7 Jul 2018

Orwellian Australia Will Now Fine Parents Twice A Month If They Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids

Authored by Emma FialaAustralia’s “No Jab, No Pay” policy just got a little stronger, or at least more insistent. Under the previous policy, parents who did not keep their children up to date on vaccinations would miss out on a one-time, end-of-the-year tax benefit called Family Tax Benefit Part A, valued at AU$737. Under the updated policy, those same parents will instead lose AU$28 every two weeks while their child is not up to date.
Australia’s Minister for Social Services, Dan Tehan, said in a statement: Immunization is the safest way to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Parents who don’t immunize their children are putting their own kids at risk as well as the children of other people.”
The expanded No Jab, No Pay policy went into effect on July 1, 2018.
While parents will miss out on approximately the same amount of money in the end, the updated policy serves as a more “constant reminder” that the government of Australia wants all children vaccinated, according to Tehan.

Feminist Abby Gilmore Thinks Men's BBQ Banter Leads To Murder!

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Another Father Died To Save His Children

Via MIKE BUCHANAN, J4MB: piece in today’s Times:

A Canadian man died protecting his children from a polar bear that attacked the family on the shore of a small island on the western edge of Hudson Bay.
Aaron Gibbons and his children were on Century Island, a strip of land six miles from the mainland hamlet of Arviat, where locals go to fish and hunt.
“He was enjoying a day with his children,” Mr Gibbons’s uncle, Gordon Kidlapid, said. The children are believed to be of primary school age. “They were surprised by a bear that had started to stalk or charge toward one of his children.”
Polar bears are regularly seen on the island and Mr Gibbons, 31, was thought to have taken a rifle with him on Wednesday. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said he did not have the gun to hand when the bear attacked, and he faced it unarmed.
“He told his children to run to the boat while he was putting himself between the bear and his children to protect them,”

How The United Kingdom Became A Police State

Authored by Neema ParviniThis article will demonstrate how the United Kingdom has steadily become a police state over the past twenty years, weaponizing its institutions against the people and employing Orwellian techniques to stop the public from seeing the truth. It will demonstrate, contrary to official narratives, that both overall levels of crime and violent crime have been increasing, not decreasing, as the size of the state in the UK has gotten bigger. It will also expose how the Labour government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown from 1997 to 2010, deliberately obscured real crime data with estimated crime rates based on survey data as opposed to the real numbers. I will demonstrate that, contrary to popular opinion perpetuated by progressive myths, life was much safer in Britain during the era of classical laissez-faire from the 1850s to 1911.
In his 10 years in power from 1997 to 2007, Tony Blair passed an astonishing 26,849 laws in total, an average of 2,663 per year or 7.5 a day. The Labour Party continued this madness under Gordon Brown who broke the record in 2008 by passing 2,823 new laws, a 6% increase on even his megalomaniac predecessor. In 2010, Labour’s last year in power before handing over the reigns to the Blairite social radical, David Cameron, there was a 54% surge in privacy cases brought against public bodies, and the Cabinet were refusing freedom of information requests at a rate of 51%. The vast number of new laws under Labour does not count the 2,100 new regulations the EU passed in 2006 alone, which apparently is average for them.

What’s The Problem With Men Supporting Jordan Peterson?

'We are women who are coming to understand our capacity for both good and evil, who are ready to take responsibility for our lives, and who don’t feel threatened by empowered men.'

By Mila DavisDr. Jordan Peterson, bestselling author of 12 Rules for Life, University of Toronto psychology professor, and influential public speaker, has taken the media by storm. To the dismay of feminists and the radical left, the number of his supporters keeps skyrocketing. Both, men and women like Peterson, but you would never guess from reading most articles about him.  Whether it’s The New York TimesThe Chronicle, or The Guardian, they all make sure to highlight the maleness of Peterson’s followers.
It’s not just that an objective observation about the genitalia of his supporters is being made, however. The media just can’t stop rubbing, scratching, and clawing. It’s as if the aforementioned genitalia are infested with crabs. In the now infamous Channel 4 News interview, journalist Cathy Newman asked Peterson, “Does it bother you that your audience is predominately male?” While at first this question may not appear unusual or even critical, it certainly is. Has anyone ever asked Oprah a similar question about her female audience?  Of course not.