11 Apr 2018

Truth About Israel, MLK Murder Facts Revealed, Cops Lying


Curl Up & Dye

Gary Orsum: Women who are trying to use Australia's Sex Discrimination Act to shakedown men's livelihoods.

War In Syria: This Could Be The End

Stefan Molyneux: Trump considers military action against an unconfirmed "chemical attack" in Syria. WMDs being used as an excuse for war in the Middle East? How many times must this false lesson be learned?

Cancer Research UK Believes Men’s Lives Are Less Than Half As Valuable As Women’s

Reading previous comments online about the issue, there are many people who blame men for not setting up prostate cancer research charities/initiatives, the implication being that women raise all breast cancer research funds themselves. Such attitudes therefore suggest that supposedly neutral organisation such as Cancer Research UK spend monies fairly and aren’t part of the cause of the gender discrimination, or perhaps they’d see the unfairness in the lack of prostate cancer funding and take up at least some of the slack themselves.
This couldn’t be further from the truth, and CRUK is in fact a deeply sexist organisation and given its vast size and dominance that results in huge inequalities for men.

Bolton Whispers War In Trump's Ears

"The real crisis we face is fighting wars for Israel!"
Said Ex Jew Nathanael.

The Feminist Theory Of Tragedy

Degeneracy And Fundamentalism Of Western Media Control

By Andre Vltchek: There is nothing sadder and more pathetic, than a notorious liar shouting, spitting saliva, insulting normal people left and right, while terrorizing those who are telling the truth.

Lately, the West has gone clearly berserk. The more it is scared of losing control over the brains of billions of people in all corners of the world, the more aggressively it is screaming, kicking and making a fool of itself.
It doesn’t even hide its intentions, anymore. The intentions are clear: to destroy all of its opponents, be they in Russia, China, Iran or in any other patriotic and independent-minded state. To silence all the media outlets that are speaking the truth; not the truth as it is defined in London, Washington, Paris or Berlin, but the truth as it is perceived in Moscow, Beijing, Caracas or Teheran; the truth that simply serves the people, not the fake, pseudo-truth fabricated in order to uphold the supremacy of the Western Empire.
Huge funds are now being allocated for the mortal propaganda onslaught, originating predominantly in both London and Washington. Millions of pounds and dollars have been allocated and spent, officially and openly, in order to ‘counter’ the voices of Russian, Chinese, Arab, Iranian and Latin American people; voices that are finally reaching ‘the Others’ – the desolate inhabitants of the ‘global south’, the dwellers of the colonies and neo-colonies; the modern-day slaves living in the ‘client’ states.

We Are In The Last Days Before All Hell Breaks Loose

Last days of Pompey?  I was just there last week and I saw the future, not the past. To anyone watching the UN Security Council “debate” last night it is crystal clear we are in the last days before all hell breaks out. So, here we are at Judgment Day, and there surely will not be one soul out on Pennsylvania Avenue to raise an anti-war placard. The tattered remains of the American peace movement is rotten to the core. - Gilbert Doctorow
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Gilbert Doctorow, a knowledgeable and cautious observer of Russia, who, unlike the US National Security Council, Western think thanks and universities, actually understands Russia, appears to have joined The Saker and me in our pessimistic evaluation of the likely outcome of Washington’s insane treatment of Russia, loading false accusation after false accusation on the Russian government.
Here is Doctorow’s assessment:
What follows here will surely surprise my loyal readers, who expect detailed argumentation and are not put off by 3,000 or even 5,000 words to get to a conclusion. For the same reason, detractors who complain of my long-winded style may take heart.
However that may be, I do not offer a bed-time story today but a shock to the system.
The overriding issue of war or peace, survival of mankind or its utter destruction, is now being decided in Washington and NYC without so much as a ‘by your leave’ for the rest of us.

Daughter Of Circumcising Doctor Exposes Crimes Against Baby Boys

Michelle's story is a microcosm of the "circumcision" issue.

Surveillance Capitalism

Max and Stacy discuss surveillance capitalism, cyberbullying and data brokers. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Valentina Lisitsa, an international star of classical music and the most viewed classical musician on the YouTube platform. They discuss how social media platforms once enabled, without censorship, the rise of self-made stars like herself.