5 Jul 2018

A Man Takes A Stand

By Mark Dent: I have a new hero. His name is David Leyonhjelm and he is a senator in our federal parliament. Last week he caused a furore here in Australia when he told a rabid feminist senator Sarah Hanson Young to “stop shagging men.” When she confronted him with confected outrage he simply told her to “fuck off.”
Why did he say it?
I have already written about the rape and murder of a young woman in Melbourne a few weeks ago. The issue of protection for women was being discussed in the Senate.  Let Mr. Leyonhjelm explain what happened in his own words.
“She called out something that I’m 99% sure was ‘If only men would stop raping women,’ so she was saying that in the context of why they need something for self defense (mace was suggested), the inference being that men are collectively responsible for such attacks as happened in Melbourne. I responded by saying ‘Stop shagging men.’
“She was effectively saying ‘the enemy is men. ‘I was responding by saying, ‘you’re sleeping with the enemy’. What I was objecting to was the misandry, the blaming of men for the actions of individual criminals.”
What followed can only be imagined. The media melted and expressed outrage over this dinosaur..this uncouth relic from a dark, bygone era.

Genuine Trade War

Max and Stacy discuss stock market investors acting as if a genuine trade war has erupted between China and the U.S. They also look at nations, including Russia, stockpiling gold at the same time. In the second half, Max continues his interview with French journalist, Pierre Jovanovic, of Quotidien.com about the economic situation and France and political crisis in Europe.

SPLC Finally Getting Sued Over Their Lies

Raging Golden EagleLooks like some people are finally starting to take advantage of our existing libel and slander laws to hold groups like the Southern Poverty Lie Center accountable for the lies they have been spreading!

Honest Government Ad - Visit The Northern Territory!

thejuicemedia: The Australien Government has made a tourism ad for the Northern Territory and it's surprisingly honest and informative. 👽

How To Make Your Life A Declaration Of Independence

"Our culture is just so incredibly dependent...Freedom is terrifying to most people because it means that they and they alone, are responsible for the actions that they take. An independent person succeeds or fails on his or her own merit..."
Authored by Daisy Luther: A couple of centuries ago, our country’s Founding Fathers wrote and signed a declaration of our independence from another country. They included a bill of the rights that they wished to ensure for their descendants. While not perfect people, by any means, they tried to create a nation of liberty that would go on for centuries to come.
What people seem to be missing is that the Bill of Rights isn’t a list of 'privileges' granted to us by gray-haired rich men in the 1700s. We are endowed with natural human rights from the moment we are born.  We also bear the responsibility to protect our independence from those who would subjugate us.
Fast forward to our current day. Human ingenuity has come so far in many ways, but at the same time, many have lost that spark of liberty, that sense of compassion, and that pride that urges us to achieve even greater things. There are so many people in our country who are just ready to turn over all control of their lives and wait for a handout.