10 Jul 2018

The Absolute State Of #Brexit

"Theresa the appeaser!"
Sargon of Akkad: Britain is a country of lions being led by a jellyfish.

Bloodstained Men & Friends March On Market Street

Bonobo3D: This video follows, "Bloodstained Men & Friends March on Market Street" a continuation of, "Bloodstained Men - Pride Week Demonstration Ferry Building" posted here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjbxC...In this video Laura Linker talks with a man who describes his reaction to the movie "Desert Flower" about FGM survivor Waris Dirie; he easily makes the connection between female and male genital mutilation. Harry Guiremand discusses the dynamics of facing the public as he, Brother K, Laura and her daughter, Dominic Barba, Brett Johnson and Simon ten Kate march on Market Street to the San Francisco Pride Festival.

John Lydgate’s Early-15th-Century Poem Of Warning To Men, In Modern English

Look well about you who lovers be,
let not your lusts lead you to dotage.
Be not enamored with all things that you see:
Samson the strong and Solomon the sage,
deceived were for all their great courage.
Men deem it right that they see with eye,
but ever beware: the blind swallows many a fly!

I mean of women, for all their sexy looks,
trust not too much; their truth is oft lacking.
The fairest outer they can well-construct.
Their steadfastness lasts only a season;
they feign friendliness and work at treason.
And since they are changeable naturally,
beware, therefore: the blind swallows many a fly.

America Bombs, Europe Gets The Refugees - That's Evil

Authored by Eric Zuesse: The US Government (with France and a few other US allies) bombs Libya, Syria, etc.; and the US regime refuses to accept any of the resulting refugees — the burdens from which are now breaking the EU, and the EU is sinking in economic competition against America’s international corporations. America’s corporations remain blithely unscathed by not only the refugees that are breaking up the EU, but also by the EU’s economic sanctions against Russia, Iran, and other allies of governments that the US regime is trying to overthrow in its constant invasions and coups.
The US Government makes proclamations such as “Assad must go!” — but by what right is the US Government involved, at all, in determining whom the leaders in Syria will be? Syria never invaded the US In fact, Syria never invaded anywhere (except, maybe, Israel, in order to respond against Israel’s invasions). Furthermore, all polling, even by Western pollsters, shows that Bashar al-Assad would easily win any free and fair election in Syria.
 The US Government claims to support democracy, but it does the exact opposite whenever they want to get rid of a Government that is determined to protect that nation’s sovereignty over its own national territory, instead of to yield it to the US regime, or to any other foreigners. The US regime has virtually destroyed the United Nations.