4 Jul 2018

Psychoanalysing NATO: Projection

Here’s a simple rule of thumb, which helps understand NATO’s behavior: Every time the US-led bloc accuses Russia of doing something you know it's doing it itself.
Authored by Patrick Armstrong: "NATO" can be a rather elusive conceptLibya was a NATO operation, even though Germany kept out of itSomalia was not a NATO operation even though Germany was in it. Canada, a founding NATO member, was in Afghanistan but not in Iraq. Some interventions are NATO, others aren't. But it doesn't really mean much because NATO is only a box of spare parts out of which Washington assembles "coalitions of the willing". So it's easier for me to write "NATO" than "Washington plus/minus these or those minions".
We are told – incessantly – that Putin is "Winning the Information War", "We have no counterattack to Russia’s information warfare". Nonsense. The real information war is being conducted by the British Army's "77th Brigade", the soldiers of Fort Bragg, NATO's Centre of Excellence in Tallinn. Or by the BBC, RFE/RL, Deutsch Welle, AFP et al; each of whose budgets is many multiples of RT's. They manipulate; they dominate; they predate; Moscow is a minor newcomer.
I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or any other kind of psychist, but I cannot fail to notice the projection and gaslighting practised by Washington and its minions.

Cannabis Legalization Sweeps Nations

"The war on drugs is a crock of shit."
Said Lee.

Israel Official Talks Jewish Master Race

"A Freudian slip slid right out of his mouth. No surprise, I grew up as a Jew and we did see ourselves as a race with a religion tacked on to it. Jewish blood flowed through our veins I was taught and infused us with intellectual and moral superiority. As a kid I didn't buy it, I saw Jews as neurotics and by contrast gentiles as well adjusted, ...I didn't buy into a better than thou creed. Ex-Jew Nathanael.

Palestine In Pictures: June 2018

Israeli death forces IDF killed 14 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip during the month of June. Click images to enlarge.
Electronic Intifada: Three additional Palestinians, including 14-year-old Zakariya Said Mustafa Bashbash, succumbed to wounds sustained during previous months while protesting along Gaza’s eastern boundary with Israel.
More than 170 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire so far this year. Six Israelis were killed by Palestinians during the same period, none during June.
All but two of those Palestinians killed during the month were slain in Gaza, mostly during demonstrations organized under the banner of the Great March of Return.
Around 140 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, and some 4,000 wounded by live fire, since the launch of those protests on 30 March.

It's OK When We Do It! Feminist Hypocrisy At NYU

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