24 Apr 2018

The Road To 2025 Pt. 4 - A Very Bright Future If We Demand It

Whenever all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated. – Thomas Jefferson letter to C.Hammond, 1821
By Michael Krieger: The first three parts of this series focused on the obvious reality that imperial America is not just increasingly being seen as a rogue state around the world, but that it’s also become harmful and parasitic to its own people. It’s become abundantly clear that empire is not compatible with Constitutional government.
As power and resources have become increasingly centralized in Washington D.C., the American people have suffered. We’ve suffered from an increasingly rigged economic and financial system, continued security-state encroachment in the form of mass surveillance and a militarization of police, and a war industry which relentlessly funnels more and more wealth toward protecting imperial dominance overseas.
As anyone who’s read the U.S. Constitution knows, this is not the way the union was supposed to function.

Seeds Of Economic Disaster

Max and Stacy discuss the trouble spotted ahead for the global economy . . . but only after 2020, which is bad news for the Democrats. In the second half, Max interviews Arthur Hayes of BitMEX.com, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. They discuss the latest in the crypto markets and the regulatory landscape. Arthur wows with talk of 100 times leverage on bitcoin trades.

#FreeDankula Protest London

"They have now criminalised humour!"
Sargon of Akkad's speech at the #FreeDankula protest held in London on 23rd April 2018. He talks about Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech, the social failure caused by the identity politics movement, and the importance of maintaining our free speech as a way of challenging an increasingly totalitarian British government.

Twitter Censors Reference To Souad Faress’ #FalseRape Accusation

By : Imagine one night you are accosted by strangers, bound, stuffed into the back of a car and driven to a building where you are put in a cage. Your family has to pay ransom to get you back, but not until after your captors have interrogated you, accused you of a reprehensible act, publicly attacked your reputation, and threatened to throw you back in the cage as retribution for your alleged wrongdoing. It’s up to you to prove the allegation wrong, or it’s the cage for you.
No, you have no recourse for the kidnapping and mental torture. No, you can’t get your money back. No, you can’t even get your name fully cleared, and you’re going to have to fight tooth and nail to get it mostly cleared.
And by the way, you’re not allowed to tell anyone who your accuser is, because the nature of what you’re accused of makes that illegal.
Right: Souad Faress, false accuser
That’s the position Mark Pearson found himself in when he was arrested and questioned over a rape complaint made by award-winning Game of Thrones actress Souad Faress. The accusation itself was ridiculous. Pearson passed by Faress in Waterloo Station in London. Afterward, Faress accused him of reaching up under her skirt and into her undergarments, and  penetratively sexually assaulting her for two or three seconds.

Woman STILL Single At 54? Time For An Attitude Shift!

Raging Golden Eagle: Previously, this woman was blaming men being scared of her intelligence for her being single. Now 4.5 years later she has no problem trying to use her looks and toning down her horrible personality! Amazing what a difference 4 years make when you are in your 50s!

Jewish Guilt Is The Discourse Of The Goyim

By Gilad Atzmon: For quite some time the British have accepted that British Jewish organizations have hijacked the political discourse. As has happened in other Western countries, the British political establishment has engaged is a relentless rant against antisemitsm. Sometime the focus drifts for a day or two. An alleged ‘Russian nerve gas attack’ provided a 48 hour pause. Occasionally we bomb Arabs in the name of ‘human intervention’ only to realize a day or two later that we have, once again, followed a premeditated foreign agenda. But, somehow, we always return to the antisemitsm debate, as if our media and politicians are a herd of flies gravitating to a pile of poop.
Last week the BOD/JLC, two Jewish organisations that claim to ‘represent’ British Jews published this painful to watch video.
Judging by the number of viewers, Brits are tired of this nauseating outburst. Brits know very well that when it comes to hate crimes, Jews are not high on the victim list; Jews are far less ‘victimized’ than Blacks, Muslims, Roma, trans-sexuals, gays and many others.

Gemma Rawnsley "I Home Educate 7 Children..."

...They're Thriving & Have Learned To Think For Themselves."
"I always knew the lame stream media was full of it, but I never knew how much, it's mental, they're saying that the kids have tattoos and they're allowed to F and blind, all kinds of rubbish."
Gemma Rawnsley from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, made national headlines when her family were featured in a documentary about parenting. Gemma and husband Lewis home-educate their seven children while trying not to impose strict rules and boundaries on them. Typically the media sensationalised the story, branding the children as feral. But the reality is very different indeed.

Star Wars, Sexism & Social Justice

The Glass Blind Spot: An analysis of Rian Johnson's problematic contribution to the Star Wars cannon, the divided reaction to Lucas Film's embrace of diversity and social justice tropes and a closer examination of the one dimensional, stereotypical, tokenistic and downright terrible female characters in the new saga.