28 Apr 2018

Gaza Summer

We are all Palestinians

The U.S. Militarily Is America’s Worst Enemy

A Most Sordid Profession:
Sanguijuelas, Garrapatas, Piojos, Capulinas, Lampreys
By Fred Reed: A few thoughts on our disastrous  trillion-dollar  military:
It is unnecessary. It does not defend the United States. The last time it did so was in 1945.  The United States has no military enemies. No nation has anything even close to the forces necessary to invade America, and probably none the desire. A fifth of the budget would suffince for any real needs.
“Our boys” are not noble warriors protecting democracy, rescuing maidens, and righting wrongs. They are, like all soldiers, obedient and amoral killers. Pilots bombing Iraq or Syria know they are killing civilians. They do  not care. If ordered to bomb Switzerland, they would do it. This is the nature of all armies. Glamorizing this  most reprehensible trades is just a means of usefully stimulating the pack instinct which we often call patriotism.
The militarily is America’s worst enemy. It does enormous damage to the United States while providing almost no benefit. Start with the war on Vietnam that cost hugely in money and lives, ours and their, with no benefit. Iraq: high cost, no benefit. Afghanistan: High cost, no benefit. Syria: High cost, no benefit.

"Propaganda Is More Important Than Fact" Pink Floyd's Roger Waters

"That is where we are living now - where Propaganda is more important than fact, far more important and that is a huge news story now, this whole thing about Fake News is that people have understood that Truth, Facts, Philosophy, Knowledge, History, Education - none of these things are important. In order to retain a position of power you need to be really good at Propaganda and you need to be really good at telling big lies often and loud and the last thing that you want in the mainstream media is anybody shining actual real light on it. So, people who actually care about the predicament of the Human Race or about the future of this small, vulnerable planet or about their fellow human beings
- if they are being oppressed or killed - or anything like that,
it is best to keep them out of the way because they may
interfere with the general narrative."

Global Financial, Economic & Cryptocurrency Markets

Max and Stacy discuss the global financial, economic and cryptocurrency markets from onstage at the Blockchain Economic Event. In the second half, Max interviews Sunny Ray of Unocoin.com about the crackdown by regulators in India and what that means for cryptocurrency exchanges going forward... decentralization?

Natalie Portman Won’t Visit Israel Because Of Netanyahu

Jimmy Dore:
 Natalie Portman refuses to go to Israel to receive award,
because of Bibi 'The Baby Butcher Of Gaza'.

The Lame Stream Media's Sick Misandric Spin On Mass Murder

Paul Elam:

It's OK To Be Wh!te

Tent Promo - Great Return March

IAK: Call to Action -- Help the people of Gaza during their #Great_Return_March by helping create a global echo. Watch this 3-minute video and find out how you can help.