7 Sep 2018

Indian Lawmaker Seeks A National Commission For Men

India Today: Should Indian men get a statutory body like the National Commission for Women (NCW) in the interest of equal justice? Harinarayan Rajbhar, a BJP MP, thinks so.
In an ANI interview, Rajbhar said such a commission should be created "on the lines" of the NCW, and that men "should also get a platform".
And the rationale for this proposal?
Rajbhar spoke of incidents "where men suffer at the hands of their wives", and said "there should be no injustice [for] anyone".
Rajbhar, 68, is the MP from Ghosi, one of Uttar Pradesh's 80 Lok Sabha constituencies. And this isn't the first time he's advocated the creation of a national body for men's rights.
He brought up the issue in Parliament last month, and asked that the government establish a "Purush Aayog" to help men "suffering at the hands of their wives," according to a Press Trust of India report.
"Several of them are locked up in jails," he was quoted as saying.
And what did Rajbhar's fellow MPs make of this idea?
They burst out laughing.

What Should Putin Do?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Andrei Martyanov has answered my question. 
I agree with everything Martyanov says. But I believe my question remains unanswered. 
Probably it is my fault. Perhaps I framed the question so sharply that it came across as an attack on Putin’s level-headed policy. Also, my use of the phrase “turning the other cheek” could have implied denigration of Putin rather than my admiration for his level-headedness and humane approach to his great responsibility.
I understand Putin’s policy. I agree with Martyanov that it is the only policy that makes sense. I also agree with Martyanov that the correlation of forces has changed dramatically in Russia’s favor. But to use another phrase, I am concerned about the slip between the cup and the lip. I think something needs to be done to halt Washington’s provocations before they become so extreme that matters get out of hand.
Historically, provocations do tend to get out of hand, more often than not. 
Perhaps Russia has prevented, by exposing it in advance, the false flag chemical attack that Washington had in the works in order to have an excuse for another missile attack on Syria, an attack designed by Washington to disrupt Syria’s elimination of the last stronghold of Washington’s proxy army in Syria.

‘Ever Seen Anything So Obviously Scripted As Doc About White Helmets?’ – Roger Waters

Political activist and outspoken British rock legend musician Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, who has long been a vocal critic of the Syrian organisation, shared his thoughts with RT. He's currently in Russia on tour and spoke at length to Sophie Shevardnadze.

Two "Journalists" Attended ICMI 2018

International Conference on
Men's Issues (ICMI) 2018

Once Upon A Time There Were Three Commentators

By Francis Clark Lowes: The first wrote a piece about the United States in which he argued that the country was irredeemably stuck in a schizophrenic mind-set formed before the abolition of slavery. This had allowed slavery to continue despite a bill of rights guaranteeing freedom to everyone. The present disproportionate number of blacks in prison was a direct consequence.
This analysis was met with a chorus of disapproval, but the usual pontificators on public morality, many of whom happened to be Jewish, ruled that free speech was a right which took precedence over all others.
The second commentator wrote a piece about the United Kingdom in which he argued that the country had been a failed concept since the act of union tried to mould two quite distinct peoples into one nation. Moreover, the UK was irredeemably flawed by being built on the proceeds of the lucrative slave trade.
This analysis, though getting some support, was widely criticised, but the usual pontificators on public morality, many of whom happened to be Jewish, ruled that free speech was a right which took precedence over all others.
The third commentator wrote a piece about Israel in which he argued that Theodor Herzl’s concept of a Jewish state was inherently inequitable, and that until that concept was changed not only on paper but in the minds of a majority of Jews, there would be no peace.
This analysis provoked a hurricane of protest.

Alliterative Morte Arthure: Sexual Violence Against Men & Cuckolding

knight lances fallen foe in the anusWhen King Arthur landed in Normandy, a man came forward. This man was a member of the Knights Templar, a military order of men founded to protect the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the women and men pilgrims visiting it. The man pleaded to King Arthur:
There is a tyrant nearby who torments your people —
a great Genoan giant engendered by devils.
He has so far eaten up some five hundred souls,
and also many infants of free-born persons.
This has been his sustenance all these seven winters,
and not yet sated is that fiend, so well it suits him!
In the country of Constantine not one has he left who’s
outside of the famous castles, protected with walls,
but he has skillfully destroyed all the male children —
carried them to his crag and skillfully devoured them.