11 Jun 2018

Netanyahu Uncensored - Must Watch!

Merits Of Career-Woman Minerva Relative To Juno And Venus

Minerva (Pallas Athena)
Minerva, also known as Pallas Athena, was a strong, independent woman. She had an outstanding career in military service. She was also credentialed in weaving, education, poetry, and social virtue. In her mind, the young Trojan prince Paris should regard her, a single woman and a virgin, as more beautiful than Juno and Venus. Minerva was an activist who disdained idle banter. After hearing Juno’s long, boastful speech, Minerva remained confident that she herself would be the victor in the beauty contest. She proclaimed:
Not armed for a battle of words
did I think we goddesses would come. On this point
I blush for the talkative sex. I am less than a woman in this,
for I have studied a different type of war. Vile is victory in which
the vanquished praise themselves more than the victor. That is an
honor unknown in our victories, so what does the queen intend
with her eloquent sayings?

Truth, Truthfulness And Palestine

'Now we are all Palestinians. Like the Palestinians we are not allowed to utter the name of our oppressors.'
By Gilad Atzmon: A healthy society doesn’t need a ‘truth movement.’  But we Americans, Brits, French and Germans are far from healthy and our so-called ‘truth movements’ haven’t led us towards any sources of light. The question is: Why?
One possible answer is that ‘truth movements’ are ideal environments for the operators of controlled opposition -- those who insist upon vetting any discussion about the truth by claiming to know what ‘the truth’ is, what it comprises and who its enemies are.
Karl Popper posited that since no number of scientific experiments could definitively prove a scientific theory we should utilise a methodology based on falsifiability. While we posses the means to refute a scientific theory or scientific ‘truth,’ we lack the ability to verify a single scientific theory by means of experiments. For instance, if you state that ‘the sun rises in the East’ is a valid scientific truth, a single occasion of the sun popping up early in the morning in the West will refute your theory.

Beware Unsafe Universities

Bettina Arndt speaks at The Friedman18 Liberty Conference on
"Universities Unsafe for Young Men."
 "I spent ten years during my career teaching Australian men to find the clitoris and I think that we should be celebrating the fact that tickling in on the agenda. Some male students have been thrown out for singing clitoris songs!"

“I Put It To You, M’lud, That You Are A Dimbo Who Is Wrong To Trash Traditional Families”

...Title quote, Rod Liddle to Lord Justice James Munby.
'How did Munby happen? That’s the real question.
How did we end up with a boss of the family courts
who wants the family abolished?'
Via : A piece in yesterday’s Sunday Times:
A little under 10 years ago Earl Spencer was unfortunate enough to be involved in a divorce case presided over by Lord Justice James Munby. The experience rankled his barrister, Sir Nicholas Mostyn, who afterwards told the earl, with some pride, that a sow on his farm had given birth to seven piglets, and that they would be named James, Munby, Self-regarding, Pompous, Publicity, Seeking and Pillock.
And really, I can’t improve on that as a description of the man.
Munby has, somehow, become Britain’s most senior family court judge. In an address at Liverpool University two weeks ago he delivered himself of the opinion that the traditional family was toast and we should welcome its passing. We should “applaud” its demise. And, his three chins wobbling with emotion, he said the new reality was single-parent families, same-sex families, adoptive families, children conceived by artificial insemination or via surrogacy.

Cuckolds Don’t Question; Just Listen, Believe And Are Duped

Enlightened medieval thinkers didn’t teach men to just listen and believe. They instructed men to question and investigate. That’s how objective knowledge is generated. Men who questioned and investigated created almost all the machinery of modern civilization. Men who just listened and believed, in contrast, often produced nothing and became cuckolds.
Consider the case of a husband in a small, remote town in Italy early in the fifteenth century. He caught his wife in the act of having sex with another man. Probably drawing upon experiential knowledge passed down across generations of women, she responded strongly and decisively to being exposed as an adulteress:
idiot nationshe instantly pretended to be half-dead and threw herself onto the ground, as if she were dead.
{ illa statim se semimortuam simulavit, prosternens se ad terram, similis defunctae. }
Most persons don’t die by instantly throwing themselves on the ground and pretending to be half-dead.

6th Sense


A Feminist Asks: Why Can’t We Hate Men?

'Another feminist gift to the MHRM'
By : In a classic (archived) piece of feminist propaganda, Suzanna Danuta Walters has proposed that hatred of men as a class is a legitimate perspective. As vile a read as her Washington Post article is, it’s really another feminist gift to us, as the opposition. Writing on such a heinous level in such a prestigious and widely-read publication can only serve to further alienate the non-feminist sector from feminism and potentially flick the activation switch in some of these individuals who will be prompted to take a stance.
Robert Brockway has published an open letter to the president of the university where Ms Danuta Walters is a professor of sociology and director of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program.