1 Jul 2018

Snowden Slams "Corrupt" Russian Government Amid Rumors He's "Bargaining Chip" In Trump-Russia Summit

By Tyler Durden: As President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin prepare for their historic summit in Helsinki, where they're expected to try to work out a compromise that could open the door to Russia returning to the G-8 - or at least a softening of US sanctions - speculation is mounting that Edward Snowden, the former government contractor, who blew the lid off the NSA's expansive domestic surveillance programs, is being considered by his Russian handlers as a potential bargaining chip, according to the Duran.
SnowdenThis, despite the fact that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly insisted that the Russian government has no plans to hand over Snowden to the US, where he would likely face a lengthy prison sentence.
"I have never discussed Edward Snowden with [Donald Trump’s] administration," Lavrov told Channel 4’s Cathy Newman. He added that President Vladimir Putin had addressed the issue years ago, however.
"When he was asked the question, he said this is for Edward Snowden to decide. We respect his rights, as an individual. That is why we were not in a position to expel him against his will, because he found himself in Russia even without a US passport, which was discontinued as he was flying from Hong Kong,” Lavrov recalled.

Women And The 34 Hour Work Week

"More women are experiencing dangerous burnouts at work, it says, at once a nod to the reality that too much work is bad for you and equally an acknowledgement that the authors didn't give a shit about it until it started effecting women." Said Paul Elam.

Airbus (Br)Exiting The UK

Max and Stacy discuss Airbus (Br)exiting the UK with thousands of high paying jobs. On a positive note for British workers, however, picking fruit is actually kind of fun … allegedly. They also discuss Germany’s big, fat Greek profits. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Simon Dixon of BnkToTheFuture.com about ICOs, equity tokens and the future of crypto regulations.

Is One Man About To Collapse German Politics As We Know It?

Authored by Jorg Luyken: On Sunday the Christian Social Union (CSU) are set to meet to vote on whether to back Horst Seehofer in his plan to turn asylum seekers back at the German border. If Seehofer follows through, the move will have incalculable consequences for German politics.

What is the problem?

Germany's conservative parties are a little like two crime families who work together as long as one stays off the other's turf. This has worked out pretty well over several decades as the CSU have sat in power in Munich, while the CDU dominated politics on the federal level.
There were unwritten rules to their collaboration though. Whereas the mafia (at least in the films) drew a line at bringing drugs into the country, the unspoken code of German conservative politics was: no immigrants (or at least, not too many).
When Angela Merkel decided not to close the borders as thousands of refugees crossed the border in 2015 she broke this rule. Ever since then the ageing boss of the CSU, Horst Seehofer, has been seething. Throw into the mix a hot-headed upstart who is challenging Seehofer's grip on power in the CSU and you not only have the ingredients for a ropy Hollywood movie, but also for real-life German politics.

Why Would A Woman Care About Men's Issues?

HoneyBadgerRadio: When I was a girl I tried to sell hot chocolate in the desert. I really liked hot chocolate and I thought because I liked it, of course, other people would like it! So I mixed up a batch of hot chocolate in a thermos, pulled some mugs from the kitchen and set up a table on the driveway outside my family’s home with a handmade cardboard sign: ‘Hot chocolate 5 royals”
The day was a sweltering 114 degrees F; ripples of heat rose from the pavement as I sat waiting for my first customer. I waited a long time, car after car just passed on by. Till one slowed down and pulled to the curb. The driver rolled the window down and I thought “Yay!