2 Jun 2018

Hating On Putin By Jewish Owned Lame Stream Media - Pt. 2: THE ECONOMIST

: A reader sent in cover collages for a whole bunch of magazines, and we will be publishing them as a series, updated in this post. The first was Time, a big-time liar when it comes to Russia, and here is the Economist, which I personally think is the worst of the lot.
The Economist is definitely Jewish-owned, controlled by the Rothschild family. It's editors and writers are also largely Jewish. 
Can Time be described as 'Jewish', in ownership or staff? Let's throw that one out to the comments section. Maybe someone can do some quick research and figure that out. I will update this article if any compelling info materializes, one way or the other.
In my article, It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo, I argued that the relentless demonization of Putin and Russia is largely a Jewish phenomenon, pushed very hard in Jewish-owned media, and most obsessively by Jewish journalists, and that this peculiarity warrants a balanced, public discussion. I think this reader sought to provide evidence backing up that assertion.

"Heavily Faulted" London Now At Risk Of Major Earthquakes

'The two faults are moving at a rate of 1 or 2mm a year... faster than the current May's government movements away from mainland Europe.'
By Tyler Durden: Earthquakes in Britain are unusual to say the least, and in London even more so. In fact, an earthquake has not struck the capital since the 1700s.

But, researchers from Imperial College have discovered two faults, one running under central London and another below Canary Wharf, that could cause a magnitude five earthquake.

The UK's Mirror reports that experts say the findings have overturned the traditional view that London is geological stable.
“It now looks a modestly active, very heavily faulted, complicated area,”

Lame Stream Media Gets It Wrong In Gaza AGAIN

Because the lame stream media is owned and controlled by Jews
The New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN are 3 examples of the selective amnesia from which nearly every lame stream media news source seems to suffer when it comes to the subject of Israel. It doesn’t take much digging to discover the actual truththe context that completely changes the story.
By Kathryn Shihadah: Palestinians of Gaza have been peacefully protesting for 2 months, unarmed, demanding only their human rights. They have been met with Israeli sniper fire week after week, killing at least 118.
And the United States hasn’t blinked.
Grant Smith of antiwar.com points out that “a stunning 81.5% of Americans say they never heard about the massacre through any channel,” which perhaps explains our apparent apathy.
Mainstream media reports on incidents in Palestine-Israel, but its effectiveness as a source of accurate information is questionable. For example, most Americans don’t even know who is occupying whom.
On May 29, 2 weeks after the bloodiest day of protesting – in which at least 60 Palestinians were killed and thousands were injured – several factions in Gaza had enough and began shooting rockets toward Israel. Israel naturally responded with airstrikes from warplanes.


Max and Stacy discuss the debate over whether to call it Italeave or Quitaly as voters are punished by the market and by technocrats for taking the wrong democratic decision of so-called populism. As investors increase their bets on Italy leaving the euro, what is the answer for Italy? In the second half, Max interviews Abraham Cambridge of TheSunExchange.com about their pilot program with the UN Development Program to bring buy to lease solar cells to Moldova. Through The Sun Exchange, anyone can go solar and start building wealth powered by sunlight and this is what the UN is seeking to trial at the University of Moldova.

Pieces Of Hate: Functional Relationships

Men Are Good!: Paul Elam and Tom Golden take on the slippery slope of functional relationships between men and women in a red pilled world.

Moscow Details Subversive NGO Activities In Russia And Around The World

Western funded NGOs meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations
By Frank Sellers: It’s no secret that the CIA and some wealthy business magnates have been funding and using Non Governmental Organizations to alter the political landscapes inside nations all around the world, whether through meddling in elections or through plotting coups.
A detailed report has come out the Russian Parliament about how these NGOs attempted to meddle in recent elections in Russia.
RT reports: A special commission report on foreign meddling in the 2018 presidential election has been unveiled in Russia’s Upper House. The document highlighted the main methods of the elaborate campaign, spearheaded by the US.
The report, presented on Wednesday in Russia’s Upper House (the Senate), was prepared by the Commission for State Sovereignty Protection in cooperation with leading experts and analysts. The publicly available document was presented by the head of the commission, Senator Andrey Klimov.

How Divorce Broke Brendan Fraser

Terrence Popp: Afton Smith seemed like the ideal mate for Brendan Fraser until she decided to take his kids and half his money. Sounds like true love to me.

Democracy Is Fighting To Survive The Rise Of Western Authoritarianism

'The democratic era is approaching its end.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The European peoples whose governments were paid to sell out the sovereignty of their nations to the EU are experiencing great difficulties in being permitted to govern themselves.
As the result of Italians’ frustration with the self-serving elite who have ruled Italy for decades, the recent democratic elections in Italy brought to power two anti-establishment political parties, Five-Star and Lega (League), that have solid majorities in both houses. However, the Italian president, an operative for the EU, attempted to appoint the prime minister independently of the election results, tried to himself appoint a “technocratic cabinet” that would ignore the democratic outcome, and succeeded in blocking the anti-establishment winners of the election from forming a government for three months.
EU official Gunther Oettinger said that it was “not acceptable” for Italians to vote for anti-establishment parties and threatened Italians with financial destabilization that would “teach them how to vote.”
Previously, in the wake of the international economic crisis brought on by the “banks too big to fail,” the Italians and the Greeks attempted to govern themselves democratically, but it was not permitted. The European Commission appointed Mario Monti, a banker, to be Italy’s prime minister. Monti, a member of Goldman Sachs Board of International Advisers, European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and a member of the Bilderberg Group, was appointed by the elite, not elected by the people. His cabinet did not include a single elected politician.

Who Is Being Isolated - Russia Or The USA?

Is Putin really a “pariah” and Russia
“isolated from the international community”?
By S. F. Cohen & J. Batchelor: Baseless and reckless tropes about Russia, Cohen points out, have proliferated in the US political-media establishment during the new Cold War, and even more since Russiagate allegations began to circulate widely two years ago, in mid-2016. The worst of these tropes—in effect an incitement to war—is that “Russia attacked America during the 2016 presidential election.”
But there are others equally unfounded and almost as detrimental to Washington policy-making. Among them, as The Economist and The New York Times recently asserted, are that on today’s “world stage” Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “pariah” and his country “isolated from the international community.” Indeed, the Times insisted, quoting a British intelligence chief, that Russia is “becoming a ‘more isolated pariah.’
These assertions are so detached from geopolitical realities that they may be expressions of some Putin-Russia Derangement Syndrome, as others have suggested. Consider only last week’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, an annual event conceived by the Kremlin as a kind of Russian Davos. By most media accounts, including non-Russian ones, it was the best attended and most successful since 2014, when the West began imposing escalating economic sanctions on the country.