6 Oct 2018

Luke’s Diptych Of Zechariah & Mary Shows Men’s Weakness

Zechariah and Mary
: After its dedicatory preface to Theophilus (literally, “lover of God”), the Gospel of Luke presents a diptych of birth narratives in which Zechariah and Mary have sharply contrasting positions. Zechariah served the Jerusalem temple altar that was central to Jewish religious life. He was a descendant of Aaron, the brother of Moses.[1] Mary, in contrast, was a lowly young Jewish woman living in the provincial town of Nazareth. Yet the angel Gabriel treated Mary with much more respect and generosity than he treated Zechariah. Moreover, Mary had a much stronger sense of self than did Zechariah. Luke’s diptych of Zechariah and Mary should be understood as a stunning revelation of men’s weakness.
When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, he treated her kindly and respectfully. He greeted her warmly and affirmatively:
Greetings, highly favored one, the Lord is with you.
{ Χαῖρε κεχαριτωμένη ὁ κύριος μετὰ σοῦ } [2]

Jewish State Uses Gaza “Laboratory” To Boost War Profits

'never-ending experiment'
Gaza functions as a live testing area for Israeli weapons manufacturers - Mohammed Zaanoun ActiveStills  
By Gabriel Schivone: After exploring the vast surveillance regime along the US-Mexico border and finding Israeli systems installed at every turn, the author Todd Miller and I were drawn to investigate Israel as the largest homeland security industry in the world. Israel’s arms industry is twice the size of its US counterpart in exports per capita and employs a percentage of the national workforce double that of the US or France, two of the top global arms exporters.
During our 2016 trip, it didn’t take us long to zero in on some of Israel’s most enterprising industrialists who told us how they do it while controlling an area roughly the size of New Jersey.

Cartel Member Discovers Labor Unions

Max and Stacy discuss Google’s Eric Schmidt discovering labor unions as he tweets an idea suggesting a ‘unicorn’ for workers. They note that Schmidt himself is part of a cartel able to dine privately with the head of state. In the second half, Max interviews Ellen Brown, author of the ‘Web if Debt’, about the public bank measure on the ballot in November. Will the voters back it?

Russian Military: US Killed Dozens By Bioweapon Disguised As Drug Research

'Russia will take “diplomatic and military action” in response'
Authored by Mac Slavo: The Russian Defense Ministry is accusing the United States of killing dozens of Georgians with a biological weapon after disguising it as drug research. Documents recorded the deaths of 73 people over a short period of time, indicating a test of a highly toxic chemical or biological agents with high lethality rate. 
According to RT, the question of what really might have taken place at the secretive United States-sponsored research facility hosted by Russia’s southern neighbor Georgia was raised by the Russian military on Thursday after they studied files published online by a former Georgian minister. Igor Kirillov, commander of the Russian military branch responsible for defending troops from radiological, chemical and biological weapons said that it was not drug research, but a chemical or biological weapon that killed the 73 Georgians.

Alessandro Strumia’s CERN Talk

Left: Alessandro Strumia (Professor of Physics at Pisa University)
By MRA-UK: Oh dear, Professor Strumia has got himself into a spot of bother. No doubt you’ve heard. The good professor (oops, sorry, bad professor – very, very bad physics professor) gave a talk at CERN claiming men were being disadvantaged in physics, not women. Shocking stuff, you must agree. No – you must agree. He was immediately dismissed from CERN (though I don’t know about his position at the University of Pisa). The slides of his talk were immediately deleted from the CERN servers.
You’d think the chaps (and chapesses, of course) at CERN would know the internet is forever, what with their having invented it an’ all. I’ve saved his slides for posterity here.
The slides are written in a type of physics-joke terminology, making references to fashionable physics theories. I’m not about to try to explain what spontaneously broken symmetries are, or the significance of terms like M-theory. Suffice it to say that he establishes himself as a nerd of the physics variety. He seems to have declared himself a conservative, too. Clearly, he was intent on self-destruction.
The talk was delivered during a conference on 28th September 2018 specifically about gender in high energy physics. So, Strumia’s talk was relevant. However, it would appear that this was the sort of conference at which only one opinion was ever going to be acceptable. To be fair (someone has to be) it might have been possible to broach the main subject matter of Strumia’s talk without actually being kicked off the site –