11 Aug 2018

Burger King Debunks The Pink Tax In Their Own Propaganda! + Debunking the Pink Tax - Terrence Popp

Raging Golden Eagle: They put out a video trying to raise awareness of the dreaded pink tax, and then proceeded to debunk it in their own video! The best part is nobody over there caught this...

Dear Young Men

By : #MeToo is a deeply flawed movement – and, besides the innocent lives that it’s claimed, one of the most pernicious effects it’s having is the re-engineering of human interactions. Men, collectively, have been doing nothing wrong. Women, collectively, have no aversion to men showing sexual interest in them. And yet, I keep seeing young men wracked with shame, believing that their instincts are base and promising to lead their lives according to feminist dictates. Gentlemen, you are breaking my heart and you are on paths to break your own.
Before I go on, I want to address the MGTOW reader: I fully support your decision and I wish you a secure and fulfilling life. With this piece of writing, I am not advocating for young men to choose to pursue romantic relationships with women – I am, rather, aware that many will choose to do that and I want to talk to them about navigating that way of life without the undue shame that so many are self-reporting.
Historically, there have been swings between prudish oppression of sexuality and liberation. We are highly lucky to be living in a time of relative liberation. But we need to defend our freedoms. There is an innate goodness in the natural romantic interplay of human beings – sometimes funny or tragic when misdirected, sometimes utterly beautiful when it brings two people together to create something meaningful.

Iran Sanctions Are An Act Of War

By Will Porter: Having unilaterally stepped out of the Iran nuclear deal in May, the Trump administration reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic earlier this week, part of another so-called “maximum pressure” campaign.
The new sanctions will target Iran’s purchases of U.S. dollars, precious metals trading, industrial software, Iran’s coal industry and its automotive sector. Sanctions on Iran’s oil industry are also set to begin in November. 
All of the above is sure to inflict pain on Iran’s civilian population.
Indeed, that is a common intended effect of sanctions: to impose suffering on civilians in hopes they will pressure their own government to comply with American demands. 
Not only does such an economic offensive amount to an act of war, the idea that sanctions will spur citizens to action is not borne out in practice, especially in Iran. The more likely result is to inspire a siege mentality in the populace—who instead view their leaders as their protectors—while also reinforcing hatred for the West.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi put it well in a recent press conference: “[S]anctions destroy societies and do not weaken regimes.”

Cracks In The Wall: Beyond Apartheid In Palestine/Israel

By Rod Such: The Minnesota lawmaker Betty McCollum recently took to the floor of the US House of Representatives, urging her colleagues to sign an unprecedented bill that would prohibit Israel from using US military aid to imprison Palestinian children.
This development underscores what journalist and author Ben White describes in his latest book, Cracks in the Wall, as the beginning of the end of bipartisan support for the State of Israel.
White identifies three fissures that have important implications for Palestine’s future: US Democrats who speak out for Palestinian rights, Jewish Americans who oppose the occupation and in some cases support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, and the growing number of local authorities in Europe that are embracing BDS.
White assesses the Democratic Party soberly and without exaggerating the inroads made to date. Nevertheless, he convincingly demonstrates that the cracks indeed exist, noting as just one example the unmistakable opposition from Democrats to President Donald Trump’s appointment of David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel.
Where previously such appointments sailed through the US Congress without complication, this time 46 Democratic senators voted against the nomination of Friedman, an open supporter of Israel’s illegal settlements.

Mother And Toddler Killed In Gaza By Jewish Israeli Death Forces IDF

IAK: On August 9, 2018, Israeli death forces airstrikes on Gaza civilians killed Enas Khammash, 23, and her 18-month-old daughter Bayan. Enas was nine-months pregnant with another daughter, whom she had named Hayat, Arabic for “Life.”
U.S. lame stream media paid little attention to these deaths, rarely even reporting their names.
Virtually all framed their news stories as Israel allegedly “responding” to Palestinian attacks, despite the fact that Israeli  death forces had first killed two Palestinians in the recent round of violence, and that Israeli death forces have killed 172 Gazans in the past four+ months (including children, medics, women, journalists, etc), while Gazan resistance fighters have killed one Jew in retaliation, a member of the Jewish Israeli death forces.