1 May 2018

"Feminist BS" Grabher - Banning License Plates In Canada?

StudioBrule: Can a feminist professor of Communications make a legitimate case that a license plate contributes to R. Culture?

Bibi Baby

'Israel operates as the regional bully. Its relationship with its neighbours is defined by crude violence and abuse.'
By Gilad Atzmon: Yesterday PM Netanyahu provided a fascinating glimpse into a psychotic tribal mind. A clown who sits on a huge pile of WMDs, an arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons designed to kill millions, is crying foul, complaining that another state in the region may attempt to equip itself with similar weapons as a means of deterrence. Netanyahu’s performance looked like a raging toddler pointing to another toddler’s nappies while his own pampers are dripping from every direction. 
Israel is widely believed to be the only nuclear-armed state in the Middle East. Israel has never allowed any international body into its nuclear and other WMD facilities.
The international community was unimpressed by Bibi’s absurd theatrics.  A senior European diplomat told Reuters: “We knew all of this and what especially stands out is that Netanyahu doesn’t speak of any recorded violations of the 2015 Iran deal.” It does not take a genius to gather that if Iran stored its 1999-2003 nuclear research archive in an unprotected warehouse, it didn’t regard the information as a strategic or sensitive asset.
Why are Netanyahu and the Israelis horrified by the Iranian nuclear project? Most likely, Projection. Israel operates as the regional bully.

Sexual Selection Theory Has Weaknesses Relative To Field Reports

monkey ponders choice of matesBy : Like current law governing reproductive rights, the traditional theory of sexual selection emphasizes female choice.  A leading biological anthropologist has explained, “it is the female who is ultimate arbiter of when she mates and how often and with whom.”[1]  According to that understanding, the female directs a male to copulate with her whenever she desires, and he obeys.  Another anthropologist has explained:

Men must compete for sex but what is there for women to compete for?  Not for copulations – any male would be more than happy to oblige her [2]
This theory reduces men to brainless, indiscriminate vagina-seeking penises.

A Video Brought To You By The Women Against Tiredness Society 'TWATS'

 Well... you wanted equality...

A Female Student's Reaction To UofT Event Calling For A Men's Centre - Sarah

Cassie Jaye: Backstory to this interview: Cassie Jaye filmed Sarah as she was leaving the 2013 Miles Groth Lecture calling for a Men's Centre at the University of Toronto.
The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

The Russians

A fascinating conversation with Russian Orthodox Christian and military analyst, The Saker. We discuss Russian history, Vladimir Putin, and the globalist push towards WW3. The Saker makes the point that both the American and Russian people are victims of those who seek to exert a global hegemony.

Benjamin 'The Baby Butcher Of Gaza' Netanyahu Is Once Again Trying To Push The U.S. Into A Disastrous War

By Michael Krieger: Earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' put on a little song and dance about Iran and WMDs intended to provide cover for Trump’s upcoming decision on whether or not to scrap the Iran deal (JCPOA) on May 12th.
Of course, this isn’t the first time Bibi aggressively pitched the U.S. on war in the Middle East. He did the exact same thing, using the exact same playbook, in the run up to the Iraq war.
Fortunately, we have video evidence of his 2002 testimony to Congress, during which he hyperventilated and exaggerated about Iraq’s grave threat to the world as a result of its non-existsent WMDs. The guy was so incredibly wrong on Iraq, to such a disastrous degree, it’s amazing anyone listens to him at all anymore.
What follows is a must watch video clip from Netanyahu’s 2002 testimony. One of the more memorable — and spectacularly wrong — claims he made back then was when he proclaimed:
“If you take out Saddam, I guarantee, it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region”

Men’s Access To Healthcare

By Mra UK: The focus of this post is men’s accessing healthcare in the UK. Before turning to that I give a brief summary of men’s health disadvantage in terms of early or premature death. The implicit question is whether men’s lesser accessing of healthcare services is to blame for their higher death rate – or whether this is just another case of “it’s men’s own fault”. Scroll down to the second part below the two Tables if you wish.
Percentage Excess of Male over Female Deaths Versus Age (England and Wales) – click to enlarge
When it comes to disadvantage, being dead takes some beating. And when it comes to dying, that’s one area where male dominance remains unchallenged.
Gender Gap in Longevity
More males die young – see the graph which heads this post.
All data below refers to England and Wales
One man in five dies before he reaches 60. Two in five by 70.
Defining premature death as death before age 75, there is a premature death gender gap of 43%.  A male has a 43% greater chance of dying before reaching 75 than a female.