29 Jul 2018

Cassie Jaye Interview - #ICMI2018

Ewan Jones interviews Cassie Jaye, director and star of the documentary film 'The Red Pill', at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018.

Anthony Bourdain’s Toxic Masculinity

By : Anthony Bourdain killed himself on the 8th of last month, which by today’s standards for news cycles makes it ancient history. Just the same, and despite the fact that I’ve already addressed this, I want to take a second look at what happened considering information that has come to the surface in the days after his death.
I took the position at the time, and still do, that his suicide was primarily a product of being suicidal. Or in other words, he died because he wanted to. No great mystery to unwrap. Well, unless you’re one of the nutcases I found in the comments who are bent on claiming that Bourdain’s supposed suicide was actually a CIA black op conducted on behalf of Hillary Clinton. I have taken the liberty to assume, to hope actually, that this is the same group of intellectual cripples that claim that school shootings like the one in Florida were also staged by government agents.
Stupid. It grows on trees these days.
Alex Jones worthy conspiracies aside, there is another reason to take a second look at the death of Anthony Bourdain. The story behind it is a worthy one in spite of the outcome, which, as I’ve already belabored, had a fixed outcome.