23 Sep 2018

The Coming Storm

Max and Stacy discuss the coming storm of broke elderly and Latin America blames the USA for Chinese entry into region. In the second half, Max interviews Domenic Thomas of Worbli.io, ‘where fintech and blockchain meet,’ about the EOS network and why his company is building on it rather than Ethereum.

Campus Rape Tour Is Making Waves

By : I have put together a series of letters to Vice Chancellor Michael Spence asking firstly that he return the security fee to the students because the security guards were unable to control the unruly protesters.
But more importantly, I have asked that formal complaints be taken against key organisers of the protest. I have spelt out in detail the various codes of conduct and bullying/harassment policies breached by these organisers and provided abundant evidence, including video footage of these breaches. We have included witness statements from members of my audience who were bullied, abused and harassed by the protesters.
My new video reveals who these key protesters are and gives a few glimpses of them in action. 
Plus shows some of the relevant university regulations. This is designed just as a first stage. We are have plans to follow up, with legal action if necessary.
I also had a call from Dan Tehan, the new Federal Education Minister who is looking into what happened.

Feminist Nurse Gave Partner’s Newborn Nephew Lethal Dose Of Painkiller After Feeling ‘Resentment’ For Patriarchy

Via Steve J4MB: The start of the piece:
A hospital nurse put the painkiller Tramadol into the feed of newborn baby in a “moment of madness”, a family court judge has concluded.
Judge Jane Probyn said a doctor had described the 12-day-old boy, the nephew of the nurse’s policeman partner, as being “30 minutes away from death”.
The judge said the youngster had recovered and not suffered any long-term consequences.
She said the nurse, who suffered depression, anxiety and low self-esteem alongside a history of mental health difficulties, had put at least 12 fragmented tablets into the baby’s bottle after succumbing to “feelings of resentment and despair”.
The judge added she did not think the nurse, who is in her 20s, had intended to cause the baby “serious harm”. [J4MB emphasis]

UK Begged Trump Not To Declassify Russia Docs; Cited "Grave Concerns" Over Steele Involvement

By Tyler Durden: The British government "expressed grave concerns" to the US government over the declassification and release of material related to the Trump-Russia investigation, according to the New York Times. President Trump ordered a wide swath of materials "immediately" declassified "without redaction" on Monday, only to change his mind later in the week by allowing the DOJ Inspector General to review the materials first.
The Times reports that the UK's concern was over material which "includes direct references to conversations between American law enforcement officials and Christopher Steele,the former MI6 agent who compiled the infamous "Steele Dossier." The UK's objection, according to former US and British officials, was over revealing Steele's identity in an official document, "regardless of whether he had been named in press reports."

The Anita Hill School Of Success - No Joke Janice

Punctuation Poems Subtly Subvert Dominant Social Order With Lineation

Challenging the ideology of the dominant social order tends to anger persons entrenched in it. That’s dangerous for dissidents. Creative poets, however, developed means to pass under orthodoxy while offering subversive views. With punctuation poems, poets allowed readers to nod in complacent affirmation of the dominant ideology. Yet these poems with an alternate lineation enabled alert readers to encounter a different view of the dominant social order.
Law, particularly criminal law, is a central aspect of the dominant social order. Consider this perspective on reigning law in England in the fifteenth century:
Now the law is led by clear conscience.
Very seldomly covetousness has dominion.
In every place right has residence.
Neither in town nor rurally {exists} deception.
There is truly in every case consolation.
The poor people at no time has {nothing} but formal right.
Men may find neither {by} day nor night adulation.
Now reigns truth in every man’s sight.

Feminism, Gynocentrism & Future Matriarchal Gynocracy: Different Types Of Societies & Feminist Zero Sum Game - Pt. 1

By : First of all let’s determine in anthropological terms the different types of societies in human history:
A) Matriarchal society: This is a society where both political, as well as informal power, is primarily in the hands of women. This type of society has never existed.
B) Patriarchal Society: This is a society where both the informal as well as the formal political power is in the hands of men. This type of society has also never existed.
C) Gynocentric society:
It is divided into:
  1. Matrilineal: This society is one where either the inheritance or finances are almost solely distributed as well as family or religious lineage is based upon the mother. It is a power dynamic which basically reflects female informal power while the political formal power still stays in the hands of men. Therefore, informal and formal power is shared between men and women. The Mosuo in China and Judaism (especially in terms of religion as well as national lineage) are two examples.

“#MeToo Liars Were Smearing Men Like Judge Kavanaugh 3,000 Years Ago”

By Rev Jules Gome: By Three words. It’s all a woman needs to destroy a man. It’s her nuclear weapon in the power struggle of the sexes. She utters three words and unleashes a megaton of moral radiation. Her primary target—the reputation of the man at Ground Zero—is obliterated. Her secondary target—his job, his family, his friends, and his future are vaporised. The woman has created a radius of lethality detonated by just three words.
Bizarrely, you can compare this to God creating the world in the book of Genesis. Unlike the other gods of the ancient Near East, who create by large-scale acts of violence and bloodshed, the God of the Bible creates by his Word. God creates ex nihilo—out of nothing. The woman does the reverse—she de-creates or destroys, not by violence or bloodshed, but by her word. Her de-creation of the man and his world can be ex nihilo—out of nothing.
Three words: He raped me. He groped me. He assaulted me. The three words—the nuclear trident—spoken by the woman results in chaos.