6 Aug 2018

Why Jewish State Israel Is Embracing Fascism In Europe

'Human rights groups recently petitioned the Israeli High Court to stop Israel’s export of weapons to neo-Nazi groups.'

By Ramzy Baroud: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Israel on July 19, where he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'The Baby Butcher of Gaza' Netanyahu and other officials. Orban’s visit would have not required much pause except that the Hungarian leader has been repeatedly branded for his often racist, anti-Semitic remarks.

So why is Orban wining and dining with the leaders of the so-called “Jewish State”?
The answer does not pertain only to Orban and Hungary, but to Israel’s attitude towards the rapidly growing far-right movements in Europe, as a whole. Netanyahu and Zionist leaders everywhere, are not just aware of this massive political shift in European politics but are, in fact, working diligently to utilize it in Israel’s favor.
On his visit to Israel, Orban asserted that Hungarian Jewish citizens should feel safe in his country, an odd statement considering that it was Orban and his party that deprived many Jews and other members of minority groups of any feeling of safety.

The Only Existential Threat To Russia Is Neoliberal Economics

'Unlike US, EU, UK, and Japanese government bonds, the Russian bonds pay good interest rates, and Russia has virtually no national debt, unlike the heavily indebted governments of the US, Europe, UK, and Japan.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This week I was interviewed on Russian TV about the possible new anti-Russian sanctions that Washington is considering that would prohibit anyone in the entirety of the world from holding Russian government bonds. Think about this for a moment. Washington thinks that Washington has the right and the power to block sovereign countries and their citizens from investing in Russian government bonds. Here we face arrogance that has developed into insanity.
The Russian bonds are an excellent investment. Unlike US, EU, UK, and Japanese government bonds, the Russian bonds pay good interest rates, and Russia has virtually no national debt, unlike the heavily indebted governments of the US, Europe, UK, and Japan.

Putin Appoints Steven Seagal To Strengthen US-Russia Ties

By Tyler Durden: The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that Hollywood action star Steven Seagal would be the country's new representative for Russian-US humanitarian ties, according to Reuters

The role was designed to "deepen cultural, art and youth ties" between the two nuclear superpowers.

The Russian Foreign Ministry likened Seagal’s new role to that of a U.N. goodwill ambassador and said that the actor, who is known for his martial arts prowess, would receive no salary.
“It’s a case of people’s diplomacy intersecting with traditional diplomacy,” the ministry said. -Reuters
US-Russia relations have been under seige since Russian President Vladimir Putin made the executive decision to annex Crimea in 2014 - stoking tensions with the West, which claims the Russian president acted above the law. 
Out for justice, the US and others imposed harsh sanctions against Russia, while the Ukrainian army has found itself on deadly ground facing off with Russian forces throughout the disputed region.

MRA-UK's Presentation At ICMI18

International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI18), 20-22 July 2018
By MRA-UK: This was the fourth such conference. YouTube videos of the presentations at the previous three can be found as follows: 2014, 8-10 July 2016, 9-11 June 2017. Videos from the 2018 conference will appear in due course. The text of my own presentation is below.
Men and Boys in the UK: Edited Lowlights (ICMI18, 20th July 2018)
In the text below, [N] denotes references/notes listed at the end. There are powerpoint slides in this accompanying file.
When Mike asked me to speak my immediate reaction was “can you give me a series of 20 two-hour lectures, so I can begin to do justice to the material?” That was hardly a practical proposition. But you take my point. These matters – and I mean these male disadvantages slide 2 – are broad in scope and deep in origin and import. All I can do is give a few illustrations, and I’ll concentrate on the UK. But first a couple of preliminaries.
Firstly, Identity Politics – surely the curse of our time. I might be accused of being just another Identity Politician, with my preferred identity group being males. The simplest way to refute that is via this quote from the heart of identity politics: “equality does not mean treating everyone the same” [1]. I rather thought it did. But that’s because I’m not an identity politician.
Then there’s victimhood. Some people will claim that anyone who talks about these male disadvantages is just playing at victimhood Olympics, and so is no better than a feminist [2]. But that’s wrong, and for a very important reason.

Polish "Vagina Beer" Contains "Vaginal Bacteria" From Two Creepy Slappers

By Tyler Durden: A Polish brewery has produced a unique concoction; beer with vaginal lactic acid from two creepy slappers, Paulina and Monika, whose "essences" are captured by a gynaecologist and treated by a laboratory in the city of Poznan in order to isolate the specific bacteria required for production, according to CEO Wojciech Mann. 
"When you drink this beer, you realize that originally there was a beautiful woman who was maybe taking a shower, dancing or laughing at the very moment. You feel a close connection with this woman,” the owner of the brewery Wojciech Mann told Sputnik.
The brew, made by "The Order of Yoni" (Yoni being the Sanskrit word for vagina) boasts 8% alcohol by volume and comes in two versions; Bottled Lust and Bottled Passion. Lust contains a "subtle nutmeg aroma and is produced using Paulina's vaginal bacteria," while Passion is a "classic light beer made from the essence of Monika's vagina."