3 Jun 2018

War Erupts Between Italy's Government And Soros: "You Profited From The Death Of Hundreds Of People"

By Tyler Durden: A feud has broken out between Zionist Jewish billionaire anti-democratic meddler and fervent Clinton supporter, George Soros, and Italy's anti-immigrant League party, which on Friday formed a  populist movement in coalition with the 5-Star party, and whose leader Matteo Salvini stepped into his new job as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior on Friday, pledging to deport hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. 
Salvini's League and the 5-Star Movement struck a deal Thursday on a coalition government which will work towards "putting Italians first" (and potentially making life for Europe a living hell with the ongoing threat of Quitaly, which according to JPMorgan may be Rome's best outcome), ending five days of market volatility and political chaos.
In response, George Soros flipped out, openly suggesting that Salvini might be financed by Vladimir Putin, saying he is "very worried about Russia's influence on Europe in general and on the new Italian government." 
"I do not know if Salvini was funded by Moscow, but the public has a right to know" said Soros.
Soros translated: Any government who puts their citizens ahead of migrants is now a Putin puppet.

"Journalist" Script Reading In Attack On Vanessa Beeley On BBC Newsnight

Vanessa Beeley: Question - who supplied the script.

America Has Become Synonymous With Cruelty

PCR: The US Department of Justice (sic) has adopted a policy of seizing immigrant children and separating them from their parents. The children are sent off to “foster homes.” The Intercept reports that “the Department of Health and Human Services told Congress that the agency had lost track of 1,475 unaccompanied migrant children it had placed with sponsors.” Little doubt the children have been sold to pedophile rings that serve the corrupt scum who rule America.
Someone apparently felt so bad about the new policies that they secretly shot a photo of dozens of immigrants clogging a court in orange jumpsuits. Click on image to enlarge.
Americans hide from the truth behind the story that illegal immigrants come to the US to live off welfare and to commit crimes. Little doubt some do. However, the main driver of immigration from Latin America is Washington’s long-standing refusal to permit any Latin American government to serve its people instead of US business and foreign policy interests. Every time a population elects a leader who will represent them rather than American interests, such as Hugo Chavez and his successor Maduro, Washington demonizes and overthrows them.

How They Hijacked Anthropology

By : Perhaps the greatest shift in any academic field in the past 30 or 40 years has been in anthropology. Call it an epistemological paradigm shift away from science.
Three main influences led to this shift: One was the morphing of symbolic anthropology into interpretive anthropology under the influence of Clifford Geertz, who distanced himself from science and likened anthropology to literary criticism. The second was a Marxist and feminist commitment to political activism and advocacy. The third was the postmodern rejection of objectivityThe three influences merge, in that the removal of scientific knowledge as a goal opens the way for political activism and advocacy.
How Did Anthropology Change?

  • The goal of objectivity and the use of the insight of the cultural outsider were replaced by an exclusive belief in subjectivity and the bias of “positionality” of race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual preference, age, etc.
  • Knowledge of the author’s background through positional reflexivity would allow the reader to detect the author’s
  • The responsibility of the researcher and the authority of the author were set aside in favor of local subjects’ voices and stories, so as to resolve what was called “the crisis of representation.”

The Vikings Are Coming!

Mike Buchanan: Two weeks ago I travelled to Iceland, along with Anthony Corniche III (“Tom”), to meet with Gunnar Thordarson, the leader of the new political party Karlalistinn (“Mens’ Rights”), and his colleagues. We believe Gunnar will be the first leader of a men’s rights party to be elected as an MP, in the 2021 general election.

How Men's Issues Show Men's Strength

HoneyBadgerRadio: What if men are doing mental health just fine and don't need feminists to fix them? How feminist men's mental health initiatives are toxic charity and what to do about it.

Fighting Back Against Feminist US Title IX Using... Title IX!

Raging Golden Eagle: As long as Title IX is here to stay, the best way to defend yourself is to use it against them before they use it against you!


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