19 Aug 2018

Senator Rand Paul On His Recent Trip To Russia

Ron Paul: US senator Rand Paul has stressed the importance of normalizing relations with Russia rather than the status quo of diplomatic isolationism. He recently returned from a trip to Russia and discusses his progress.

Catcalling Is Now A Crime In France

Barbara4u2c: From now on you can get fined over a whistle and that is the most important thing that needed attention in the great big France. Alrighty.

The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England, Part 1

Authored by Sylvain LaForest: Even though a vast majority of the population admits the saying that history is written by those who win the wars, most are unwilling to question its core and rather choose to accept that what they’re being told by their government controlled education and mainstream media reflects reality.
We have to keep in mind that our knowledge of the Second World War was mostly redacted by American and Western historians that carried over time a deeply fake idea of reality. In an ironic way, this makes of history a very interesting and lively subject today, since this overall incomprehension of WW2 allows a researcher to solve in July 2018 an event like the parachuting of Rudolf Hess in England on May 10th 1941, which has remained an event shrouded in mystery for 77 years.

The Usual Misandric Misinformation About A Levels

By MRA-UK: Exactly one year ago to the day I posted “Boys Beating Girls in A-Levels? – Err, No” pointing out how grossly misleading were the newspaper headlines in respect of A Level results, e.g., in the Telegraph, “Boys beat girls to top grades for first time in 17 years”.
The statistical sleight of hand which is being pulled here relates to focussing on the percentages of each sex gaining top grades, as opposed to the absolute number of each sex gaining top grades – see the previous post for details.
The misinformation continues again this year. For example, the headline in today’s Times is, “A levels: Boys benefit from new regime as A*s soar and pass mark falls“, and tells us that, “boys outperformed girls at the top end” because they were “awarded a higher proportion of A*s and As for the second year in a row“. Whilst The Guardian informs us that, “Boys led girls in the top grades for the second year running. The proportion of boys who got A or higher was 26.6%, 0.4 percentage points higher than girls (26.2%)“.
You may find the absolute numbers hard to get hold of – the newspapers will not help you. I have used this source as the basis of the Figures below – which speak for themselves. Data is for England and Wales.
Salient points for 2018, across all subjects,
  • There were 80,986 (22.2%) more graded A Level entries by girls than by boys;
  • At grades A*, A and B the excess of girls over boys was 2,866, 16,890 and 33,638 respectively (a total of 53,394 across the three grades);

Monsanto And Its Bought Scientists Have Initiated The Destruction Of The Human Race

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Only eat organic. Do not eat processed foods and GMOs.