30 Aug 2018

Parts Of Censored Al Jazeera Documentary On D.C. Israel Lobby Leaked

Gilad Atzmon: As Britain is coming to terms with the depth and the vile tactics employed by Zionist political organisations, Haaretz reports today on the Israeli Lobby's activity that is set to obliterate  what is left of American values and political culture. Watch this now,   
Leaked clips from film, pulled by Al Jazeera  in bid to appease American  Jewish community, shows 'astroturfing' by college students involved with right-wing think tank, claims to reveal top U.S. donor of BDS blacklist.
Haaretz reports: Video excerpts and new details from the censored Al Jazeera documentary about the Israeli lobby in the United States have been leaked to select media outlets in recent days.

Central Banks Enrich A Select Few At The Expense Of Many

The message unanimously churned out by politicians, central bankers, and ‘mainstream’ economists is that central banks are there for the ‘greater good’. They provide the economy with sufficient money and credit, and they fight inflation, thereby supporting output and employment growth. What is more, central banks, are supposedly in a position to effectively fend off or at least mitigate financial and economic crises. However, unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.
Throughout history, central banks have been created, first and foremost, to fill governments' coffers. To increase the king's or elected government's financial means through an inflationary scheme – usually too elaborate and too treacherous for most people to see through. Central banks are instrumental for putting the ruler — or the ruling class — into a position where they can plunder the people on a grand scale and, by way of redistributing the loot, making a growing number of people financially and socially dependent on it.
To that end, central banks have been assigned the monopoly of money production. This has made it possible to replace commodities, or "natural money" with unbacked paper or fiat money. Central banks provide commercial banks with fiat central bank money, and commercial banks are free to pyramid a multiple of fiat commercial bank money on top of it. This is what monetary experts typically call a “fractional reserve banking system,” which is a genuinely inflationary scheme.

John McCain Dies In Jacksonville

DoctorRandomercam: In this installment of Coattail Clickbait month, we comedesize the polarisation of the politicisation of one or more tragedies. Can't wait to see if this gets the green tick. I MEAN IT'S 100% ORIGINAL

What Really Happened At The March For Men Australia

Dark lord George Soros funded Antifa
directed to attack men's right events
Sydney Watson: Here is the breakdown of what happened. We were able to raise $5,000 for Dads in Distress. So, thank you to everyone who came to the event. Amazing effort by all!

"It Was All A Set-Up" - Pentagon Whistleblower Exposes Russia Probe Reality

“Mr. Lovinger unwittingly shined a spotlight on the deep state’s secret weapon – Stefan Halper – and threatened to expose the truth about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative then being plotted: that it was all a set-up.”
Via SaraCarter.com: Adam Lovinger, a former Defense Department analyst, never expected that what he stumbled on during his final months at the Pentagon would expose an integral player in the FBI’s handling of President Donald Trump’s campaign and alleged Russia collusion.

Lovinger, a whistleblower, is now battling to save his career. The Pentagon suspended his top-secret security clearance May 1, 2017, when he exposed through an internal review that Stefan Halper, who was then an emeritus Cambridge professor, had received roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money to write Defense Department foreign policy reports, his attorney Sean Bigley said. Before Lovinger’s clearance was suspended he had taken a detail to the National Security Council as senior director for strategy. He was only there for five months before he was recalled to the Pentagon, stripped of his prestigious White House detail, and ordered to perform bureaucratic make-work in a Pentagon annex Bigley calls “the land of misfit toys.”