17 Jun 2018

Raising The Next Generation Of Soyboys

Raging Golden Eagle: If the next generation of soyboys will be to their biologically male parents what #CurrentYear soyboys are to their fathers, does that mean they will pretty much be girls?

The Distancing Of Fathering: Too Great A Loss In The Landscape

'In each and every encounter I see
the power and the value of fathers.'
By Karen Woodall: Today is Father’s Day in the UK and all around the land children will be marking the day for their dads.  For some there will be no card or present, no telephone call or good wishes. For some children there will be no opportunity to give these and for others the opportunity will be denied to them.  However we look at this, Father’s Day is a day when someone somewhere will be hurting and others will be celebrating,  loss in the landscape after divorce and separation, makes Fathers Day both happy and sad, not one or the other.
Having just finished our alienated mothers retreat it is both a difficult AND an easy thing to switch from the issues facing mothers to the issues facing fathers.  Difficult because I have been so fully absorbed in the archetypes around the alienated mother and easy because in doing this work with single sex groups, highlights the differences between the alienation of mothers and alienation of fathers and the underlying dynamics which cause this.

Exemplary Fathers Receive Medals At Russian Holiday For 'Fathers, Fatherhood And Fatherland'

Angelo: Enough is enough, I'm moving to Russia!
The "Glory of Fatherhood" medal is presented to exemplary fathers annually, as a badge of public recognition. Awards are given to fathers of large families, fathers of three or more children, fathers raising children without a mother, and others . . .
: Fathers, Fatherhood, & Fatherland is a regional holiday celebrated in various parts of Russia, dedicated to honoring fathers. Exemplary dads are publicly awarded with the Glory of Fatherhood medal. Going above and beyond most versions of "Father's Day", this Russian holiday makes a special effort to honor men for their crucial role in supporting and leading their families. Each year a committee selects outstanding fathers, presenting them with these badges of public recognition.
Medals are presented to men in various categories, including "Fathers of Large Families", "Fathers who have Successfully Raised 3 or more Children", and "Fathers Raising Children Without a Mother".

Abudullah Is One Of A Great Cloud Of Witnesses

Meet Abdullah. He is 13. He lost a leg to an Israeli sniper bullet. This not a human interest story about a cute kid determined to beat the odds after a tragic accident. This is a story of the horror that Gaza has become for nearly every family.
By Kathryn Shihadah, Palestine Home: Abdullah lives in the Shujaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza. He must be familiar with the resistance mentality: he was about 9 years old when Operation Protective Edge decimated his town. 

Women In 2018 Are Leeches: Dad Tommy Going MGTOW

"Society is going to hell in a handbasket, because of feminism."
Tommy Sotomayor

Menaregood's Father's Day Message

Men ARE good and so are fathers.

Shock: Movie Made A Long Time Ago About A Longer Time Ago Doesn't Reflect Today's Progressive Values

Regards, 🐻

Are IQs Really Dropping?

corbett: Some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.