13 May 2018

How To Have A Normal Relationship With A Woman - Part 1

"Normal relationships for men are a shit sandwich. ...If you're red pill you want normal about as much as you want a bad case of diarrhoea." Said Paul Elam.

Muhammad And Friends With Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon

Julian Assange Is In Immense Danger

'If the ruling elite can haul him before a court,
it will hold him up as an example of what happens
to those who speak out against social inequality, militarism, war and police-state measures.'

By James Cogan: Julian Assange is in immense danger. Remarks made this week by Ecuador’s foreign minister suggest that her government may be preparing to renege on the political asylum it granted to the WikiLeaks editor in 2012 and hand him over to British and then American authorities.  On March 28, under immense pressure from the governments in the US, Britain and other powers, Ecuador imposed a complete ban on Assange having any Internet or phone contact with the outside world, and blocked his friends and supporters from physically visiting him. For 45 days, he has not been heard from.  Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa stated in a Spanish-language interview on Wednesday that her government and Britain “have the intention and the interest that this be resolved.” Moves were underway, she said, to reach a “definite agreement” on Assange.   If Assange falls into the hands of the British state, he faces being turned over to the US. Last year, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that putting Assange on trial for espionage was a “priority.” CIA director Mike Pompeo, now secretary of state, asserted that WikiLeaks was a “non-state hostile intelligence service.”

Metoo? #NotMe!

By : It goes without saying (as far as any reasonable person is concerned) that we, as a society, are against the rape and sexual harassment of women. We all want to combat these scourges – but I do not see a place for the #MeToo movement in doing so. #MeToo is bad for men, bad for women and bad for society. It is a prime example of feminist aggression into the lives of ordinary, non-feminist people who do not need feminists to dictate acceptable behaviour.
There are three types of #MeToo participant. First, the type who shares an account of a serious incident or incidents. She is misguided in seeking justice through social media which can only be obtained through the law – and in legitimising other participant-types.
The second is the type who conflates innocuous behaviour (such as unwanted compliments) with serious incidents. She serves to feed the victimhood culture; which is afflicting a proportion of women in our society and is terribly unhealthy for them psychologically and also alienates a proportion of men from women in general, inhibiting them so they feel less comfortable in women’s company – and may, in a professional setting, choose not to mentor a woman, for example.

Guy Stuff Review: Masculinity Is Our Future

Turd Flinging Monkey:
Masculinity Is Our Future: Being A Modern Male

Syria Imposes New Rules Of Engagement On Jewish Israel

'As we can see, the reality cannot be more different from the fable that has been propagated by the lame stream media.'
By Sayed Hasan: On Thursday 10th May 2018, an unprecedented exchange of strikes happened between Israel and Syria. The mainstream media, as well as some “alternative” media like Russia Today, were quick to relay the Israeli army version, according to which the Zionist entity “retaliated” to an “Iranian attack by Revolutionary Guards’ Al-Quds Force” consisting of “twenty rockets” fired at Israeli positions in the occupied Golan, four of which were “intercepted by the Iron Dome” and the others “crashed into Syrian territory”, no damage being recorded in Israel. Israel has reportedly responded to this unprecedented “act of aggression” by a “large-scale operation” that would have destroyed “the entire Iranian infrastructure in Syria”, in order to deter the Islamic Republic from any stray impulse of future strikes.
This narrative takes for granted the postulates, data and myths of the Zionist entity’s propaganda – which imposes permanent military censorship on the Israeli media, exposing any offender to a prison sentence; and reading the international media, one might get the idea that, like American economic sanctions, this censorship is extraterritorial – but none of them can withstand scrutiny.
The aggressor is undoubtedly Israel, who carried out more than a hundred strikes against Syria since the beginning of the conflict.

Iran Did NOT Attack Israel - Syria Retaliated Against Israel!

"If you have a memory longer than that of a goldfish, you would know that Israel has been bombing Syria for the last 4 years, in fact Israel has been providing medical aid to Al-Qaida and letting ISIS build camps within the Syrian land it occupies. ...Israel attacked Syria while it was in the throws of fighting ISIS on the same day that Israel attacked Syrians capital city Damascus there was a suicide bombing in Damascus at a restaurant. So while Israel is helping ISIS it was Syria and Iran that was fighting them. So who is the enemy of the American people?" Asked Syrian Girl.

Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance?

Terrence Popp: The answer is no. But a convicted murderer who writes for the bloody rag that is Babe.net says yes. And feminists are taking her seriously.

MEMO’s Gaza Correspondent Shot By Jewish Israeli Sniper

Another press casualty in the battle over the Palestinian homeland. 2 members of the press have been killed and several injured since the start of the Gaza March on 30 March. MEMO has just added another to the inventory: a journalist from MEMO, has been shot and hospitalized. Protection of the press is part of free speech, and Israel’s snipers are picking them off one by one. 
From MEMO: Palestinian journalist and MEMO correspondent in Gaza, Motasem Dalloul, has been hospitalised after being shot by Israeli sniper fire today while covering The Great March of Return near Gaza’s eastern border.
Last month, Palestinian journalists Yasser Murtaja and Ahmed Abu-Hussein were shot dead by Israeli snipers while covering the events near the Gaza-Israel border despite wearing protective vests clearly marked “PRESS”. Several other journalists have also been wounded since the protests began.
Over 6,800 Gazans have been wounded during the demonstrations and at least 49 people have been killed by Israeli forces since 30 March, when the six-week demonstration and sit-in calling for the implementation of the Right of Return began.
Demonstrators are demanding that Palestinian refugees be granted their right to return to their towns and villages in historical Palestine, from which they were driven out in 1948 to make way for the Jewish apartheid state of Israel.