29 Aug 2018

Female Incredible Hulk + Becoming A MGTOW - MGTOW

Mr. Anonymous says: "Hi Sandman, I have had alot of trouble with my 2 Prior Relationships that I had Children with 2 different Women. I have alot of Child Support Debt $75000+ even though I have been in My Children's lives since they were born even Taking My Daughters away from their Mom in 2011 because she was using drugs. At many times in my life raising the children I have to pay 2 and 3 times for things they needed because the Mothers would have let My children go without and blame it on me.

Hyperbitcoinization + Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Max and Stacy discuss the historic first attempt at a (failed) national cryptocurrency and why it is likely to lead to further hyperbitcoinization. In the second half, Max interviews Tone Vays about why he taunts the ‘when lambo?’ crowd with his pessimistic price forecasts for bitcoin. They also discuss futures markets and institutional money in crypto.

Never Take Your Wife On A Hunting Trip

Neville, J4MB:

A 60yo man takes his wife with him on a hunting trip in the Rocky Mountains. He’s gone on many hunting trips before, this is her first time. After an hour walking trough the forest, he has a heart attack, and lies motionless on the ground.
His wife becomes hysterical and calls 911. Between sobs, she says to the man on the phone, “I’m on a hunting trip with my husband, he’s just had a heart attack, I think he might be dead.”
The man replies, “Well, can you make 100% sure?” She agrees to.
A few seconds later, two rifle shots ring out. The wife returns to the phone, and says, “OK, he’s DEFINITELY dead now. What next?”

Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters Slams Skripal Case as 'Nonsense'

This is what you figure out when you think for yourself,
as Roger Waters always has
Sputnik: The former leader of Pink Floyd has also blasted the White Helmets, a dubious Syrian volunteer organization which has been accused of staging videos of chemical attacks, as part of the "propaganda war," echoing the dismissive comments he made earlier this year.
The UK's Momentary Lapse of Reason
In an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestiya, former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters dismissed the infamous Skripal case as "nonsense." "That the attack on the Skripals was nonsense is clear to a person with half a brain. But some don't even have one half, that's why they believe in this absurd," he was quoted as saying by the newspaper.
The Skripal case unfolded in Salisbury, England in early March, when former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter were exposed to a nerve agent known as "Novichok." The UK rushed to accuse Russia of involvement in the attack, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.

John McCain's Last Dance - Tom Svenny

Maverick man from an Arizona town It's finally time to put him in the ground Gang of fourteen, gang of eight The one republican CNN can't hate He went down in a vietnamese town Sang like a bird the minute he touched down. He told the gooks this and he told the gooks that And he escaped untouched thanks to dear old dad Last dance for John McCain One based tumor in the brain I feel Charlie creepin' in and I'm Singin at the Hanoi Hilton Well I don't know what you've been told Why do evil men always get to grow old? His planes are blowin up, His planes are goin down Cuttin off the power in a small Spanish town Oh my my, oh hell yes Send some more money to ISIS