of staff, was wounded only last week fighting a rearguard action against the #MeToo movement.