20 Apr 2018

Syrian Boy In White Helmets FAKE Chemical Attack Video Reveals The Truth

Gilad Atzmon: The Russia 24 TV channel released an exclusive interview on April 18 with a boy, who participated in filming White Helmet  fake video, as evidence of the false-flag chemical attack in Douma. In the interview, Hassan Diab says that he and his mother heard loud voices on the street, urging everyone to rush to the hospitals. When Hassan entered the hospital, unknown people grabbed him, poured water on him and then put him with other patients.
How many Zio-Neo-Con-Artist immoral interventionist wars are going to be launched before the penny drops?

The Campaign To Exterminate Muslims

'The global elites have a plan for the future.
It is visible in the killing fields of Gaza.'
By Chris Hedges: The Israeli army’s wanton slaughter of unarmed Palestinians trapped behind the security barriers in Gaza evokes little outrage and condemnation within the United States because we have been indoctrinated into dehumanizing Muslims. Islam is condemned as barbaric and equated with terrorism. The resistance struggle against foreign occupation, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or Gaza, sees Muslims demonized as the enemy. Muslims are branded as irrational and inclined to violence and terrorism by their religious beliefs. We attack them not for what they do but because we see them as being different from us. We must eradicate them to save ourselves. And thus we perpetuate the very hatred and counterviolence, or terrorism, that we fear.
Muslims in this age of racialized authoritarianism have been stripped of due process in our courts and are subject—as Abid Naseer and Haroon Aswat were in Britain before being extradited to the United States—to pretrial incarceration for years. They endure police brutality and secret trials, are convicted on secret evidence they cannot see and suffer long-term detention in solitary confinement, often in clandestine prisons known as black sites. They are kidnapped anywhere in the world and taken, hooded, drugged and shackled, to the secret sites.
They are tortured through savage methods such as beatings, “walling,” sexual humiliation, close confinement, prolonged isolation, water dousing, electric shocks, waterboarding and so-called rectal rehydration.

The Jewish State Israel - Seven Decades Of Plunder

By Gilad Atzmon: “I am perhaps the luckiest Jew who ever lived,” bragged Shmuel Rosner in the New York Times. This week Israel celebrated its 70th birthday.  We witnessed a disturbing display of tribal hubris. I would like to believe that those who are even vaguely familiar with Jewish history know that this level of self-love has been a recipe for disaster. 
“I am the Jew who gets to see Jewish ingenuity unapologetically celebrated,”  Rosner wrote. And he is certainly right.  The display of IDF soldiers shooting Palestinian protestors is certainly a unique celebration of 'ingenuity'. Rosner feels 'lucky' to see “Jewish material success flourish.” I accept that material wealth is important but wouldn’t it be a bit more clever for Rosner to conceal his affinity for mammon?
“I am the Jew who after 2,000 years gets to witness Jewish political independence.” I am sorry to remind Rosner that this sense of ‘independence’ costs the American taxpayers six million dollars a day.
Rosner informs us that “in survey after survey, more Israelis choose ‘Jewish’ over ‘Israeli’ as their main identity. And by this they do not refer to a religion (Judaism) but to a nation (the Jewish people).” Rosner is correct in noting that Israel has become increasingly Jewish. Zionism promised to make the Jews people like all other people. It promised to make Israel into a ‘home’ for the Jews. But Israel is not a home. It is a Jewish ghetto surrounded by walls and its politics are driven by hatred, xenophobia and Pre-Traumatic Stress. Israel is a reincarnation of the European shtetle.

Goldman Sachs Caught Saying Curing Disease Is Bad For Business

"We're beginning to see more and more how disgusting a profit above all else economy really is."

Rod Tells Laurie Penny What He Thinks Of Feminism

Ewan Jones: Rod (Antifemnasty) is giving a speech at Speakers' Corner about the hypocrisy of feminism. Guardian columnist Laurie Penny stops by. Rod proceeds to tell her what he thinks of her and of modern day feminism.

Aussie Uni Star Chambers

Bettina Arndt talks to a PhD student at Adelaide University who was investigated by a university committee after being accused of sexual assault.

The Road To 2025 Part 3 - USD Dominated Financial System Will Fall Apart

It’s our currency, but it’s your problem.
– U.S. Treasury Secretary John Connelly to European Finance Ministers, 1971
By Michael Krieger: Today’s post will cover a topic that consumed my thoughts for many years, but one I haven’t discussed much lately. Namely, the terminal nature of a global financial system being propped up artificially by central bank shenanigans.
First, it’s crucial to understand that at the very core of our global economy is a financial system dominated by the U.S. dollar. The USD is a fiat currency directly backed by nothing, the supply of which can be arbitrarily altered and manipulated by a group of unelected bureaucrats in charge of the Federal Reserve. This money system represents the most powerful tool of centralized power on planet earth.
The USD is unique in that it grants the U.S. the “exorbitant privilege” of having a national currency which at the same time serves as the global reserve currency. This was solidified toward the end of World War 2 with the Bretton Woods agreement, and was accepted because the U.S. agreed to offer sovereign nations holding dollars a right to exchange these dollars for gold at a fixed price. This fell apart in 1971, but was shortly replaced with an unofficial “petrodollar” system, which allowed the USD to remain the world reserve currency despite no longer being redeemable in gold.
Before moving on, I want to share a few excerpts from an article I read yesterday titled, The De-Dollarization in China:

Register-her.net: It’s Here. #MeToo #MenToo

The Case For “Men’s Rights Movement” MRM > “Gender Equality Movement” GEM And In Turn “Men’s Rights Activist” MRA > “Gender Equality Activist” GEA

'By definition, gynocentric societies don’t care about men’s rights, they regard men as disposable,
as slaves to women, children, and the state.'
By : In recent times we’ve been giving some consideration to how we might more effectively present our arguments to the public and the media, and the results may have implications for the broader Men’s Rights Movement (MRM).
Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) have always had a presentational problem. By definition, gynocentric societies don’t care about men’s rights, they regard men as disposable, as slaves to women, children, and the state (although men’s income taxes largely fund the state). So it’s always been an uphill battle to get public interest in men’s rights, although much progress has been made, particularly in recent years.
So what alternatives might there be to “men’s rights movement” as a term, which could get better traction in the media, and with the general public? I’ve been persuaded that the term “gender equality movement” is the way forward, at least at this stage. Because of course if real gender equality – as opposed to feminist “gender equality”, which is invariably about extending female privilege over males – were to be enacted, either women (and girls) would need to lose privileges, and/or men (and boys) gain more rights.

Feminists Boycott Starbucks

Julie Borowski: Ugh, you will never believe what happened to me at Starbucks today #BoycottStarbucks. I don't want your water or cookies.