24 Aug 2018

Memes That'll Get You Banned From SMedia #1 Asia Argento

Actress Asia Argento speaks about being raped by Harvey Weinstein during the closing ceremony of the 71st international film festival, Cannes, southern France 2018

A Young Boy’s Fight To Live With His Dad v Mum & State

Bettina Arndt

Ahed Tamimi Speaks Of Torture In Jewish Dungeons

Press TV: Palestinian teenage resistance icon, Ahed Tamimi, has spoken about the ordeal she went through in Israeli Dungeons and the dire conditions for female Palestinian prisoners. Tamimi also spoke about the difficulties during her transfer from prison to court. Tamimi said she and her mother had iron cuffs placed on their hands and feet for hours. The comments come days after she was released from an Israeli Dungeon. The activist has vowed to continue the Palestinian struggle against the Jewish genocidal occupation. She also described her torment during interrogation sessions by Jewish torturers.

Good & Bad Signs For US Economy + Warmongers! Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Max and Stacy discuss the good signs and bad signs in the economic numbers as copper, oil and silver plunge, suggesting a slow down on the horizon. Yet small business confidence has soared and Americans are spending in restaurants like crazy. In the second-half of the show, Max interviews Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, about the role of Dash in helping the people of Venezuela.

Israeli Editor Says Pro-Israel Activism In UK Has Moved “Out Of The Shadows”

IAK: Israeli editor David Horovitz says that UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is a “racist and an antisemite” because of Corbyn’s support for Palestinian rights. Horovitz writes that the Jewish community, which had previously kept a low profile, is now publicly mobilizing against Corbyn: “It has moved out of the shadows and into the glare.”
Prominent Israeli editor David Horovitz writes in the Times of Israel that opposition to UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn over his actions in support of Palestinian rights has caused Britain’s Jewish community to become publicly active as never before.
Horovitz, founding editor of the Times of Israel, writes that in the past Jewish Britons kept a low profile and were far less public in their support of Israel than American groups.
In the U.S, Horovitz says, pro-Israel groups would publicly demonstrate their power:  “At the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC’s annual conference in Washington, DC, a gala dinner would be held for all the thousands of participants that began with an extraordinary display of political muscle: the roll call.

Palestinian Teen Artist Denied Visas To France, UK To Attend Exhibits Of Her Own Work

Palestinian artist Malak Mattar has had exhibitions around the world, but has never attended one of them outside Gaza. She has been denied visas recently to the UK and France.
From Telesur: Young Palestinian Artist Malak Mattar from Gaza said Monday that she was refused a visa to France and to the U.K., in order to be present at exhibitions of her own paintings in the European countries.
Malak is a young Palestinian artist who has had exhibitions of her paintings in several countries around the world but has not been able to attend one outside of Palestine. “It seems that the hatred of Palestinians, and the ambition to keep us from traveling and living normal lives, is shared by more than just Israel. However, I will never stop creating art,” she wrote in a Facebook post denouncing the denial of her visa applications.
“My dream is to just have the ability to be present with my paintings and attend my exhibition,” Mattar said after complaining that she was falsely accused of lying on her visa application for the U.K., “including the accusation that I was not a real student and that they didn’t believe my intentions.”
She started her visa application to France, in order to attend two exhibitions, in Paris and in Avignon and to paint in a studio. “I knew I would’ve had a great and warm welcome from my friends in France,” she emphasized. However, despite having handed every required document her visa was denied.

Western Civilization Is Now A Caricature Of Absurdity

This Is Not A Joke
Dr Paul Craig Roberts:
Dear Readers: If you have concluded that a small handful of crazed morons control the words we are permitted to use, you are correct. The LGBT (Lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) community has decided that the word “vagina” is not gender-inclusive. The new unbiased designation of vagina is “front hole.”
The health website Healthline, together with the National Institutes of Health, Human Rights Campaign, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth journal, and Fenway Health in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, the National LGBT Health Education Center, and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers have joined in the use of “front hole” as an “unbiased, inclusive, and contemporary term.”
One wonders how “front hole” qualifies as an unbiased gender neutral term. Does the male gender have a front hole? This effort to neutralize femaleness doesn’t work, but nevertheless it is the new politically correct term.
Healthline states that “it is simply not true” that “Healthline is now using the term ‘front hole’ instead of vagina,” but then corrects itself: “we use both front hole and vagina.