31 May 2018

US Is A Clueless, Blood-Stained Bully, Risking Nuclear War - Russia's #1 Anchor Kiselyov

Can you believe it? Seven trillion dollars!
Right out the window. You might as well have
 thrown the money right out the window.'
: It is important to understand that Kiselyov's remarks are aimed at a domestic audience. His TV channel should really put more effort into the quality of the translation of what he has to say, because in Russian his style and delivery are devastating, and much of the punch of what he says is lost in these lifeless, robotic translations.

The CIA & Torture With John Kiriakou

John Kiriakou, CIA Whistleblower, discusses the atrocities of the CIA and its torture program.

'Russia-US Direct Conflict In Syria Was Close, But Avoided'

"Their plan was to create this rift within the society that will make things easier for them, when you have a kind of civil war between sex or ethnicity." Said Assad.
RT: Syrian President Bashar Assad says Moscow deterred the West from launching a devastating country-wide air strike last month, and believes that Damascus has nearly won the seven-year war, despite continued Zionist neo-con-artist US 'interference.'

Bye-Bye Benz: Trump Planning Ban On Luxury German Autos

By Tyler Durden: Having cornered his European "allies" over the Iran sanctions, and tightened his grip on the EU economy over metals tariffs, a report by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche claims that President Trump is taking direct aim at Merkel and is preparing to impose a total ban on German luxury carmakers from the U.S. market.

Citing several unnamed U.S. and European diplomats, the weekly business magazine reported that Trump told French President Emmanuel Macronlast month he would maintain his trade policy with the aim of stopping Mercedes-Benz models from driving down Fifth Avenue in New York.
WiWo reports that Trump's grudge against the German automaker - and especially against Mercedes models in New York - is not new
In January 2017, prior to his inauguration, he said in an interview, "When you walk down Fifth Avenue, everyone has a Mercedes-Benz in front of their house." But that's not reciprocity. "How many Chevrolets do you see in Germany? Not too many, maybe none at all, you do not see anything over there, it's a one-way street," said the real estate billionaire.

I Haven't Had Sex In Forever And It's All My Fault

Terrence Popp: Amy Horton is back and she still has warts. This time, she's complaining about how she hasn't gotten laid in so long it's making her even crazier than usual.

Police Hire Menopause Hypnotherapist For Female Staff

A Month After Another Force Brought In ‘Have A Cry’ Rooms
By Sebastian Murphy-bates: Police have recruited a hypnotherapist to help female staff through the menopause while another force has set up crying rooms.
West Midlands Police has brought in expert Steve Woods to work with ladies going through the change.
The force has a regular support group for those experiencing related health problems at work.
Mr Woods runs his company from Cannock, Staffordshire, and attended a menopause meeting at the Birmingham headquarters last week.
He specialises in wellbeing at work and said menopausal women had already expressed their gratitude following the initial session.
'We are going to be doing it on a regular basis, and looking at creating products that may be useful to them, audio recordings and all sorts of things,' he said.
'At that initial meeting we got some really good feedback. It was a learning exercise on both sides - them and me - as being a man menopause is not something I know a massive amount about.
'I had a lot of learning to do as well, we did some work and they really got some benefits. It’s an ongoing project.
'Hypnosis is very much experiential, because it’s all about experiencing things under hypnosis.

No Answer To ‘Animal Assad’: Syrian Leader Says He Does Not Have Insulting Nickname For Trump

He's got too much class
RT: US President Donald Trump infamously called his Syrian counterpart ‘animal Assad’ in one of his tweets. When asked whether he has a nickname for Trump, Assad told RT he does not use such language.
“This is not my language, so, I cannot use similar language. This is his language. It represents him,” Bashar Assad said in an exclusive interview with RT, which will be shown in full on Thursday at 11:30 am GMT.
I think there is a very known principle, that what you say is what you are. So, he wanted to represent what he is, and that’s normal,” he added.
He said Trump’s invention of an insulting nickname didn’t really matter concerning what happens in Syria.
“The only thing that moves you is people that you trust, people who are level-headed, people who are thoughtful, people who are moral, ethical, that's what should move anything inside you, whether positive or negative. Somebody like Trump will move nothing for me,” he said.
Speaking to RT’s Murad Gazdiev, Assad explained his government’s position on the ongoing armed conflict in Syria, including allowing militant forces safe passage to Idlib, the escalating tension with the apartheid Jewish state Israel and the continued presence of US troops in the north.

Finding The Truth Amid Israel’s Lies

'Israeli forces committed some of the worst atrocities
in the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
The crimes were so serious that some leading Zionists described them as Nazi actions.'
Great sadness and suffering flooded the roads – convoy upon convoy of refugees making their way [to the Lebanese border]. They leave the villages of their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors and move to an alien, unknown new land, full of troubles. Women, children, babies, donkeys – everyone is on the move, quietly and sadly, to the north, without looking left or right.
A woman cannot find her husband, a child cannot find his father … Everything that can walk is moving, running away not knowing what to do, not knowing where they are going. Many of their belongings are spread on the sideways; the more they walk the more exhausted they become, they nearly cannot walk anymore – shedding from the bodies everything they tried to salvage when they are on their way to exile …

May You Live In Stupid, Corrupt And Yet Fascinating Times

In the old days, America’s top spies would complete their tenures at the CIA or one of the other Washington puzzle palaces and segue to more ordinary pursuits. Some wrote their memoirs. One ran for president. Another died a few months after surrendering his post. But today’s national-security establishment retiree has a different game plan. After so many years of brawling in the shadows, he yearns for a second, lucrative career in the public eye. He takes a crash course in speaking in soundbites, refreshes his wardrobe and signs a TV news contract. Then, several times a week, waits for a network limousine to shuttle him to the broadcast news studios where, after a light dusting of foundation and a spritz of hairspray, he takes a supporting role in the anchors’ nighttime shows. 
PoliticoThe Spies Who Came in to the TV Studio
May you live in stupid, corrupt and yet fascinating times.
Me, paraphrasing a Chinese curse
By Michael Krieger: I’ve been away the past couple of weeks taking a break with my family. I paid attention to the news, but from a distance. As usual, there’s plenty to talk about.
In the last 24 hours alone, we’ve seen political chaos erupt in Italy and hordes of pundits simultaneously lose their minds over the murder of a prominent Russian journalist that never happened. Such is the world we live in. Stupid, corrupt, yet fascinating.