26 Jul 2018

Israel’s National Bill And The Jewish Solidarity Spin

'The bill reveals that in the Jewish State Jews and goyim are not equal citizens.'
By Gilad Atzmon: Last Thursday the Israeli Knesset adopted Israel’s National Bill. The law specifies that self-determination is "exclusive" to the Jewish people. It endorses the establishment of Jews-only settlements as a part of Israel’s national interests.  The National Bill demotes Arabic from an official national language to "special” status. Israel’s national symbols include the Israeli flag, the menorah, Jewish holidays, the Hatikva national anthem, the Hebrew calendar and Israel's Independence Day.
The new National Bill legislates what has been an active policy of segregation and discrimination by Israeli authorities since Israel’s inception. As many critics of the bill noted, the bill reveals that in the Jewish State Jews and goyim are not equal citizens.
It is crucial to point out that the bill doesn’t define Israel as ‘the Judaic State.” It repeatedly refers to Israel as the state of the ‘Jewish People.’ In Hebrew, the law is named the ‘Nation Bill.’ The law refers to the ‘Jewish State’ and the ‘Jewish folk.’ It provides an invaluable glimpse into the true meaning of Jewishness particularly as perceived by Israeli Jews.

Restore Faith In CPS, New Director Max Hill Is Told

Angelo: Many high profile and powerfully positioned UK civil servants are such craven Zio-fascist shills that they are happy to support the Jewish state terror networks ISIS et al after the attempted achieved and/or failed balkanizations by importing the same lunatics to the UK. Why doesn't the Jewish state pick up it's own shit is the question that comes to mind. Not only do they control our government and subvert our taxes to their Jewish-Zio-terrorist agenda, but this stinking so-called Jewish state wants us to clear up its mess afterwards too.
Via : A piece by Frances Gibb, Legal Editor, in today’s Times, emphases ours:

The next director of public prosecutions needs to restore badly dented confidence in the Crown Prosecution Service after a series of collapsed trials, lawyers said yesterday.
Max Hill, 54, whose appointment to the £204,000-a-year job was announced on Tuesday, must also prove to right-wing critics that his liberal credentials do not undermine the reputation of the country’s top prosecutor.
The QC has come under fire in his role as the independent reviewer of terrorism laws for meeting an Islamist group that praised the terrorist known as Jihadi John as a “beautiful man.”
The Conservative MP Philip Davies has called Mr Hill a “politically correct snowflake” and among some lawyers he is referred to as “TV’s own Max Hill”, a jibe at his high media profile.