23 Apr 2018

How To Get A 'Russian Bot' Label, 101: Just Cast Doubt On Lame Stream Line On Skripal And Syria!

A number of online activists who'd cast doubt over the West's narrative are being called Kremlin-controlled bots. Two people in particular have been singled out in claims that they're not even real people - but rather automated accounts run by the Russian government. One of them, Australian blogger of Syrian descent Maram Susli joins RT live to speak on the issue.

Feminist Michael Kimmel's Weak Rebuttal To Men's Rights Arguments

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

Everything You Know About The Last Russian Tsar Is Apparently 'A Massive Lie'

Father Andrew Phillips, is a long-serving priest in the ROCOR Orthodox church in Essex, UK.  Biography.  He is a prolific writer, particularly on Russian history and current events, from an Orthodox Christian perspective.
In this January 2013 article, he answers readers’ questions about the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, debunking decades of deliberate, slanderous lies coming from the media, academia, and governments of the UK, Germany, and America, but mostly from the UK.
For another excellent article debunking this anti-Russian propaganda which is so ingrained in the West, see his fascinating article about Rasputin, whom he sees as a hero, also maliciously slandered by Russia's enemies.
Father Andrew Phillips: 
Q: Why are most academics so negative about Tsar Nicholas II?
A: Western academics, like Soviet academics, are negative about him because they are secularists. For example, I recently read the book ‘Crimea’ by the British historian of Russia, Orlando Figes. This is an interesting book on the Crimean War, with many well-researched details and facts, written as senior academics should write.
However, the author starts out from unspoken, purely Western secularist criteria,

Woman Single At 50? Must Be Men's Fault!

Raging Golden Eagle: It's not that you have an insufferable personality and well past the wall, it's clearly because guys are intimidated by your alleged intelligence. Yup, only possible explanation!

The Pointless Burden Of Blue Pill Guilt

Let's "Ax The Pink Tax"

Shoe0nHead: "The pink tax, the wage tax's retarded cousin." Everyone has been @‘ing me telling me about the pink tax commercial that has been plaguing my videos as of late. So I scream about it.

The Jews Continue To Slaughter The Palestinians

"You can see the child, no gun, no threat, no justifiable reason to be murdered. The death toll has risen to 38 with thousands wounded since the start of 'The Great Return March." Said Chris Smiley.

A Marathon Of Bullshit In Boston

Men Are Good!: Paul Elam and Tom Golden discuss the zany feminist Boston Marathon details.

The DPRK Declares Itself A Nuclear Power

Note by the Saker: Please read carefully what this official statement says.  There are two key elements here, first, the DPRK has successfully completed its program of nuclear tests and ballistic missiles test and, second, the DPRK will now act as a responsible nuclear power and never use its nuclear power unless she is attacked.  In plain English this simply means: we made it, you could not stop us, now we are a nuclear power on par with all the rest of them and there is nothing you can do about it.  No doubt, the Hegemony’s propaganda machine will present that as a huge, immense, victory for Trump.  In reality, it is anything but.  Truth be told, I personally doubt that the DPRK has a real nuclear warhead or anything beyond an intermediate-range missile.  But that is neither here nor there because whatever the facts of the matter really are, the fact that they themselves declare that they have real nuclear warheads and ICBMs and that nobody can do anything about it means that they have won.  Besides,  you can’t prove a negative anyway.  So whether these capabilities are real or not, the status of nuclear power claimed by the DPRK will have to be granted to them.  Thus, “Rocket Man” wins!  The Donald lost this one.