7 Oct 2018

International Court Of Justice Rules Zio-Shill US Anti-Iran Sanctions Are Illegal

UN Court Orders United States to Lift Iran Sanctions Linked to Humanitarian Goods, Civil Aviation

By Mike Corder: The United Nations' highest court on Wednesday ordered the United States to lift sanctions on Iran that affect imports of humanitarian goods and products and services linked to civil aviation safety.

The ruling by the International Court of Justice is legally binding, but it remains to be seen if the administration of President Donald Trump will comply.
Trump moved to restore tough U.S. sanctions in May after withdrawing from Tehran's nuclear accord with world powers. Iran challenged the sanctions in a case filed in July at the International Court of Justice.
In a preliminary ruling, the court said that Washington must "remove, by means of its choosing, any impediments arising from" the re-imposition of sanctions to the export to Iran of medicine and medical devices, food and agricultural commodities and spare parts and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of civil aviation.

The Feminists Project Fear

By Kathy Gyngell: Those are the words of American feminist playwright and ‘long-time campaigner against violence against women’ Eve Ensler, commenting on the BBC’s The World Tonight about Denis Mukwege’s Nobel Peace Prize award for his work with victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
So we’re meant to believe the Congo is the same as Kavanaugh. We are meant to believe that there is a moral equivalence between war rape crimes and alleged sexual misconduct and undefined ‘misogyny’. The BBC bought into it. Know now that you can conflate the rampant use of rape as a weapon of war in the Congo, or against the Yazidi, with the democratic processes of the American Senate and get away with it.
This is the new feminist narrative of false equivalence and fear. It’s terrifying how rarely this distorted and crazy world view is publicly questioned. You are more likely to hear it affirmed in the news headlines.

There Was No Debate When We Needed One Because Vagina

The utter failure of democratic politics thanks to feminists
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Democrats and their feminist allies failed the country in their approach to the Kavanaugh hearing. Instead of finding out whether Kavanaugh believes in the unitary executive theory that the president has powers unaccountable to Congress and the Judiciary and agrees that a Justice Department underling, a Korean immigrant, can write secret memos that permit the president to violate the US Constitution, US statutory law, and international treaties, the Democrats’ entire focus was on a vague and unsubstantiated accusation that Kavanaugh when 17 years old and under the influence of alcohol tussled fully clothed with a fully clothed 15 year old girl in a bed at an unchaperoned house party.
Feminists turned this vague accusation missing in crucial details into “rape,” with a crazed feminist Georgetown University professor declaring Kavanaugh to be “a serial rapist” who along with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s male members should be given agonizing deaths and then castrated and fed to swine.
A presstitute at USA Today suggested that Kavanaugh was a pedofile and should not be allowed to coach his daughter’s sports team. On the basis of nothing real, a Supreme Court nominee’s reputation was squandered.

American Pravda: The Nature Of Anti-Semitism

"The notorious Jewish tendency to shamelessly lie
or wildly exaggerate has sometimes had
horrifying human consequences."
"If the most extreme “anti-Semitic canards” were probably true, then surely the whole notion of anti-Semitism warrants a careful re-examination."
By Ron Unz: I recently published a couple of long essays, and although they primarily focused on other matters, the subject of anti-Semitism was a strong secondary theme. In that regard, I mentioned my shock at discovering a dozen or more years ago that several of the most self-evidently absurd elements of anti-Semitic lunacy, which I had always dismissed without consideration, were probably correct. It does seem likely that a significant number of traditionally-religious Jews did indeed occasionally commit the ritual murder of Christian children in order to use their blood in certain religious ceremonies, and also that powerful Jewish international bankers did play a large role in financing the establishment of Bolshevik Russia.
When one discovers that matters of such enormous moment not only apparently occurred but that they had been successfully excluded from nearly all of our histories and media coverage for most of the last one hundred years, the implications take some time to properly digest. If the most extreme “anti-Semitic canards” were probably true, then surely the whole notion of anti-Semitism warrants a careful reexamination.

To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take A Look At Palo Alto University

"Only in a feminist universe could a story be said to be believable, because much of it is a tearful blank. ...There are many more like her, now and in the making at universities all across the country. It's doubtful if presumption of innocence and the rule of law can survive them."