6 Sep 2018

The Jewish State Israel Supplies Weapons To Terrorists

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: The IDF [Jewish Israeli Death Force] has forced the Jerusalem Post to remove its explosive report on the Jewish Israeli military giving high tech weapons and military support to the Syrian 'rebels', the newspaper’s managing editor confirmed to RT.
David Brinn, the managing editor of the Jerusalem Post, told RT that the story was removed “for security reasons.” 
The Jerusalem Post article was removed shortly after being published, but a version of the article can still be read using Google cache.
The article  claimed that regular supplies of light weapons and ammunition to the Syrian militants holding the territories near the Israeli border were part of Operation Stab Your Neighbor In The Back, which Israel portrayed as a 'humanitarian mission' 'with peace bombs and love missiles' focused on providing Syrians with “food, clothes and fuel” "death and carnage."

Misandric Russian Feminist Blogger Charged With Inciting Hate Toward Men

The Moscow Times: A Russian feminist blogger has been charged with inciting hatred toward men on social media, less than two weeks after she told rights organizations she was being investigated for extremism.
Smug self-described radical feminist, Lyubov Kalugina warned the SOVA Center anti-extremist group in late August that she was subject of a pre-investigation check into her social media posts after an anonymous man had complained that her posts insulted him as a male.
Her case is part of a growing trend of tough anti-extremism laws applied to social media posts. Until recently, prosecutions were rarely applied to gender-related posts, the MBKh news website cited rights groups as saying.
“Criminal charges have been brought against Kalugina under Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code,” the Omsk branch of the Investigative Committee told the local news website Gorod55.ru on Wednesday.
Kalugina faces up to 5 years behind bars under Article 282, which bans the “incitement of national, racial or religious enmity.”
Russian activists, social networks companies and even legislators have criticized anti-extremism charges which they say sweep up ordinary users who posted insensitive texts or images on their social media pages.

Jewish Israel Admits To Helping ISIS In Syria With Medical Support And 792 Bombs And Missiles Then Spews Hasbara

Israel Admits 200+ Strikes Against Syria over 18 Months
Let's just say Jewish Israel doesn't have a whole lot of respect
for Syria's sovereignty
RT: The Jewish Israeli military [IDF Israeli Death Forces] has admitted that over the past 18 months it carried out more than 200 strikes in Syria, which it claims destroyed hundreds of alleged Iranian targets, Jewish media report.
Accusing Tehran of constants attempts to gain a foothold in Syria, and potentially deploy tens of thousands of soldiers on the ground, the 'IDF' on Tuesday said that it carried out attacks against at least 202 “Iranian targets” on its neighbor’s soil. Overall, 792 bombs and missiles were launched at Syria since 2017, the IDF said on Tuesday during a special briefing with military correspondents. 
Summarizing the achievements over the past year, after Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot issued a “highly confidential” report to the political echelon about the “Competence and Preparedness of the IDF,” the military stressed that Iran is still determined to smuggle in weapons and establish air bases as well as intelligence capabilities in Syria.

UK: Latest Suicide Statistics

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: The ONS yesterday published the latest suicide statistics, now including 2017, downloadable here. Between 4,000 and 5,00 men have committed suicide in the UK every year for the past 37 years, the period covered by the report.
That’s a total of 164,510 men.
A piece by Greg Hurst, Social Affairs Editor, in yesterday’s Times:
The rate of male suicide has fallen to its lowest since records began, with experts saying that a greater focus on men’s mental health was encouraging them to seek help.
There were 4,382 suicides by men last year, a rate of 15.5 deaths per 100,000, a report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.
This was down from 16 per 100,000 last year and the lowest since the ONS began recording the rate in 1981.
Among women the rate was 4.9 per 100,000, broadly consistent with the pattern over the past decade.
Among the prominent mental health campaigns in recent years is Heads Together, led by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.

Repugnant Puer Senex Results From Child Without Father’s Seed

Tancred depicted as puer senex
: The figure of the puer senex  — the youth mature beyond his years, the boy as wise as an old man — for millennia has been used in rhetoric of praise. Virgil deployed such a figure to praise a youth. Second-century Christians described God as “a hoary old man with snow-white hair and a youthful countenance.” In the sixth-century, Gregory the Great declared of St. Benedict:
He was a man of venerable life, blessed Benedict by grace and name. Even from his boyhood he had the understanding of an old man.
{ Fuit vir vitae venerabilis, gratia Benedictus et nomine. Ab ipso pueritae suae tempore cor gerens senile. } [1]
The puer senex became a hagiographic cliché in medieval European literature. Pietro da Eboli in his twelfth-century Liber ad Honorem Augusti drew upon that literary context for horrific effect. Pietro described a repugnant puer senex as the monstrous result of a child born without a father’s seed. The repugnant puer senex was Tancred of Hauteville, Count of Lecce. He usurped the crown of Sicily in 1189. Pietro da Eboli despised Trancred for his usurpation. Pietro declared of Tancred being anointed King of Sicily:

How The British Zionist Brigade Almost Saved The BBC’s Reputation

'The first episode of 'We Are British Jews' was ‘Zionist to the core.’ Whether it was consciously Zionist or not, is a different question.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Two days ago I found out that the BBC was planning to air - We Are British Jews. No doubt the British Broadcaster needs to fill the open void between the news about Corbyn being an ‘existential threat’ and the ex chief Rabbi’s ‘message of hope.’ The BBC’s website offered the following description of its expedition into the mysterious world of contemporary Hebrew Brits.  “Eight British Jews with a broad range of opinions, beliefs and practices, go on a journey to explore what it means to be Jewish in Britain today.” Being an investigative character, I decided to launch a 24 hour online FB poll. I posted the following text on my Facebook page: