12 Jul 2018

Reason For The Pink Tax

Julie Borowski: The pink tax refers to the extra amount women are charged for certain goods and service. Is this because of sexism or differences between the spending habits of men and women?

Another Palestinian Village Faces Inhuman Jews Demolishing Their Homes: Welcome To The Jewish State Abu Nuwar Gulag

While the Bedouin village of Khan al Ahmar has been getting worldwide attention, it is not the only target for demolition by the Jewish supremacist regime's expansionism. Nearly one tenth of the residents of Abu al Nuwar just became homeless thanks to an illegal policy in which the Jewish Israel regime refuses to grant building permits to the indigenous Palestinians who need to build, because they are Goyim and Shiksers and not members of the self proclaimed Jewish master race; when they build without a Jewish regime permit their homes are routinely destroyed by the Jews.
Israeli death forces IDF demolished nine homes and three agricultural buildings in the Palestinian Bedouin community of Abu Nuwar at 9:00AM on July 4, 2018. Abu Nuwar lies on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem in the central West Bank.
Ma’an News reported that Israeli forces raided the village, evicted locals from their homes, removed some of their belongings, and then demolished the structures. Israeli human rights group B’Tselem estimates that the demolitions left 62 people newly homeless.
According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), at least 670 Palestinians live in Abu Nuwar, 88 percent of whom are refugees. Abu Nuwar is located in Area C of the West Bank on the outskirts of Jerusalem, meaning it is under full Jewish death forces IDF and civil control.

Marriages Between Rich Old Men And Poor Young Women

By Author Douglas Galbi: Marriages between rich old men and poor young women can regrettably experience difficulties. These marriages can contribute greatly to reducing wealth inequality. However, men under the oppressive social construction of gender experience crushing pressure to perform. Poor young women married to rich old men should make a special effort to encourage and support their husbands’ sexuality.
All wives, and especially young women married to old men, should guard against circumstances that might cause their husbands to become exhausted. One issue is men’s tendency toward competitiveness and men’s disregard for their own age and health. Consider the case of an old man married to a young woman in early fifteenth-century Florence. A handsome young nobleman fell in love with the wife. Nightly he would serenade her from the street outside her home. This became a mortal issue for the husband. He met with the young man’s father, a good friend for years, and bitterly complained that his son was killing him. The friend, horrified, asked how that could be. The husband explained:

Feminist Hypocrisy On Full Display Once Again

Raging Golden Eagle: So apparently the listen and believe, power + privilege, and victim blaming narratives ALL go out the window when it's one of their own who's accused of sexual harassment! ONLY THEN can it be called a witch hunt!

NATO Is A Con Game

Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer: Okay, well, Trump did it again. Antagonizing allies. This time it was Germany that took the main hit, over the fact that it pays Russia billions of dollars for oil and gas while relying on the US for its defense … against Russia. And yes, that is a strange situation. But it’s by no means the only angle to the story. There are many more.
For one thing, The US has by far the largest military industry. So it makes a lot of money off the billions already spent by NATO partners on weaponry. Of course Raytheon, Boeing et al would like to see them spend more. But once they would have done that, they would clamor for even more after.
At some point one must ask how much should really be spent. How much is enough, how much is necessary. The military-industrial complex (MIC) has every reason to make the threat posed by ‘enemies’ as big as they possibly can. So knowing that, we must take media reports on this threat with tons of salt.
And that is not easy. Because the MIC has great influence in politics and the lame stream media.

Jews On The Moon

'The images of hundreds of Israeli snipers shooting unarmed Palestinian youngsters don’t reflect well on
the Jewish State.'
Satire by Gilad Atzmon: Jews around the world are so excited this week! On Tuesday, Israel announced that it will launch its first mission to the moon in December 2018. 
Most Jewish organization have accepted that planet Earth has become too dangerous for the sons and the daughters of Israel. The decision to launch a spacecraft to the moon was triggered by an online poll conducted by the Global Campaign Against anti Jewish Bigotry (CAAJB). It revealed that one in six Jews (17%) reported feeling unwelcome on Earth. The online poll also found that 31.8% of world Jews had considered moving to another planet, preferably the moon, a rise from 28.2% recorded in last year’s CAAJB’s poll. 
Various Zionists organisations have welcomed the new Jewish cosmic adventure. Zionists promised to make Jews into ‘people like all other people.’ Israel vowed to bring to life a new Hebrew, to eradicate the ghetto wall, to make the Israelite loving and beloved. However, the images of hundreds of Israeli snipers shooting unarmed Palestinian youngsters don’t reflect well on the Jewish State.