29 May 2018

Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Soft Name 'Circumcision' Violates Physician's Fiduciary Duty To The Child

Bonobo3D: The physician-patient relationship is based on trust. Accordingly, courts impose upon physicians a strict fiduciary duty, the highest duty in the law, to act in the best interest of pediatric patients in matters involving their health, keeping their welfare paramount. It is suggested that circumcision violates the physicians' fiduciary duty to boys and the men they become. First, boys are usually circumcised because their parents have a religious, cultural, or personal preference for the circumcised penis. To circumcise for such reasons is to make the interests of the parents paramount, and to ignore the health of boys and men. The physicians duty is to render competent care to children based on their medical needs, independent of their parent's desires, and also to obtain the consent of children and adolescents whenever possible.

Saudi Wahhabism Serves Zionist Neo-Con-Artist Imperialism

By Andre Vltchek: When the Saudi Crown Prince gave an interview to the Washington Post, declaring that it was actually the West that encouraged his country to spread Wahhabism to all corners of the world, there was a long silence in almost all the mass media outlets in the West, but also in countries such as Egypt and Indonesia.

Those who read the statement, expected a determined rebuke from Riyadh. It did not come. The sky did not fall. Lightning did not strike the Prince or the Post.
Clearly, not all that the Crown Prince declared appeared on the pages of the Washington Post, but what actually did, would be enough to bring down entire regimes in such places like Indonesia, Malaysia or Brunei.Or at least it would be enough under ‘normal circumstances’. That is, if the population there was not already hopelessly and thoroughly indoctrinated and programed, and if the rulers in those countries did not subscribe to, or tolerate, the most aggressive, chauvinistic and ritualistic (as opposed to the intellectual or spiritual) form of the religion.
Reading between the lines, the Saudi Prince suggested that it was actually the West which, handpicked Islam and its ultra-orthodox and radical wing – Wahhabism – as an ally in destroying almost all the progressive, anti-imperialist and egalitarian aspirations in the countries with a Muslim majority.

Putin To Macron: You're Not Sovereign, You're 'Like Obedient Little Children!'

By : There has been much talk of Macron behaving like the leader of a sovereign nation recently, but we don't buy it.
To us, he still has the manner of a schoolboy trying hard to ingratiate himself with grownups. Plus, he is distinctly effeminate.
He obviously didn't get to where he is on his own merits, rather he was put there by people who are probably not very effeminate.
Putin is a plain-spoken, no BS kind of guy, so this exchange was entertaining.
Macron was trying to say that France is a sovereign nation, which is obviously not true - just look how cravenly they toed the Israeli line in joining in on the recent attack on Syria, Macron spouting the lies dictated to him by his masters. It was pathetic and embarrassing.
Here, Putin gently explains to Macron that he is mistaken.

The Decline Of Female Happiness - Karen Straughan

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

Dead Unicorn Economy

Max and Stacy discuss trade wars and Brexit debacles. In the second half of the show Max interviews Jose Rodriguez of Bitso.com about the peso’s great tumble and the rise of a ‘populist’ leader as a driver of bitcoin adoption in Mexico. They also discuss new cryptocurrency legislation in Mexico which has made it easier for companies like Bitso to do business as legacy banks are now willing to take them on as customers.

Teacher Says Feminism, Gender Fluidity & Multiculturalism Brought Tyranny Of Consensus To Sweden!

"She was fired over her political opinion. ...She believes the Swedish education system today is an indoctrination system." Said Richie Allen.

Tiresias’s Prophetic Knowledge Started With Juno And Jove’s Dispute

After much drinking, Jove, the nominal head god in charge of the cosmos, put aside his onerous concerns and dared to poke his boss wife Juno with gentle teasing. He told her that women receive more pleasure from sex than men do. Juno sternly disagreed. They asked Tiresias to pass sentence on their dispute, for he had personal experience as a double transsexual. According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Tiresias’s expert judgment affirmed the subsequently suppressed truth that the sexual division of labor and reward favors women.
Tireasias transformed into a womanTiresias was extraordinarily qualified to judge women’s advantage in sex. Serving as an man enforcing gynocentric ideology, Tiresias had struck with his staff two huge snakes that were mating in a green forest. Those who police sexual behavior are predominately females. Those who are punished for sex are overwhelming males. As a result of attacking and interrupting the mating, Tiresias was transformed into a woman. That transformation symbolically aligned Tiresias with castration culture.
Seven years later, Tiresias saw the same snakes again. Ovid with starkness of description figured the snakes as now lying listlessly and apathetically in exile from nature.[1]

Honest Government Ad - Renewable Energy

thejuicemedia: The Australien Government has made an ad about its policy on renewable energy, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

Abby Martin Fact Checks Congressman Sabotaging Colombia Peace Deal

Colombia’s presidential election could determine the fate of the historic peace deal ending their 53-year civil war. While most in the country want to honor the agreement, Colombia’s right wing has been a fervent opponent. In Bogotá, Abby Martin interviews Congressman Edward Rodriguez, a leading member of the far-right Democratic Center Party founded by former President Uribe. She challenges him on his party’s ties to death squads, drug cartels and potential to reignite the war. Martin also visits the government office dedicated to compensating the civilian victims and speaks with Director Ana Maria Almario about their monumental task.