21 Apr 2018

Documentary: Who Are Men's Rights Activists?

CLN: A film examining people involved in campaigns for the promotion of men's rights issues, arguments against modern day feminism, the issues activists face getting problems heard about and what can be done. In making this video I sought to examine what sought of person becomes involved in men's rights, as well as how they compare against the common media perception.

Russian Ambassador To The UK Has "Dozens Of Proofs" Of "Staged" GAS Pretext For Zio-F.U.K.U.S. Attack On Syria

"We have dozens of proofs to show that everything that was done in Duma was staged."
The situation in Syria after the false flag F.U.K.U.S. attack, cyber security, and the Skripal poisoning case.

MGM Male Genital Mutilation: Boys Must Be Saved From This Barbarity Says Dr Max Pemberton

'I have seen many men who are having relationship difficulties as a result of sexual problems caused by it.'
By : Dr Max Pemberton has a column in the Saturday edition of the Daily Mail, and he’s criticised MGM before. Another piece appears in today’s edition. The text in full below. While it’s welcome, you’ll be able to spot the flaws in some of his points:

There is no doubt that female genital mutilation (FGM) is a barbaric practice and has no place in our society.
It’s gone from something that was hidden within communities and condoned, to something that everyone has heard about and we loudly condemn.
One of the smart things that campaigners did was to change the terminology used to describe the practice from ‘female circumcision’ to FGM. Female circumcision sounded too medical and didn’t properly capture the horror of what was happening.
I have long questioned why we don’t talk about ‘male genital mutilation’ when it comes to male circumcision.

"Painkillers Turned Me Gay!"

Regards, Bearing.

A Response To A Recent Announcement By Mike Buchanan

By : Mike Buchanan recently made a blog post that he will now be publicly presenting himself as a Gender Equality Activist (GEA). Mike stated:
Speaking personally, I’m happy to be described as a MRA or a GEA, and for the great movement in which I’ve worked full-time for many years to be described as the MRM or GEM. But henceforth I plan to generally publicly present myself as a GEA, and our movement as the GEM. I invite other MRAs to join me.
I respect Mike and I respect his decision but I don’t agree with it. Others have dropped or de-prioritised the term Men’s Rights. I think this is a mistake.
I will continue to be calling myself an MRA and encourage others to do the same for the following reasons:
  • There is no way to compel MRAs to switch. No matter what you do some will never abandon the term Men’s Rights. As a result any attempt at rebranding will result in a split community. Within six months the new term will be demonised as much as Men’s Rights but now you’ll be left with the split community.
  • If you advocate for men and boys you will be called an MRA regardless of what you call yourself.

I'm The '#RussianBot' The Government And Media Warned You About

SyrianGirl: The Guardian, Sky news etc. recently accused me of being a Russian bot, this is my reply.

F.U.K.U.S. Bombing Hides Reality, MSNBC Lies & More

"All the things us bombing Syria covered up this week. Sometimes a good bombing serves as a great distraction from whatever the ruling elite don't want you to know about."


Gary Orsum: Equality means that you're like everyone else ..... not special.

Putin Addressing Faux GAS Attack Using Logic & Facts

"Stop listening to the assholes
on lame stream news media."

"How Do You Take Your Coffee?"

"Don't say black..."