26 May 2018

Golden Mangina Booker Prize 2018 Shortlist

By , J4MB: Whenever merit can be judged subjectively, women “win” awards and prizes far more often than when merit can be judged objectively (when they never win them). To ensure the former, we have feminist manipulation such as this. From the Mangina Booker website:

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of The Man Booker Prize. To celebrate this landmark, the Booker Prize Foundation is putting 50 years of Booker-winning titles head-to-head in a competition for the Golden Man Booker prize, a one-off award crowning the best work of fiction from the last five decades of the prize.
Now, the five judges – writer and editor Robert McCrum, poet Lemn Sissay MBE, novelist Kamila Shamsie, broadcaster and novelist Simon Mayo, and poet Hollie McNish – have completed the unenviably difficult task of narrowing down five decades of prize-winning fiction to just five shortlisted titles. But the final choice is down to readers who now have the chance to participate in a month-long vote to determine the overall winner, announced at the Man Booker 50 Festival on 8 July 2018.
The question is, which will get your Golden Man Booker vote?
We are being asked to believe that the authorship of the best winning books from the past five decades run like this:

Jewish Apartheid State Wants To Criminalizes Filming Israeli Death Forces' [IDF] Human Rights Violations

'Videos which unambiguously confirm that Israeli soldiers are willfully intending to execute unarmed Palestinian civilians, have been recorded by the soldiers themselves'
By Tyler Durden: A controversial new bill set to go before Israel's Ministerial Committee for Legislation in the Knesset on Sunday would ban taking videos or photos of Israeli soldiers in the process of arresting or subduing Palestinians.
It's a move that advocacy groups are decrying as an aggressive censorship measure aimed at banning the documentation Israeli soldiers' human rights violations, especially as the U.N. Human Rights Council has opened a formal investigation into accusations that Israeli security forces recently gunned down scores of Palestinian civilians protesting along the Gaza-Israeli border fence.
The legislation, if passed, could result in a punishment of 5 to up to 10 years in prison for merely recording encounters between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians.
The bill reads, “anyone who shoots a video or a photo, or records soldiers while they are doing their job, with the aim of disturbing the morale of soldiers and citizens, will be sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Jew State Puts As Many Little Goyim And Shiksa Children In Prison Detention As Possible In Order To Scar Them For Life

“It is the military’s way of teaching children a lesson, inflicting a sort of psychosocial handicap from a young age.”
By Annelies Verbeek: Muhammad Tamimi sat on the couch, occasionally laughing nervously as he described what had happened to him.
“Not that many journalists have come this time,” he said. “Just you and a Palestinian film crew. Hopefully there will not be any more.”
The 15-year-old has been held in military detention three times now, an experience that many Palestinian children suffer and that has healthcare professionals warning of lifelong trauma.
Muhammad’s latest detention came on the morning of Sunday, 20 May, when he went to the supermarket in Nabi Saleh, his village in the occupied West Bank, to buy groceries. He noticed a white car in front of his uncle’s house from which two young men emerged.
When Muhammad approached, the men grabbed him from behind and pulled him into the car.
“They pointed a gun at me, so I would not scream or call for help,” Muhammad said, recounting the short but frightening drive. When they stopped at the military watchtower near Nabi Saleh, he understood that he had been taken by Israeli undercover forces.

Is Gender Equality Necessary, Achievable And Practical?

By : In medieval times, trial by combat was a thing, and to make marital duels equitable, the husband was buried to his waist, while the woman was free to assault him without restriction. This was an early attempt to create gender equality in a situation where a man and a woman had to compete.
One has to wonder, if marital duels were still a thing today, how we would as a society ensure they were fought on equal grounds?
I’m guessing that the husband would still be buried to his waist, but the wife would be given an AR-15, and the police would be on hand just in case her weapon jammed, and the husband managed to dig himself out. Even then, feminists would argue that the woman was still being oppressed by both the husband, and the system.

Trump Cancelled Historic North Korea Summit - North & South Korea Have Summit Anyway

US President Cancelled Historic North Korea Summit
Read Trump’s letter to Kim Jong-un in full
By Clark Mindock: President Donald Trump has announced that the United States will not participate in the planned negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
The negotiations were planned for June 12 in Singapore, and would have followed after several meetings between top American and North Korean officials.

This Is The End Of The Euro

'The fatal flaw was baked into the cake.'
By : The Spanish government is about to fall after the Ciudadanos party decided to join PSOE (socialist) and Podemos in a non-confidence vote against PM Rajoy. Hmm, what would that mean for the Catalan politicians Rajoy is persecuting? The Spanish political crisis is inextricably linked to the Italian one, not even because they are so much alike, but because both combine to create huge financial uncertainty in the eurozone.
Sometimes it takes a little uproar to reveal the reality behind the curtain. Both countries, Italy perhaps some more than Spain, would long since have seen collapse if not for the ECB. In essence, Mario Draghi is buying up trillions in sovereign bonds to disguise the fact that the present construction of the euro makes it inevitable that the poorer south of Europe will lose against the north.
Club Med needs a mechanism to devalue their currencies from time to time to keep up. Signing up for the euro meant they lost that mechanism, and the currency itself doesn’t provide an alternative. The euro has become a cage, a prison for the poorer brethren, but if you look a bit further, it’s also a prison for Germany, which will be forced to either bail out Italy or crush it the way Greece was crushed.

MP George Galloway: "The Truth About Syria Is Finally Being Told."

"After all these years of war propaganda!"
George delivered a true-to-style monologue in which he said "The day will come when we will look back on our role in Syria and conclude THIS is the worst thing we have ever done." He also discussed Grenfell Tower, the Manchester arena bombing, and Tommy Robinson.