7 Aug 2018

ICMI'18 Anil Kumar

What I Learned From A Hate Speech Strike

johntheother: Transition your child and put him/her on puberty blockers right away!

Mike Buchanan Interview - #ICMI2018

Ewan Jones interviews Mike Buchanan, the host of the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018. Mike is head of the political party Justice for Men and Boys. He is a tireless men's rights activist, and he is feared by radical feminists all over the world.

The UK Has Abandoned The Presumption Of Innocence

The ‘golden thread’ of English law has been eroded by judges and lawmakers.
By Jon Holbrook: The presumption of innocence has traditionally been cherished by lawmakers and judges, one of whom described it, in 1935, as the ‘golden thread’, always to be seen ‘throughout the web of the English criminal law’. But today its popularity is on the wane, and in some situations has been replaced by a presumption of possible guilt, in which suspicion alone can destroy livelihoods and reputations.
Last week, the UK Supreme Court gave judgement in a case brought by a taxi driver, who is only known as AR. He was acquitted of rape by a jury at Bolton Crown Court in 2011. He left that court a free man. He had no prior convictions. As far as he was concerned, no one had a right to doubt his good character. But he was wrong. When this thirtysomething married man with children, who was a qualified teacher with a first-class degree, applied to teach in colleges, the police disclosed the rape allegation to his prospective employers and ended his teaching prospects. He tried to return to his previous job, as a taxi driver, but the same police disclosure again denied him his livelihood.

Musa Locosa: Vital Medieval Poetic Medicine For Pedestalizing Women

: In response to Dante Alighieri’s Beatrice-pedestalizing Vita Nuova, Giovanni Boccaccio offered the public the powerful poetic medicine of his Corbaccio. Unfortunately, from medieval times to the present, poetry challenging men’s pedestalization of women has largely been relegated to obscurity within gynocentric society. That hurts women by denying women’s humanity. To better serve women, men must collect and study marginalized poetic works celebrating women’s humanity.

caricature of medieval descriptions of female beauty
Men by nature have a propensity to pedestalize women and to imagine that women are like angels. Women’s beauty so overwhelms and transforms men’s minds that they perceive superhuman marvels. The Fair Maid of Ribblesdale, a Middle English poem from no later than the first half of the fourteenth century, exemplifies the problem. The poem begins with a man’s desperate fantasy:
If I were to ride through Ribblesdale
to choose among wild women,
and have whichever one I wanted,
I would find the fairest one
who was ever made of blood and bone —