29 Apr 2018

The Positive Side Effects Of A Break-Up

Terrence Popp: Break-ups and divorces suck. There's no way around it. But after that initial shock passes, you'll start to notice some good times.

Goodbye New Scientist

Right: Front Cover of New Scientist 21 April 2018.
By MRA-UK: After looking at the picture on the right, you will not be surprised to hear that I have cancelled my subscription to New Scientist (after too many decades to recall). There is nothing in the NS article that you haven’t heard before, repeatedly. Placing such material in New Scientist is a coup for the feminists, conveying as it does an aura of scientific respectability on their Patriarchy narrative – though they must be getting blasé now that they have total control of the media and can mob, vilify and destroy anyone who stands against them.
In truth, the origins of sexism lie in the female monopoly of the uterus, and the evolved pair bond which involves the ceding of moral authority to the woman (gynocentrism). As gatekeepers of sex, and hence the wielders of selection pressure, women have moulded men to their requirements. The result is resource provision flowing from men to women, for which men are now vilified in the form of the pay gap. The pay gap mantra and #MeToo are to be interpreted as women changing their required male spec. They have previously bred the Doberman, now they want a King Charles Spaniel. And all the while they are herding men in the direction of their choice, they hold the banner of Patriarchy in front of them to blindside men into believing that men are in charge: Patriarchy that great bugaboo, that Wizard of Oz, that charade, that act of mutual conning, that saviour of men’s blushes. The whole of this site is testament to sexist disadvantage of men, and how well it is hidden under the Patriarchy fig leaf.

Who Cares About Iran Dropping The Dollar? - The Banksters

"The US governmet cares alot, because at the end of the day it's all about the banking."
Said Lee Camp.

Men Need To Wake Up

It's somewhat of a PSA, or at least an observation I have about the MGTOW community. I follow the MGTOW reddit forums at and r/MGTOW2. Recently a girl posted in the forums praising the men from r/MGTOW2 on being the nicer half of MGTOW. Saying stuff like the main thread r/MGTOW is full of bitter men spewing their toxic hate against women. Of course I'm paraphrasing, she said it in a much nicer way. I was immediately suspicious of this person Sandman. A women coming onto a MGTOW forum, praising us for being kind and "supporting" our community. I call baloney. She was attention seeking. And lo & behold Sandman, MGTOW men were praising her and thanking her for her support. It was like seeing red-pill men going blue-pill the instant a girl pats them on the head. What happened to internalized validation?

A New Aristocracy

By : When Marxist activist Rudi Dutschke looked at ways to stage a neo-Marxist revolution he hit on the plan of “a long march through the institutions of power to create radical change from within government and society by becoming an integral part of the machinery.” His strategy was to work against the established institutions while working surreptitiously within them. Evidence of the attempt to implement his plan can be seen today through many levels of society – especially in universities.
Marxists however are not the only ones to use this strategy. In fact when we look at the numerous political forces attempting to infiltrate and influence our cultural institutions we see that another, much more influential candidate, has twisted its tendrils through every layer of society – and it existed long before Marx and Marxism was born. That force is political feminism,1 whose culture project has been in play now for several hundred years.
Protofeminists like Lucrezia Marinella, Mary Wollstoncraft, Margaret Cavendish, Modesta Pozzo, or Christine de Pizan were advocating a ‘long march’ through institutions for centuries before Marxism emerged and began its tragic experiment. Pizan’s main book for example titled A City of Ladies sketched an imaginary city whose institutions were controlled completely by women, and each of the protofeminists advanced some theory of female rule or ‘integration’ of women into governing institutions.

Syrian MP For Aleppo Laughs At BBC Propaganda

Fares Shehabi MP, Member of the Syrian Parliament for Aleppo. “There are 280 Brits [terrorists] on their way from Douma now to Europe, they're going back to England.”

School Bans 'Best Friends' In The Name Of Inclusion

Regards, Bearing.

Say Hello To Your New Feminist Masters

johntheother: The University campus is not just a model totalitarian state, it's a practice run to replace our democracy.