17 Jul 2018

Silencing Diversity In The Name Of Diversity

'Fear of Musilms might be rational. As things stand, we in the West have been actively engaged in the destruction of Muslims and their countries for at least a century.'
By Gilad Atzmon: In my latest book, Being in Time – a Post Political Manifesto, I explored different tactics used by the New Left – a loose collective of Frankfurt School graduates -- to destroy political diversity and intellectual exchange.  I concluded that the ‘new order’ is maintained by ensuring that so-called ‘correctness’ dominates our vocabulary.  We are drowning in jargon, slogans and sound bites designed to suppress authentic thinking and more important, to suppress humane intellectual exchange. As I finished writing the book, I understood that this new language is a well-orchestrated attempt to obliterate our Western Athenian ethos in favor of a new Jerusalemite regime of ‘correctness.’
Yesterday I was interviewed  by Pakistani Journalist Tazeen Hasan. She was interested in my take on Islamophobia.  Hasan, I guess, expected me to denounce Islamophobia.  Since I am opposed to any form of bigotry*, hatred of Muslims is no exception. Though I am obviously troubled and strongly disagree with the views that are voiced with the so-called 'Islamophbes,'  I am also troubled by the notion of ‘Islamophobia’.
'The tyrannical regime of correctness is a Machiavellian operation that in the name of ‘diversity,’ attempts to eliminate diversity all together. It dismisses the concerns of the so called ‘enemy’ by labelling them as irrational fears.'

Senator David Leyonhjelm On Lauren Southern's Visa Battle & The Sarah Hanson-Young Battle

Bettina Arndt speaks with Senator David Leyonhjelm on Lauren Southern's visa battle.

Trans Community v Zionist Apartheid Supporter Scarlett 'Let's Kill More Palestinians To Get Ahead In Hollywood' Johansson

Never go full retard. Regards, 🐻

Walk Away ~ From Misandric Culture

By : Misandry is on the rise across the Western world. An American academic has recently asked why can’t we hate men? in The Washington Post. A Canadian academic wrote a book arguing that women should have a right to kill their husbands if they’ve (allegedly) been victims of intimate partner violence.
Meanwhile in Australia feminists keep calling for a curfew for men. Aside from the inherent immorality of trying to enforce a curfew on an entire gender the idea of a curfew for men has some interesting implications. Such a curfew would have to apply to all men – no exceptions. Since women constitute a small minority of police and fire fighters a male curfew would doom all women in these occupations to permanent night duty. In addition supermarket shelves across the country would start to empty out as trucks are used extensively to move food around Australia and a curfew for men would, at the very least, mean that these trucks were not moving half of the time. Meanwhile Australian men are being bombarded with demands that they must change (in to what exactly?).
While we work towards confronting the misandry prevalent across the West we can cast our eyes outward. It’s long been the privilege of the wealthy to be able to have homes around the world or to be able to buy an island to get some privacy. While buying islands will remain out of reach for most, the reality is that increasing options are opening up for middle class Westerners. With misandry sky rocketting across the West it may be time for MGTOW, MRAs (both single and those in a relationship), and like-minded people to start planning their exit strategies.